Monday, August 30, 2010


Far too many times people use the word GREAT in the wrong context.

That won't be the case today.

To say J Dilla was GREAT... doesn't fully describe the man. J Dilla was ahead of his time. In my opinion, J Dilla was the BEST hip hop producer of his time. Period! Although his life was cut short 4 yrs ago due to lupus, his legacy still lives on. When you read the list of artists who he worked with, you ask yourself..."who HASN'T he worked with?" From his ground breaking beats with his group, Slum his work with Janet Jackson, D'Angelo, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Busta Rhymes. Not only was he a talented producer but he was a good MC, too!

This post is dedicated to the illest...J Dilla (RIP)

J Dilla - E = MC^2 Ft. Common

J Dilla - Won't Do

Slum Village - Climax

J Dilla - Random beats

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