Monday, January 31, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i was surprised that people didn't believe that the Egyptian government "turned the Internet." think it can't happen here...think again

wonder how many people would go crazy if the Internet was turned off? *raises hand*

it was 70 degrees yesterday. can't beat a warm day in January

the government are getting rid of the color codes. good! never paid attention to those things anyway

never understood why dudes wear their best suits to a smokey, sweaty club

i wanna take piano lessons

y'all can't front...Arsenio had a dope show

last week marked the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. i remember it like it was yesterday. we watched it live on tv in our class. i was in the 7th grade. when it exploded, we sat there in silence for about 15 seconds b/c we weren't sure what happened. i remember our teacher crying. it was crazy

the Challenger tragedy hit close to home because one of the astronauts was a brother named Ronald McNair. he was from Lake City, South Carolina...a small town about 30 miles from my hometown.

i really hope this is the last year of the NBA Slam Dunk contest

i won't say Jay Cutler quit on his team but his body language was horrible

do women still use the hot comb?

i saw a commercial for pajama jeans the other day. never heard of it before that. do people wear that?

hey John Boehner...stop cryin'. you're a grown man.

do y'all remember Tang? i used to love this drink

following celebrities on twitter will make you realize how dumb some of them really are

funny to hear republicans give Prez O props for his State of the Union speech

my golf game will be nice this year...i promise

Martin Lawrence is doing another "Big Momma" movie...WHY???

i wonder if Beyonce actually cooks for Jay Z?

i'm so glad that i didn't get an earring when i was in high school

all of my blog peeps are on twitter...thus...we all barely blog anymore. *sigh*

my girlfriend will be leaving next week and she won't be back until next season. next season is soooooo far away...

The Horne...The Horne...The Horne...Lena Horne


She Draws said...

I've been blogging, twitter is getting on my nerves. Too many ppl I know in real life, mutual friends of "summer love" and most tweets aren't anything of substance

Whose your girlfriend? Football. Don't even know if I'm watching the superbow if I leave the house I need to be wearing a Saints tee, Represent baby!

Tang, ick maybe as a kid. Now that I'm older I don't fool w/ powdered drinks just water, juice, beer and a a a a a alchohol!

Never heard of the rocket explosion thingy but when I was in the 8th grade, OJ was acquitted.I don't knw if we were watching it or what but word got around face the teacher threw her book and started crying. She was pissed.


Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Yeah, that Challenger incident is crazy. I don't remember it when it happened, but I've seen it over and over, and it never gets easier to watch. People dying in the name of science and exploration...I mean, I can't fathom it really.
I've seen that pajama jean commercial, and I really don't know what to make of it at all. I wonder what the actual 'jean' part feels like...if it feels like real denim or just looks like it.
Yeah, everyone's on twitter now...even me, which I have documented that I would never be on it...and now I'm always on it. Its a damn shame.
Have a great week man!

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

Lol!! I love this post!! It was alot of fun to read!! I still LOVE Tang!! Why do you hope that this is the last year for the Slam dunk contest?

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

LOL, yes we still use a hot comb!!

12kyle said...

@ She Draws
I figured that you LOVED twitter based on your constant tweets! :)

Yes!!! Football is my girlfriend!

@ Charles
I remember when you kept sayin' you'd never be on twitter. And look at you now. LoL

@ Cerebrally_Orgasmic 
Thanks for reading and posting. I'm tired of the slam dunk contest. I don't think it can get any better...only worse.

@ Beautifully Conjured Up
LoL! Thanks for lettin' me know. I haven't seen a hot comb since I was in high school and living with my mom and aunt.

Tee Reese said...

Tang!?! It was a look forward to drink up until 'we' (brothers and sister) tried it. I remember being told it's what the astronauts drink. Thumbs down, give us Kool-Aid!

That cry baby Johnnetta have a look like he abuse some alcohol DAILY!

Lena Lena Lena Horne!

I've been accused of 'loving' track and field like it's my woman.. All those other sports I can do without... Lace em up and let's get it! Track season is off and running!

When is it going TOO Darn far... like I just found out the city I live in has been ranked as the 3rd most livable city/ metro area for gay parents.. HUH!????!

Enough with the STATS for every Got Darn Thing!!!

ShellyShell said...

On CNN they were talking about how easy it would be to cut off the internet. I would go nuts!

Shut up with your 70 degree weather! We're expecting another damn storm!

Ya'll still have smoky clubs in the A? It's smokefree up here!

I too want to take piano lessons. I think I'm going to give that to myself for a bday gift!

I loved Arsenio. He had the best guest!

I was in 8th grade watching that. We were all like OMG! My teacher started crying. Then the principle made an announcement.

There's a park named after Ronald around the corner from my house.

Women do STILL use hotcombs. I witnessed it with my own eyes a few weeks ago and said "WOW."

EVERYTIME I See the commercial for pajama jeans I crack the hell up! Im like who the hell is buying these? LOL!

I still like Tang! I just haven't had it in 5!

Jay Cutler's beyatch ass. He gave up! It's the playoffs. You play with a bullet in your chest if you could! Straight BEYATCH if you ask me!

I so need to work on my golf game. I miss it! I didn't play at all last year but I promise I'll be out there this spring! If this damn snow ever melts!

KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Arsenio had the best late night show ever! They are still trying to top him in my opinion.

I thought the same thing...WHY is there another Big Momma movie? Because of Tyler Perry and Madea?!?!?!? Give me a break.

I hated Tang. That stuff sat in our pantry forever.

Beyonce can't cook, let's be real now Kyle. The only thing she can cook is a stage!!!! Not hating, just a feeling, LOL.

I'm on twitter as well. Not a lot but enough. I have too many online accounts to keep up with, something is about to get nixed.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I still haven't gotten on twitter and I don't follow anyone. Facebook has already taken the steam out of my blogging.

I feel like the old man in the club. I was in college when the Challenger blew up. I remember saying aloud to my roommate "one day that thing is going to blow up" because they kept doing launch after launch without much interval in my opinion. So when it happened we were in disbelief and like everyone else we saw all the smoke and didn't know what really happened until the TV announcer told us.

I remember TANG but what I really wanted was OVALTINE!

People would be lost without the internet because then they'd have to build relationships the old fashioned way -- in person. God forbid!

12kyle said...

@ Tee
I'm sure John gets twisted ALL the time!!!

LoL @ that stat. Man, they gotta stat for everything

@ ShellyShell
We are far too dependent on the Internet. If we lost it...we'd have to be admitted! LoL

Clubs here are smoke free. But at SOME point in time...somebody is gonna smoke. Who wants to get their suit funked up?

@ Kay C
I really don't understand what Martin was thinking. This movie is gonna be a dud

I agree. I've got wayyy too much going on. I think I'ma delete Facebook. But I've been sayin that for the past year. Hahahahaha

@ Rich
You were in college??? Wowwww. LoL

I rememeber Ovaltine but I've never had any before