Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mood muzik

Music brings out different types of emotions. I don' think there is any debating that.

Music can inspire your creativity.

Music can get you pumped up.

Music can stimulate you...in more ways than one.

Music can enhance intimacy...as you know.

I remember back in the day when almost every dude had a cassette tape. On that tape, he had recorded a compilation of songs that he could play when it was time to get busy with his girl. All of the songs were slow jams. Songs that were made for love making.

If you were making a "mood muzik" tape for you and your man/woman, gimme a song(s) that you'd put on the tape.

I'd have to say Moments in Love by the Art of Noise. That joint was like 7 or 8 mins long. No words. If you neva heard it...youtube it.

Whut you got?


Anonymous said...

Music does alot to anyone no matter the mood. Sometimes music can set any mood you want..

ShellyShell said...

You know I could write FOREVER on this! I used to have a tape that had all Prince on it(of course). To me he has so many songs that make you want to really get it in...lol! A few songs that would be on my tape:
If I was your girlfriend
Forever in your life
Do me, baby
Nothing Compares to you
Pink Cashmere
Slow Love
That ends my love affair with Prince. Here are more
Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye
This Woman's Work-Maxwell
Time will reveal-DeBarge
Love me in a special way-Debarge
Uhh Ahh-Boys to Men
So Beautiful-Musiq

12kyle said...

@ Oyin
Noooooo doubt!

@ ShellyShell
Leave it to you to come with 85 songs! LoL

I feel you, tho. Prince neva disappoints. Adore and Do Me Baby are classics. If you didn't have them on your slow jams tape, you really didn't have a tape

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I could give you a couple of playlists..I'm just going to give you 1 song...

Anytime, Anyplace by Janet Jackson

Stew said...

would you mind - janet jackson

gotta have that.

a few years back my brother introduced me to chopped & screwed music. now i know that most people do not like that type of music and i understand b/c its not for everyone.

but since we are talking about "baby making music" i have to talk about the F-Action series (F meaning Fuck) This DJ named OG Ron C takes R&B music and chops and screws it. in my opinion it is the BEST sex music there is. if you ever get a chance find some of it. i am sure you will be able to, the series is up to 51. i can send you a few tracks too if you really want to hear it.

im sure everyone would love it

Tha L said...

Call me crazy, Kyle, but I can't stand mood muzik. It's a distraction from the real sounds that I wanna hear, if you know what I'm sayin'!

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

So Beautiful - Musiq Soul Child

Tootsie Roll- ROFL I couldn't even finish this lie.

Or anything by Sade, the Isley Brothers and the Whispers.

Sexxy Luv said...

Christina Milian- Highway

Janet Jackson-Would you mind

those 2 right there be getting me in trouble!

HEY Kyle! :)

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Funny you would bring up this subject. I have 3 sets of mood music that I must have. 1)Music to get me pumped up to get through a workout. 2) Inspirational to get me through work and the day to day grind 3) Love Making. must haves: Let me make love to you---O'Jays
Distant Lover---Marvin Gaye
Between the Sheets---Isley Brothers
This is what I do to put you in the mood---The Whispers
And Lenny Williams...He didn't have alot of number one hits but the hits he had were/are right on time. Now that's baby making music. Watch out there now!

12kyle said...

@ MzInspiredmind 81
Good call! Love Ms. Jackson

@ Stew
Chopped and Screwed? Say word!

@ L
I feel you. I think most of us have ditched the music. Lol

@ Pigskin Loving Lady
Tootsie Roll? Ohhhh...you are sooo wrong. LOL

@ SexxyLuv
Heyyyy stranger. Where have YOU been?

@ Ms Moore
You took me back with Lenny Williams

Coogie Cruz said...

Most recently Freakin' Me by Jamie Foxx and that chick I forgot her name. Can I just name artists in general its too late to think of songs...Musiq, Tyrese, Sade, Anthony Hamilton

The F$%K it List said...

OH yes you know that my mood is clearly defined by what I'm playing.

On my mixtape would be:

Nothing Compares to you
u send me swingin'
Again Janet Jackson
Call Me -Aretha
Anything from Luther Vandross
Your Love is King - Sade
One hundred Ways - James Ingram
Love me in a special Way Debarge
Nothing Even Matters- L.Hill
Chocolate Legs - Eric Benet (new)
ok no more I got work to do!

Jackie E. said...

I LOVED Moments In Love!!

Back in the day, pretty much any Luther song would just do it for me!!! No ifs, ands or buts!!!
Instant "mood":-)