Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"Sending out a special request/You can be my special guest/I want a Co-star

I'll be your leading lady/You can come and save me/Yeah, I want a Co-star."
- Marsha Ambrosius

There is two conversations that will start a fight between men...

1. Who's better Biggie or Tupac

2. Who's finer...this woman (insert name) or that woman (insert name)

Last week, me and my boys from the Cypher got into the discussion about who would make our Top 5 Hollywood Leading Ladies. The only requirements were...they must be sistas, must have starred in a feature film, and they must be FINE.

So, I'ma show you our list and you pick your OWN top 5. (and it's gotta be 5!!!)

No particular order...

Zoe Saldana

Tamala Jones

Stacey Dash

Regina King

Meagan Good

Lauren London

Kerry Washington


Kenya Moore

Halle Berry

Gabrielle Union

Beyonce Carter

Gimme your top 5...pictured or not...
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Brothers Blog said...

Man you pretty much got all of em' that would appear on my list. But you forgot my girl Nia Long! I been down with her since Boyz N' Da Hood!

12kyle said...

Oops...mah bad...I forgot to add Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Jada Pinkett Smith

Anonymous said...

Cosign on Sanaa. #yeslawd

Off the top, my list prob looks like Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Stacey Dash, Sanaa Lathan, and Bouncey Knowles-Carter.

OH...and, in answer to #1, 2pac. LMAO!! #startins@#t

Rich Fitzgerald said...

With the additions in the comment section, I would say you smashed them.

I know Paula Patton is married to Robin Thicke, but isn't she a sister too? I would add her.

Don said...

Nice list.

My five, no particular order after Sanaa at number 1:

Sanaa Lathan
Tamala Jones
Meagan Good
Alicia Keys
Eva Mendes

Kingsmomma said...

LOL this is definitely a MAN made list.
Tamala Jones hmph

my list
Regina King
Nia Long
Sanaa Lathan
Vanessa L. Williams
Nicole Beharie her hands are freaksihly tiny but she gotta donk.

Keith said...

Wow Kyle, That was about 12...but I aint

Here are my picks-

1.Sanaa Latham
2.Gabrielle Union
3.Halle Berry
4.Kerry Washington
5.Nia Long

Keith said...

Honorable Mention-

Tarij Henson!

Otis said...

I was just gonna mention why wasnt Sanaa Lathan wasnt in the list...but the rest of the commenter covered that...lmao

Angel said...
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Angel said...

Mine would be Beyonce she would be in my first place then
Kenya Moore, Gabrielle Union, Zoe Salanda and Regina King