Friday, October 30, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

People really don't work on Fridays.

Pedro Martinez is still rocking a jheri curl in '09. Maybe he's tryna bring it back?

Gas is back at $2.50. C'mon Prez O!

Speaking of President Obama, if you had to rate his performance on a scale of 1-10...where would you rate him?

If I catch a cold or swine flu within the next 10 days...blame THIS dude! He was coughing all over the place on the train. Peep the pleather (plastic/fake leather) jacket

Guess this is supposed to be hot?

Shout out to my high school, Wilson High in Florence, SC! We celebrated 140 yrs last weekend at our homecoming. It was off the chain. Good seeing old friends.

I even ran into a couple of ex-girlfriends. Haaaaaa

I skipped the BET Hip Hop Awards. I can't give them 2 hrs of my life.

We're at the midway point of the NFL season and my fantasy football team is officially done!

I am befuddled by these teachers who "fall in love" and have relationships with their students. They are kids. Don't you see that?

Where were these teachers when I was in school? LOL

Should the first date end with a kiss?

How many times is SportsCenter gonna remind us that they broadcast from Los Angeles? Who cares?

Speaking of SportsCenter...Memo to Stuart Scott...let it go, man. Stop tryin' to rep for us. You know damn well that black folks don't use words like "crazyfreakynice"! WTH?

THIS dude is too damn big to have a freakin mohawk! soon can you tell if a guy is runnin' game on you or if he really likes you? A day? Week? Month(s)?

Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx is a must see!

How are you gonna say that you don't want your son yelled at when he's on a football field? Everybody will get yelled at on the field? I'm an assitant coach for Kameron's 6 and under team. I don't yell at anybody but Kameron because he's mine. However, if the head coach yells at him...I don't care. It's a part of the game. Are we raising men or chumps?

I actually had a parent ask me...during a game...why her son wasn't playing? Well, he'd probably play if your brought him to practice...

The first time that I heard Busta Rhymes on Scenario...I knew his days with Leaders of the New School was done.
This week's winner of the Lamont Sanford award (BIG DUMMY) is former ESPN analyst Steve Phillips. Steve had an affair with a 22 yr old production assitant at ESPN. She turned crazy when he tried to cut her off. She sent letters to his wife and even befriended one of his son's on Facebook. When the story hit the newspaper, Steve lost his job...his wife...his 4 sons...his house...and probably the shirt off his back.
There is as such thing as TOO much cologne or me.
Word on the street is that Steve is in sex rehab. Do you really need to go to rehab for sleeping with a chick that looks like a linebacker?

Yankees will win in 6. You heard it here first
Riding through my hometown...I ran across this place in East Florence. LMAO!!!

Shout out to my alma mater...South Carolina State University. We have Homecoming this weekend. I won't be there but I'll be there in spirit. Let's get it

One of my favorite female MCs...

Jean Grae...Jean Grae...Jean Grae


Rich Fitzgerald said...

You got a lot of good ones on here. A lot of them.

Never heard of the female MC though, got to check her out.

Hey, you gonna catch the MJ flick, This Is It?

Reina said...

I can usually tell within an hour if a guy is running game. Sometimes though, I'm bored so I play along.

Did you have to call that girl a linebacker? Comedy.

12kyle said...

@ Rich
Jean Grae can spit. Trust me. She's better than a lot of dudes

@ Reina
C'mon now. You KNOW this chick looks like a linebacker. LOL. The funny thing is...his wife is pretty. And he slept with the road kill? Not a good look! LMAO!

12kyle said...

@ Rich
I dunno. I might wait a few weeks before I see it. I'm a huge MJ fan. It's still hard for me to believe that he's gone.

Mizrepresent said...

yep 12kyle - we play hooky on fridays, lol.

should a first date end with a kiss? YESSSSS!

Have a great weekend!

Gem said...

"People really don't work on Fridays." L.O.L. as I'm sitting far too comfortably in my chair eating pretzels, sippin' a Pibb, and reading this.

I was just searching the heavens for guidance last night regarding Pedro's hair, LAWD!

The TV practically mutes ITSELF when Stuart comes on the screen.

Gotta listen to Jean Grae too.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I was wondering the same things about Pedro's hair, LOL!

What is up with these gas prices? I surely thought I was the only one who noticed. I need to find a car pool...

A first date should only end with a kiss if it was phenominal date and the attraction is smoldering.

I have heard of Jean Grae but never checked her out. Is that her name or is she playing on the X Men character?

And you are so wrong for the 'linebacker'comment! LMAO

12kyle said...

@ Miz
Hahahaha! You know it!

If the date ends with a kiss, that's a good thing!

@ Gem
It's obvious that Pedro don't give a damn about what people think. Who walks around with a curl? LOL. I KNOW ladies can't dig a dude with a curl. Haaaa

@ Kay C
Just a few weeks ago, gas prices were almost under $2. I dunno what happended?

Jean Grae...not sure if that's her real name. Check her out. She can spit

You KNOW that chick looks bad. Real bad! LOL

Rashan Jamal said...

Jean Grae is the truth! Is she still recording? Haven't heard anything new in a minute.

The Pedro curl is hilarious.

I'm not even gonna rate President yet. Not sure I could be objective.

I had teachers like that in my high school, but they were trickin for the drug dealers.

I feel Steve Phillips is dumb, but if you fired every man that had an affair, there wouldn't be anything getting done in America.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I love this "Off Tha Dome!!!!"

A first date should end with a kiss only if the chemistry is there...and a damn good one.

Go said...

Yes this was a great random post! Don't you hate when people cough. I hold my breath as long as I can or until I remember..I'm holding my breath...LOL

This podcast is distracting me...LOL

But umm yeah...I don't think I could watch my son during football practice..yelling at them is expected..not a place for mommy's LOL



CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Dang...I wasn't expecting to see Steve's main "squeeze"...hut one, hut two!

cdngirl said...

U said so much I don't know where to begin...

Let's see--

I don't go into the office on Fridays, but I work harder on my days off.

Appreciate your gas prices we are paying 1.05 a litre that's just about 4.20 a gallon.

lol @ the rims.

When it comes to running game, all I can tell you is Game knows Game. :S

Did you go in the Cheap cheap discount store? What did they have?

12kyle said...

@ Rashan Jamal
Jean is still recording. I think she has a new joint that will drop early next year

I think Prez O is doing a good job. I'd prolly give him an 8.5

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
LoL @ a damn good kiss

@ Go
LoL! I do the same thing. I don't wanna breathe in somebody elses germs

I feel u. But you gotta understand...getting yelled at is a PART of the game. We can't talk softly to these kids. LoL

@ CurvyGurl ♥
Steve's "main squeeze" is hard on the eyes

@ cdngirl
Work hard on off days? Not me! LoL. I try to do absolutely nuffin on my off days.

Those rims were tight, huh? LoL

That CHEAP store was in the middle of the hood. I wasn't gonna set 1 foot in that spot. Haaaaa

LoudPen said...

I'm actually scheduled to be off on Fridays so of course I don't work. LOL

I have no idea who that it is. (Pedro)

Live in NYC but I feel ya on the Gas situation.

Mr. Cough Man look like a nasty mofo.

Thank you for not watching BET, ppl. kill me complaining bout it then they writing blog posts & tweeting about it.

I have mixed feelings about my teams. Cincy still doin good but the Bears are effin up.

Depends on the date...

I can tell he's running game within the first hour. He won't look you in the eye, repeatedly checks his phone, lines sound practiced. Also, if you ask him if he has children or a girl, he answers no too quickly.

I agree ol chick looks like a linebacker. Ugly as hell. No bueno.

Opinionated Diva said...

lol...i am soooo gonna steal the "you big dummy" award! And yes, Steve is a big damn dummy.

teachers who fall in love with students...yeah - we didn't have those type of teachers either, but we did have a teacher called mr. rock who just lovvved to call the girls to the front of the class to "show their math work" on the board, so he could act like he wasn't staring at our butts. #perv!

You know Charlie Brown is still pissed about Busta making it big and leaving the group behind! lol

Keith said...

Where were those teachers when I was in school? Most of my teachers
were old and didn't grab my attention that way..but in High school we had about two or three hotties who I found out were only about five years older than me..
Wouldn't have given me the time of day.

Should a First date end with a kiss?
It doesn't have to..but if it does..that's kool.

Sex Rehab? Are you serious? I wonder what the conversations are like there? ROTFLMBAO!

Keith said...

Steve's girl was crazy...Did he not see that? Crazy people don't take too long to show you that they are crazy. If she was fine I could even see him looking past that.. But she looks like Brett Favre and is crazy on top of that too!..Man, he's nuts.

dessex said...

I know I sure don't work on fridays lol... I work I just don't work too hard lol.

The first date should not end with a kiss. A hug at best

Stuart Scott is alright to me, but I know he can get a little overboard.

Busta on "Scenario" is classic. That is my favoirte Hip-Hop song of all time.

I didn't know Jean had a Body like that....I heard she smoke squares...major turn off.

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ that BIG ASS dude rocking a damn mohawk. sir. Not a good look. I literally laughed out loud at that pic.

Ol' boy on the train was just 'a chillaxin' and all like he hadn't a care in the world. LOL

12kyle said...

@ LoudPen
I hate BET with a passion. They have set us back by a million years!

@ OD
LMAO @ U!!! Perv! I had teachers like that

@ Keith
I found myself asking the same thing! LOL. I dunno what there was to talk about at sex rehab

@ Dessex
Jean has a dope body. She doesn't use it to sell records. I like that

@ Queen
This picture does this dude no justice. He was HUGE! Wayyy too big for a mohawk

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