Thursday, June 25, 2009

off tha dome

it's been a minute...i know

random thoughts...

i'm not going to see transformers. i didn't see the first movie. wasn't a fan of the cartoon. yeah...i said it

ok...will people stop asking me about governor sanford from south carolina. i'm FROM south carolina but i don't vote there. i haven't lived there in years.

since you's my .02. if you're willing to risk it all for a brawd in anutha country...she betta be fine! i mean finer than frog hair (shout out to

i don't pass judgement but i could understand if it was his secretary. no, this fool falls for the out of town chick. he gets the award

gonna be on the grill this weekend. come to the crib. bring a bottle with you.

congrats to kobe and the lakers. you won. *yawn* it football season yet?

why are we hearing from dick cheyney all of a sudden? i've heard more in the last month from him than i did the 8 years that he was the vice president.

death of autotune!!! <-------thank you Jay Z. You da bess...youda, youda,youda bess.

word on the street is that janet jackson has dumped jermaine dupri just weeks after this fool had her face tattoo'd on his ribcage. if sanford didn't get the dummy award...dupri would get it.

maybe it's just me...but if you're 7 mos pregnant, you prolly shouldn't be wearing a shirt with your belly exposed.

speaking of fashion, memo to the ladies...sundresses can't be worn by every woman.

chris brown beats up rhihanna and gets no time in jail? umm...they betta be glad she ain't my daughter.

funny how r kelly had sex (then pissed) on a minor but y'all still listen to his music? wow

speaking of music, i'm gonna pass on the eminem cd. i ain't feelin it.

i didn't have the heart to tell dude that he should throw these things away

i finally went to sleep on a plane last week. aren't you proud of me?

don't you hate it when people say..."guess who did _____?" why do you want me to guess? i don't want to guess. just tell me!

sometimes you gotta just go through your phone and delete people. especially if you haven't talked to them in over a year and the number has only been dialed when you saved it in your phone.

fellaz- if you spend half the night telling a chick about how much money you have, you can't be mad and call her a gold digger later.

prez O might be cooler than me. maybe...

ladiez- "you'll never find a man, until you find yourself." - Common. <------so true

i've been watching a lot of the history channel lately. very impressive

twitter...You da bess...youda, youda,youda bess.

almost everbody is on twitter.

what if Jesus was on twitter? that would be cool to get a tweet from Jesus (@12kyle you betta be in church on this sunday...or else)

ok...that last thought was wrong...but funny.

regina king...regina king...regina king


The Joker said...

LMAO @ What if Jesus was on twitter?

You're crazy 12 kyle.


Angel said...

Well Kyle I liked transformers so there!

I'm not on twitter I'm one of the only ones that remain off it.
If Jesus was on there I would feel the need to sign up though. Are you on it? - Is Captian Picard from Star Trek on it?

Miss Odukoya xx said...

very random..but somethings are so true..JAY had to bring that song out..I was kinda getting tired of autotunes..much respect to the king of hiphop..noone does it better

Anonymous said...

I've had the the first Transformers movie on DVD for ages and I still haven't watched it.

As much as I like tattoos I'm not tattooing anyone's face on my body.

12kyle said...

@ The Joker
Hahaha! Thanks!

@ Angel
Yes! I am on twitter. I think I'm addicted to it

*shhhhh...don't tell nobody* lol

@ Miss Odukoya xx
I agree 1000%. Jay Z said what alotta people were thinking. I'm soooo tired of autotunes. It's played out.

@ BorednTalkative
As much as I love my wife...I aint tattooing her face on me! LoL. The strange thing is that this tattoo extends from beneath his armpit to his waistline. And there's not much skin there so you know it HAD to hurt! Dupri is a fool. You don't do stuff like that.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I miss this!!!! LOL @ "congrats to kobe and the lakers. you won. *yawn* it football season yet?" I feel the same way...I'm missing football like crazy!!

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

BAHAHAHAHA @ Jesus being a Twitter. Instead of poking would he strike us with lightning? lol

LOL @ the Governor of SC..chick is the new "Sunshine" from Harlem Nights. Side note - His wife was fully aware, as was his staff.

Jay Z mushed a girl in her face, but you quoted him.

I like R Kely's music..judge me.

Chris Brown is 19...what will time in jail teach him and I'm a woman.

Training camp anyone?

Tha L said...

Kyle, lemme get you some ice for that haterade. Lakers are the bomb & you know it! :-)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL...too many funny thangs to comment on.

Coogie Cruz said...

There's a teacher I work with that could pass as Regina's twin (face wise) when I first saw her I thought it was her.

Never saw the first Transformers either.

Jermaine and Janet are going to kiss and make up now.

Love that Common quote, it's the truth.


Anonymous said...

hey all I need is the address...lls

Charles said...

Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of this 'new' Jay-Z...he's not even Jay to me...he's Sean Carter. And he'll never be Jay again.

I totally agree with the Chris seems if you have money, you can call all charges trumped up charges...unless you're Vick. But on was he driving drunk AND kill someone, and only get less than a month jail time max??

I personally like the NBA WAAAAAAYY more than the NFL...I mean, they play like what, 18 games, and people talk about it all year? With like close to 3 to 5 minute breaks between plays? I mean, I like the sport, but the NBA is better in my opinion.

And as soon as I find a movie buddy, I'm gonna go see sir need to get up on it!!

Dione said...

and so the Sanford saga continues...

Rich Fitzgerald said...

What's up Kyle. Just passing through and wishing you a happy 4th!

Finer than Frog Hair -- that was funny!