Monday, April 19, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Truth be told, we ALL suffer from sex addiction...we just don't go to rehab.

Celebs get caught out there and they go to sex rehab. No rehab for the "common people". Go figure

Sarah Pale-lynn writes in her hand? I did that before. It was to cheat on a science test in 10th grade

Freedom of speech aint free...betta watch what you say

My boy JFresh got pulled over for DWB in West Hollywood last week. He was in a Honda Prelude. Good thing he left the Bentley at home or he'd be in jail with all kinda murder charges on him

Earthquakes damn near every week. Wonder why?

Happy belated birthday Grandma. She's 89 years young. She made the man who made the man!
Treme on it

No more black shows on network tv just black faces sprinkled throughout. I see. Wow.

More reality tv shows where we can look like fools? Gimme more...gimme more!

Chili from TLC, Shaunie O'Neal, Tiny and Toya all have reality shows that people actually watch? Nah son. Y'all can watch. I'd rather watch Animal Planet

12 Radio is going well. Thanks for tuning in every Wednesday night.

Pollen sucks!

Riding in style...

50 Cent says he's gonna remove all of his tattoos. Why? Does he think that's gonna help him sell more records? Face're falling off

Memo to are simple. We like simple things. Don't try to change that

Memo to men...when a woman says "I don't have anything to say."...that means she has LOT of stuff to say!

I hate those chain emails that have been forwarded 10,000 times to the point where you scroll so long that you miss the message.

No mail = no bills...and that's a great thing!

I'd go back to college and live on campus right now if I could but I don't wanna do any work

Honed my skills right here...

I ALWAYS have my headsets on when I get seated on a plane. I will NOT allow you to talk me to death for the entire flight.

I slept on this Trey Songz cd. It's nice. Thanks for puttin me up on it

Have you ever seen Sade's hair any different from that slick back pony tail style?

Ben Roethlisberger...c'mon son! Why are you in a bathroom stall with a 20 year old chick? You've got a 100 million dollar contract and you're strong arming chicks for the P? If she says's rape

Father's day is right around the corner. I'd like a pair of white on white Air Force 1's for the summer. That is all. Who's gonna buy me a pair?

Note to those of you who read this blog...make sure that you check out these other blogs that are on this site. These are some dope writers and damn good people!

Y'all love how I used young Brandon to smooth it over with ya! LoL

Speaking of blogs, if you love the random stuff...allow me to introduce you to the king of boy e

Yankees are looking good! My Atlanta Hawks are in the playoffs. NFL Draft is this week! All is right with the world!

You are the only person who knows when YOU are gonna sneeze. Cover ya mouf!

I'm going to see The Foreign Exchange in Atl on May 21st! If you're in town, come to the don't wanna miss it.

I love red wine but I get tired of the bartenders who try to serve it to me in a "woman's glass." I aint Rupal, son. You can put mine in a beer mug!

Trust God. Period

I told one of my friends that I've never seen The Color Purple all the way through and she asked if I was crazy.

What ever happened to Sista Souljah?

"Never let being good prevent you from being great."- Anonymous

Gimme a steak, some Merlot, and good conversation and I'm straight!

I can stand dudes that gossip like women. I know I aint the only one?

Ever noticed that some of the finest women are some of the craziest women?

Speaking of fine...

Regina King...Regina King...Regina King


Tyrone said...

More important than just having black people on shows or black shows in general, how about some characters or shows worth watching?

50 cannot release an album w/o taking shots at someone; LAME.

Ben should be suspended just for hooking up like that. Just because he didn't get charged doesn't mean everything he did is right.

And Regina King? Whooooooo yeslawd.

Mizrepresent said...

lol at you! Love your randomness! yeah, whatever happened to good tv?

Ditto on the red wine...but in a beer mug, come on Kyle, lol.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Your random thoughts crack me up.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Kingsmomma said...

Nope not everyone suffers from sex addiction...Those who are going to therapy for it don't even suffer from it, it just a way to take responsibility off of them and place it on some medical diagonis that some MAN created when he got caught out there.

Ben is a fool. as are the steelers. You mean to tell me ppl wanted to suspend vick after he got out and they are still talking about his contract. priorities man

and heck yeah RK is fyne as hell

Swtstiletto said...

I watched both reality shows you spoke of last night so that I could have an My opinion is: they won't get my time whack!

Thanks for the 'Off tha Dome' entertainment this morning.

Smarty P. Jones said...

I'm with you on the sex addiction. When you're broke, it's not addiction, you just nasty.

Palin needs to head back to Alaska and spy on Russia from her back yard for us.

Earthquakes are God's way of shaking us like grandmas in church, "You better get right!"

Awww, Happy B-Day to your granny!

I can't with the black folks on TV thing. It saddens me.

Yea, wait until Toni Braxton's show comes out. LisaRaye is already out there.

Pretty people = crazy because that's God's way of maintaining balance in the universe.

12kyle said...

@ Tyrone
I agree with you. None of these shows are worth watching. I can't believe how many of us are REALLY into that crap!

I think Ben is gonna get 2-4 games

@ Miz
I'm too much of a dude to drink outta a "female's cup" LOL

@ Redbonegirl97
Glad u like it!

@ Kingsmomma
Good point about Ben. I can't/won't justify Vick killing dogs. But I gotta think rape is a far worse crime.

@ Swtsilleto
LOL! Yep, you'll never get that hour back!

@ Smarty Jones
LisaRaye has a show? Toni Braxton, too? Ohhhhhh lawd!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

LOL at you and the beer mug. Try a stemless wine glass. It may be more 'masculine for you'

Sade was on the cover of a magazine recently with her hair out. Kind of resembled Aaliyah to me. Thought she did it so she could wear it out and hardly get noticed on the streets. Smart lady.

Very cute post with Brandon. Cracked up at his watching Spongebob.

JFresh got pulled over? The one from The Sunday Soundtrack? That sucks!

Yes, men are simple. Shut up, watch the game, have a good time and give you sex, ya'll are straight! LMAO!!!!

and1grad said...

I just want to take a minute and echo Tyrone's "yeslawd" for Regina King.

Miss Mika said...

Sounds like a typical "routine traffic stop" in So Cal. I hate cops, especially California cops.

I am so sick of reality television. I don't really even watch television much anymore, except South Park, and old episodes of Different World, Living Single and Martin on TV1. Thank goodness BET picked up The Game... at least we will have one of our shows back come the fall.

50 who?

Infidelity does not equate to a sex addiction. Folks don't need rehab, they need some will power and some Jesus!

Love RK!

Great randomness CBW!

12kyle said...

@ Kay C
JFresh is my homeboy that I grew up with. He lives in Hollyweird but apparently the police aint too friendly in L.A.

LMAO @ your break down...fair assessment

@ and1grad
Damn right!

@ Mika
The cops told him that it was a "routine stop" but I wonder how many bruthas they "routinely" stop?

Thank the lawd for TVOne

Don said...

Your grandmother is 89, that is a blessing. How I'd love to sit and talk with a woman with as much experience concerning life.

Big Ben knew what he was doing. What's interesting is the fact that his bodyguards were actual policemen who knew exactly what Ben had planned in the bathroom.

Regina King - gotta luv Regina King.

E.M.H. said...

LMAO at the randomness . . . love it!!!! Ans yes there are wayyyyy to many "reality" shows, what happened to keeping most things private?

Headsets, computer, ipod, movies, and a book are always with me when I travel!!! Unless I'm traveling with you, 8 times out of 10 I don't wanna chat :-/

YEAH for playoffs!!!!! Let's go LAKERS :-) LOL

ShellyShell said...

Hollywood is no different then the rest of these cities. Black man in a decent car in a nice neighborhood! Umm yeah lets pull his azz over!

Happy BIrthday to your grandma! I wish I still had grandparents!

I don't watch any of the reality shows. I can't stand Tiny's voice long enough. Basketball wives comes on when Treme is on(which all black people should be watching) and Lisa Raye sounds crazy to me. I'll keep watching HGTV and the news.

Who cares about 50! The only time I liked him was during his mixtape days! Good Riddance!

Bwaahahahah @ Sade's hair. I was just talking about that shyt today. This chick at my job has a snatch back and people keep calling her Sade with a bigger forehead!

So glad E is back! Went to his blog because I never took it off my role and noticed he posted! Love it!

Yankees are the shyt!

Boy drink the dayum wine in whatever glass they give you! Any mature person is not going to think oh he's fem for drinking out of a wine glass! LMAO!

Ben is a jackazz! He deserves the suspension he's about to get!

Sister Souljah is still writing books and giving speeches.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Man I'm pretty sure 50 giving up music and is getting rid of the tats to focus on movies. Which is also a #fail but thats another blog lol

That falcons plane is nice!