Monday, January 10, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

a show called Basketball Wives but nobody is married that feeds into almost every stereotype for black women? Interesting concept...

black birds just fell from the sky and died with no reasonable explaination. i aint buyin the theories that they've rolled out. don't piss on me and tell me it's raining...

RIP to those who died in the shooting on Saturday where a gunman shot a congresswoman at a strip mall.

speaking of the shooting, why isn't the shooter being called a terrorist? all terrorist aren't Muslim. he's been described as "disturbed". he's a terrorist...period. White, Black, or doesn't matter.

100,000 fish died but there was no logical explaination

i'm gonna try to stop biting my nails. i know it's a bad habit but i've been doing it for SO long

it's funny how we loved snow when we were kids but we hate it as adults

#shoutout2 Ted Williams! dude went from being on being a an internet being back on radio/tv

ladies...we love taking showers with you. we just don't wanna stand in the back and freeze to death a leader. stop following the next man. blaze your own trail

they really should eliminate MOST of these bowl games.

Brett remind me of something I heard Fred G Sanford say..."I'ma be a DIRTY old man till I'ma DEAD old man."

as a parent, do you find yourself sounding JUST like your parents when you talk to your kids?

starting to watch the Food Network...not bad

Lifetime still gets no play on my tv

Lauryn Hill is showing up 3-4 hrs late for her shows where tickets are $80? GTFOH!!! I love you LBoogie but you betta get ya shit together!

Jay Z said his 2nd album was his worst. I disagree. those 2 cds with RKelly were HORRIBLE

I think...therefore I am

Ladies...we wanna hold you when you fall asleep. we just don't wanna wake up with the "dead arm"

remember when you could get "real" food on an airplane flight?

people talk about how dope Kanye's cd is...and it is a dope cd. but if you've got an all star lineup of producers and rappers on every song...shouldn't your cd be smash?

do they still sell spinnin' rims?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw...Gugu Mbatha-Raw...Gugu Mbatha-Raw



theINTELLECT said...

If you like the Food Network I would suggest the Travel Channel. I'm addicted to their food specials and when Vacations Go Bad (it's basically dumb stuff white people do on vacation and don't die)

Brothers Blog said...

Lmao man I saw some spinning rims the otha day. I tried to get a pic just cuz no one would believe me. No luck though.

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

That Basketball Wives show is nothing but pure unadulterated drama...and its like a train know its bad but you can't help but keep watching it.
The dead animals is very weird...sorta like that movie The Happening...I'm hoping that there is a scientific reason behind it all...but I haven't heard one logical explanation yet.
Ted Williams is that dude.
Jay-Z's worst albums were without a question, the Best of Both Worlds and Gift and a Curse.
And I was thinking the same thing about Kanye's better be dope. You have him producing (although he goes overboard on too many tracks) and a who's who of guest appearances on EVERY better be. Now that I think of it, due to those facts, its disappointing that his album isn't legendary.

♥ CG ♥ said...

OK, knowledge is power so I hope the Food Network will inspire you to cook a few special meals for Mrs. 12 :-).