Friday, September 18, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

how can MTV show the VMAs (video music awards) when they don't show videos?

i still don't know who taylor swift is or what she sings

football is back! i love it!

if Prez Obama called Kanye a jackass...what do you think Dubya called him?

it's been a minute since i've read a book. i prolly should read one

can you believe that i HAVE NOT purchased Madden 10 yet?

ever wonder what happened to the kid in your high school class that was voted most likely to succeed? what are they doing now?

speaking of high school, i remember a dude in my class named george. he was the best dancer at my high school. he was white and i went to a predominantly black high school. don't tell me that all white people don't have rhythm.

george idolized michael jackson. he studied all his moves. he even dressed like mike. no lie!

i don't go out for drinks with co-workers. i just don't. when people drink, the truth comes out.

that's when you find out who in the company is sleepin' with each other. nah...i'll pass.

i know a dude who swears that he has a girlfriend...but she lives out of town. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite

was ernie and bert gay? i mean...2 dudes who lived together but never had any chicks over at their crib?

please get your cousin. tell her that this is not how we do it in 2009.

one of my favorite cereals is frosted flakes. i love captain crunch but it leaves the roof of my mouth battered.

first car....86 sentra. i drove it like it was a benz. your first car?

sleeping in for me is being able to sleep uninterupted until 8am

i missed the whitney interview on oprah. glad that i did.

if a dude tells me that he watches oprah with his old lady...i'm revoking his man card! you can't do that!

9/11...we'll never forget!

as you travel, keep a close eye on airport security. the security is always tight here in atlanta but i can't say that for other airports. i flew to dallas and i remember seeing screeners just standing around...joking and not paying attention to what they need to be doing.

got my permission slip signed! la for my burfday! i can't wait.

ladies...there is a such thing as too much cleavage at the workplace. just in case you forgot

fellas...women outnumber us on this planet. there are plenty for everybody! don't handcuff em. if she don't want you, move to the next woman. don't be a stalker.

ladies...when naming a daughter...please do not give her a stripper (shoe model) name...cynamon, peaches, lexus, etc

took the fam to disney for labor day weekend. we had a ball. i wonder how much the dude in the mickey suit makes a year?

still not feelin the mohawk look on little boys. i just don't like it

i found some old skool pics of me. if i can learn how to scan em...i'll post em to the blog

the more and more that i watch TVOne...the more i hate bet.

christmas is just around the corner. wow

my anniversary is right around the corner, too. i'm puzzled. what do you give the woman who has had the extreme pleasure of being married to ole 12kyle for 9 yrs? i mean...what more could you ask for?

jay z's blueprint 3 & raekwon's only built for cuban linx 2...cold

zoe saldana...zoe saldana...zoe saldana


Anonymous said...

There are about 5-6 MTV and they show videos.

Leave Bert and Ernie alone!! lol

I wish I could sleep until 8am. Bloody kids have no concept of sleeping late.

I don't like the mohawk on little boys either. There are a couple little boys @ my daughters nursery with them. It don't look right.

Mrs.12 isn't gonna buy that palaver. I hope you come up with something. lol

Queen of My Castle said...

My first car was a Nissan as well...Altima.

I still eat frosted flakes. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough.

Too much cleavage in the workplace?! *gasp* You don't say! LOL. Showing skin around this place I work ensures one gets what she wants. One of the many perks of working in a penis dominated industry. Gotta love the Oil and Gas industry. LOL

While I'm not a fan of mohawks for boys, I'll take that trend any day over that of boys/grown ass men rocking skinny jeans. Pisses me off.

TravelDiva said...


Honestly, I think MTV shows videos at like 5 am or something. I've never randomly flipped through channels and seen a video on MTV in recent years. So that is a bit odd. LOL.

LMBAO on what does the guy in the mickey mouse suit make. I don't know. But it's got to be hot in those suits--that's got to be worth something...

My first car was a 1996 Geo Metro. People talk about the Geo, but that car never gave me a minute's trouble.

Gridiron Gals said...

LOL @ Bert and Ernie.
Why am starting to belief that vodka makes everything better.

I too am glad that football is back.

I never realized how much I used the letter 't' until my baby pulled the key off my laptop.

I wish the work week was 4 days vs. 5.
I need a vacation.

Go said...

You are crazy! Ummm..let see most likely to succeed (that was me) I haven't accomplished any damn thing...they jinxed me!

Umm I don't do video games and don't watch a lot of TV so all the shows.. I have no idea what you are talking about!

My first car was a Ford Contour when I waS 16 and the first song that played on the radio as I drove it off the lot was " baller...shot caller 20" rims on an impala..carla gettin' laid tonight" anyway something like that..LOL



Keith said...

Captain Crunch is the bomb...everybody says it scratches the roof of their mouths.Never happened to me.

Hate Mohawks period.

Sleep Late? What's that?

My first car was a Chevy...Every one since then has been a Nissan.

So Glad FOOTBALL is BACK!!!!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL...lotsa good stuff here

~ Yep, I wonder what the most likely to succeed bunch is up to. Although, I suspect some didn't live up to it.

~ My first car was a cherry red Integra...yes, I rolls like

~ I thought Whit's interview was good because it's a good example of how you can be so lost yet, by grace, recover.

~ Funny that you mention stripper names. I needed to come up with a biz name and a couple sounded like they would be perfect shoe show model names...hee hee

~ Football definitely marks the beginning of my fave time of year.

Hadassah said...

I heart mohawks lol!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I didn't know who Taylor Swift was either until the Kanye situation.

Football is the BEST!!!!

I love Obama...just wanted to say that.

My first car was the car I still have...2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

Angel said...

This morning my eyes didnt open until 9.30am and its Sunday over here, the waking up early part is the thing im going to enjoy least about having children!!!

lol @ Bert and Ernie

becuase of what Kayne did I had to go up on youtube and find out who taylor swift was and listen to her song...I must admit although it wasnt the best video of all time, Beyonces was certainly