Wednesday, June 10, 2009

friendly skies

"I don't like the way this sounds."

These were the words coming from one of the flight attendents on the airplane that I was on the other day.

The flight attendents were passing out peanuts when the pilot ordered them back to their seats. Apparently, we were headed for some turbulence. I've never been on a flight when they had to tell the flight attendents to sit down. My mind began to race. Heart started pumpin a lil faster. You see...ole 12kyle hates turbulence. I want my flight to be smoooooth. None of that bumpy stuff. Unfortunately, I have no control over it.

I remember flying back from my honeymoon in Jamaica. We hit some bad weather. I mean, thunderstorms and everything. I can't lie...I was shook. Mrs12 found my "fear" to be soooooo amusing. So, as I was having a fit...she was laughing. She told me it was ok. As the plane rattled and dipped, she held my hand (I see y'all laughin' but this shit aint

Back to my flight, I remain calm as the flight gets rocky. I remind myself that I'm safer in the air than I am behind the wheel of a car. I also remind myself of the dream that I had 7 yrs ago. In the dream, I'm on a plane and it crashes. There is only 1 survior in the wreckage. And guess who it was...ME!!!!

Don't get it twisted...I don't ever think about dying. I plan to be around as long as Moses was. LoL. I'll prolly go out in my sleep real mellow like at the age of 135. So please understand...if y'all hear about a plane going down and I'm on it...dammit y'all betta come and find me. Because I'ma make it!


Solomon said...

LMAO Kyle, "I plan to be around as long as Moses." *lol* You crack me up sometimes bro.

So you were the only one left standing in the wreckage in that dream of yours, at least you're subconsciece is optomistic, sounds like the consciece you would rather stay grounded.

The Jaded NYer said...

you are such a fool!!! but yes, I will make sure we come look for you but do me a favor: wear bright colors!!! that way we will spot you in the water... DON'T wear blue!!! lol

Otis said...

I hate rocky flights..just hate them. I always try to prepare for the worse although i have no control over it. within this past years i've been in over 10 planes, and i try to sleep every time no matter how long the flight is, lol.

Years ago i went to Africa and while i was there, 2 planes collided . I would have rather took a boat back than fly out.

But we cant control what happens..i just wanna be the sole survivor, lol .

Trish said...

Kyle, you aint said nothin but a word. For years and too this day I am terrified of flying. Absolutely shook ! I can only truly tolerate it because I now medicate myself so that my husband I can go on our once a year long vacation.
My Dr. prescibed me Kolonopin. Get up on it Bro. its the best thing ever !! You take it 1/2 hr. b4 your flight, you're all mellow by the time your on the plane, shortly after take off you dose off to la la land. I wake up when we land. Good thing is you dont wake up with that groggy/medicine head feeling. You wake up refreshed like you never took anything. If Im dog tired but cant really fall asleep, I will sometimes take one at home to sleep. Wake up with no problem the next day.
When I didnt have it I would bruise my husbands arm every flight. I used to ruin my vacation fearing the flight home.
I woke up at the end of a flight one time and said to my Hubby."Wow that was a nice flight." He said. "No Trish that was a horrible flight, turbulence and all, you were just knocked out from Kolonopin."
BTW- If I ever had a dream where the plane crashed with me on it, I dont think I would ever fly again."

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I know exactly how you felt!!! That happened to me recently, and the passenger sitting next to me and I held strangers holding hands!!! We didn't know what what was going on, but we did know it wasn't usual.

ShellyShell said...

LMAO! I feel you! I've been on one too many flights where the flight attendants have been told to sit down! Hell one flight was diverted from DCA to Dulles and the US Marshalls and FBI stormed the plane! I was in the window seat scrunched down so low you could barely see my head! LOL! I WAS SHOOK! I've held hands with complete strangers! I have many fying horror stories! LOL!

Kingsmomma said...

Man I just got back from Jamaica and on teh way back we hit turbulence (let me rewind, before I left i told everyone where my will was located) you couldn't tell me I wasn't going down.

I can't stand flying but i'd like to travel more. thought about going to Brazil but planes dissappearing in mid air has canceled that for me.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

No doubt dawg! You will definitely make it with an attitude like that.

I definitely feel you.

Those drugs Trish mentioned sound good.

Jackie E. said...

I have to travel A LOT in my line of work and I've NEVER been a fan of turbulence either. But I will have to tell you that the pilots tell the flight attendants to sit down all the time. Unfortunately there are waay to many bumpy flights out there, much to my chagrin:-(

And BTW, the image of you maybe grasping the arm of the chair in fear, made me chuckle just a little lol, cause that's what I do!!!

L. Renee' said... are gonna be alright! LOL
You better make sure you make that flight to D.C with out any drama! LOL

Keith said...

ROFLMAO- Man I used to have those same kinds of thoughts when I was on'll be alright!

12kyle said...

@ Soloman
Hahahaha! I gotta believe that I'ma make matter what

@ Jaded Santana
Just look for the dude with the lime green gators and orange shirt and red head band.

@ O
Mannn, if I was in Africa and two planes collied while I was there...I'd still be in Africa. LoL!!!

@ Trish
You know me...I don't mess with asprin so pill poppin aint an option. However, that's not a bad idea. Maybe I should just get a drink or 7. That might help.

For some reason, I can't/wont go to sleep on a matter how tired I am.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Holdin hands with a stranger??? Wowww! Lmao! That's funny!

@ ShellyShell
Dayyyyum! Sounds like your plane was bout to be hijacked. LoL

12kyle said...

@ Kingsmomma
I feel you. I love traveling. I wish I could just get in a space ship or sumthin. Haaaa

@ Rich
You know how it is. If you THINK you can. You can!

@ Jackie
Hey! Whussup lady. Been a minute. Hope all is well with you.

I'm sure that you have really "traveled the globe." You have prolly seen it all on planes. But that never makes it easy, does it? LoL.

@ LRenee
Hahahahah! Don't worry...I'll be in DC. Even if I have to drive

@ Keith
You're right. I've managed to learn how to stay "busy" during my flights.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

ROFL! Lawd! At least the pilot didn't say "sorry for the delay, there was a problem with one of the engines" like one did before we took off for a 5 hour flight from SF. Talk about white knuckle

Mizrepresent said...

lol, i love it Kyle. I hear you. When i first arrived in the A, i applied for a job as as stewardess. I had never flown before, so they flew me out to Miami for the interview. There was turbulence on the plane and so when i got to Miami, i told them no. I swear i hated flying...i drank all the way back to the ATL...but i'm better now...i can fly and not drink!

Anonymous said...

Hey I love flying...but maaaaannnn Im so feeling you on this turbulence thingy...I hate to feel it and my mind gets to jumping...imagine going on a 18 hour trip doing so....sheesh

Stew said...

i hate plane turbulence too. every time the plane drops it feels like i am on a roller coaster. my stomach drops. i hate that feeling.