Tuesday, April 6, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

it's been a minute since i've gone off tha dome. wanna know why? twitter! it's twitter's fault. that place is soooo random

don't you hate when people invade your personal space??? 6 inches, son. back up!

women's basketball is hard on the eyes because the WOMEN aren't cute. yeah...i said it.

too bad they don't look like this...

i love TVOne...hate BET

puffy told y'all 10 yrs ago, he'd still be on top! hmm...i can't name 5 artists on bad boy right now

almost everybody endured snowstorms this past winter. be prepared for a long hot summer!

you can run from tornadoes and hurricanes, but when the earth shakes...ain't a damn thang that you can do!

speaking of earthquakes, i called my boy jfresh to check on him after sunday's earthquake in los angeles. he missed the earthquake...he was asleep. he was like "what earthquake?"

i'm done with sodas...just as soon as i finish this sprite that i'm sippin on.

i peeped stacey dash in the new beer commercial. she looks like THAT at 42? dayyyyyyyyyummmm!

do yourself a favor...GO to the CIAA tournament in charlotte next year. i've gone the past 2 years and i've had a ball! if you go and don't have fun, you're wack

ever wonder what happened to the booger kid in your elementary class? you know...that boy/girl who always had boogers in their nose or a snotty nose.

kobe is better than lebron...right now

to me, there's no better cereal...

they are coming out with an A-TEAM movie. i'll check it out!

speaking of movies, i'll pass on why did i get married too by tyler perry. the 1st one was ok. not a fan of tyler perry. no hate...just not a fan

healthcare bill has passed...so when is rush limbaugh gonna kick rocks

speaking of the bill, before you cheer or boo...understand how it works for YOU!

iPad? blahhhhhh

i hate when i have to STARE at a chick to figure out if she's a chick

here's my niece, Mackenzie. she steals my heart. and her shirt reads SPOILED ROTTEN BY MY UNCLE...nuff said

i love seeing people getting jacked up by airport security.

nfl draft, major league baseball, and the nba playoffs...you ready? i am

ollie do it....ollie do it...ollie do it! who is the hell is ollie? lmao!!!

why do women have to have new shoes for the summer?

i'll admit that i give my girl Reina a hard time about her pics. i usually say that they are ok...or wack. But these are nice. You're on your way, kiddo. You've made it to the 12th Planet. I can make you famous...haaaa!

make sure that you check out my show on wednesday night...gonna talk about child support/babymommas/babydaddys...1opm est


Anonymous said...

U need to be sleep! That was the most random - random ass post I've read in a while.Too funny. I don't watch B Ball holla at me when the boys with the helmets come back out! My interest has peaked from the reviews on the Why Did I get married too flick.

Reina said...

Haha. This was DEFINITELY randomness, but thanks for the love! Appreciated.

Kingsmomma said...

What do you MEAN why do women have to have new shoes for summer?

and yeah Stacy Dash. She's def on my If i were a lesbian hitlist

E.M.H. said...

LMAO @ women's basketball, you staring at a chick to figure out if she is a chick, and your friend sleeping through the earthquake. But I can't really talk. I was awake cooking and didn't feel it. Baja, Cali is closer to Mexico so it wasn't a 6.9 in LA (in my defense) LOL.

I like Lebron but I'm for Kobe and the Lakers . . .GO LA!!!

I don't need new shoes just for the summer...year round is more like it :-/ :-)

I was thinking about getting the IPAD but once I checked it out I realized there is nothing I can't do with my MAC and blackberry!! I'll pass for now!!!

NFL draft and NBA finals, CAN'T wait!!! Baseball is just so long . . . closer to the end I'll pay more attention. Just soooooo many games.

Mizrepresent said...

Hate, hate, hate when people invade my personal space, lol.

Don't want woman's b-ball, so no complaints.

I love TV1 too! Great shows!

Pdiddy - ummm, no comment, wonder if he will still be showcasing himself when he's 50. #fail

Yeah, i thought Rush was leaving the country, so is he gone yet?

Quit giving Reina a hard time, those pics are beautiful!

Redbonegirl97 said...

This had me cracking up. You are soo right, they are some real random thoughts.