Tuesday, August 24, 2010

silence is golden...

Sometimes we have to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves...

Am I selling myself short?

Am I just selling myself?

I've always been a firm believer that you have to keep SOME of your personal business to yourself. Case in point...last week's episode of HBO's Hard Knock series that chronicles a behind the scenes look that the New York Jets. There was a segment that featured the Jets new cornerback, Antonio Cromartie. He just joined the team a few months ago after spending his first few years in the NFL with the team that drafted him, San Diego Chargers. Despite being only 26 yrs old, Cromartie has fathered 8 children from 7 different women.

During last week's episode, Cromartie made an attempt to name all of his kids by name and age. (SEE VIDEO BELOW). And he stumbled. I felt uncomfortable watching it. I wasn't sure what was worse...1) he had somewhat of a difficult time naming all of his kids 2) having fathered 8 kids at 26

As a former athlete (and that's what I call myself), I think that Cromartie fits the stereotype that most of us try to shed. Nobody wants to be viewed as a dumb jock. I'm not a jock and I'm far from dumb. I remember when I was in college at South Carolina State University, people would be surprised when they heard me speak or do a presentation. One chick said..."You're a smart football player." Huh? Are we all supposed to be dumb? That's not me. The School of Business was the hardest curriculum on campus. I guess she didn't expect a football player to walk away with a marketing degree. LOL

Cromartie also fits the stereotype of a young black man. Promiscuous lifestyle with kids out of wedlock. It was rumored that the Jets gave him a 500k advance to "assist" him with some past due child support.

He's a great athlete and I think he's gonna help the Jets win this year. However, maybe he should stick with the old saying...."Somethings are better left unsaid."


Mizrepresent said...

So true Kyle! Alot of these guys need some media training for sure. Enjoyed you and the fam on Saturday!

theINTELLECT said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only person disturbed by this rundown. What was the worse part was the end, when he named the child he had with his WIFE!! That is either one tolerant woman or she has dollar signs in her eyes. I don't know too many sistahs that would take 1 baby momma, but SEVEN I just don't see it happening too often.

swtstiletto said...

Did he just name 4 kids born in the same year? That made me cringe. Wow, it's an unfortunate reality those kids will be forced to deal with (living separately away from their siblings and father).

In terms of the athletic stereotypes, well that will probably remain unless the masses of athletes work to show a different image of their lifestyles. I'd like to see that image change for sure.

Great post as usual 12kyle!

Anonymous said...


Then he has 3 kids born the same year. Ewww, all that body fluid.

His wife was on the short-lived reality show about video vixens called "Candy Girls". I believe she married the first guy with so called money who showed her interest. And she is stupid because she didn't think this thing through. All those kids equal a whole lot of child support. Plus his career in the NFL is not guaranteed.

The Jaded NYer said...

WHY are all his kids 3yrs old?? And who are these stupid-ass heffas letting him go RAW when he has 3 trillion kids all over the place? I cannot... BYE!

KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

I understand that everyone is disturbed by his behavior and I did not/will not watch the video clip. I'm allergic...LOL

So many people are quick to judge when u don't know the situation. These women did not make him use condoms, the women chose to bring children in the world with him and be with a man who already had multiple children by multiple women. He didn't have all of them in one year. Who is to say he TOLD these women he had these other children? Or did they think they were the ONLY woman he was with?

Just a few questions to ponder because there are three sides to every story. NOT condoning his behavior at all...but food for thought. People are calling them trifling and heffas when they don't know the full story.

ShellyShell said...

This is disturbing! To be so young and have all these children it ridiculous! There was another dude that played for Denver that had several children(can't think of his name). I don't know when these men and women will learn. Why is he running around having sex with all these women with NO condom and why are these women letting them!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I hear ya, Kyle. Although I will say that he obviously didn't take the time to consider how ridiculous he would appear when he was getting busy procreating, so this vid only serves as an example of his lack of common sense. Too bad others are lumped in the same group.

Tee Reese said...


I can relate to your comment, 'you're smart for a football player' Huh!?!

Short story time!

I heard that statement in high school after being awarded for my academic excellence by some good looking female who then asked if she could hold on to my awards trophy, just for the remainder of the day. She was Too Pretty to say no.

Well, at the end of the day, she returned it broke. Lmbo! Maybe I wasn't smart after all. Nah, but the good thing is she was very apologetic and offered and took it home to have it repaired. She returned the next day with it fixed! Whew!

As always, a great share as your post tend to give us something to think on.

Angel said...

Its worrying that he has all those children and he couldnt even remember thier names. I have a friend who has 6 kids and 5 different baby mothers and he lives a life of stress