Thursday, April 2, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

If you do lunch or dinner with co-workers...the objective is NOT to talk about work! Let's leave work!

The G20 is going on right now and they didn't invite me.

NBA playoffs are right 'round da corner!

I wonder if President Obama is gonna bring the light skinned bruthas back?

*looking in the mirror at this handsome chocolate face...realizing that it's gonna take more than Obama to bring y'all back* LMAO

Speaking of President Obama, I've noticed that even in these tough times...when he's faced with some tough questions...he'll crack a smile! That shows me that he's confident about what he's doing. That is very comforting to people.

I have YET to hear a woman say anything negative about Michelle Obama. She is a phenomenal woman

Trick Daddy announced to the world that he has the life-threatening disease, lupus. Good luck, Trick. We know that you love the kids.

Wonder what happened to the other dudes in Leaders of the New School? After Busta Rhymes' verse on knew he'd leave the group

Looks like we've all been bloggin' very sporadically. It's ok. Don't worry. Blog when you get the urge to say something.

Remember Chic-O-Sticks? I want one

For those of you read this blog but don't comment...make sure that you check out some of these other bloggers in my blog crew. They are all some dope writers.

Everbody keeps asking me so I'll answer it for the 30th time...yes...there ARE black people in Minnesota. LoL

Ladies...if a man is coming to pick you up, BE READY to leave when he gets there!

Men...don't be afraid to tell a woman how you feel. You never know love until you allow yourself to know love

I'm always amazed at how college coaches can jump from school to school and nobody says anything but the athletes can't do that!

Speaking of college sports, be leery when you hear folks use the term "student-athlete"...there's no such thing

Colored eye not a good look

Do you go to sleep on a flight? I don't

Tamala Jones...Tamala Jones...Tamala Jones...


eclectik said...

Co workers suck

Is G20 that new Gatorade?

NBA Playoffs can be down the street far as I care

Women aint checkin for whatever flavor Im is.

Well I've said some stuff bout Chelle Obama...she aint safe from me.

Im offended you're on the Trick Daddy news blotter in the 1st.

The rest of the Leaders of the New School work at Ikea

I blog all the time, no one checks it..s'ok

For those of you that read and dont comment...scram

College coaches dont have to worry about transferring credits LOL

Angel said...

LOL Kyle but if I don’t talk about work to my co-workers I quickly find that I have little else in common with them!

Anonymous said...

I rarely hang out with my co-workers outside of work. We have nothing in common really.

Hey I'm always on time. Unfortunately dude is usually late so I end up waiting around all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Being on an airplane for 8-9 hours? Yeah I sleep.

Otis said...

my co workers are getting into facebook...arrggggg!!!

i LOVED chic-o-sticks

Man, i try to sleep on every flight im on!!!

nikki said...

the light-skinned brotha never left. *sigh*

u brought back all kinds of memories with the chic-o-sticks! i remember chasing down the candy van in the pink houses projects in the middle of dead summer heat for a chic-o-stick and some nowalataz. ahhhh, good times!

michelle's eyebrows scare me sometimes. lol

lotns update: charlie brown is still somewhere sulking and plotting busta's death cuz he never blew up.

dinko d is somewhere grateful he was in the group cuz he knows his flow was average at best.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Most of the time you need to leave work at work.

I always wonder what happens to the rest of the group when one person blows up.

I have heard people talk about Michelle's eyebrows, but if that is all they can find she is doing extremely well!

I've never been caught up on light or dark skin. I give all men their respect. KayC don't discrimminate on the basis on color :)

Must be spring that has the blog updates slow.

Do people still wear colored contacts? REALLY????

I am always ready when a man is lucky enough to find out where I live. Not being stuck up...some people are just plain crazy. Can't have any stalkers running by the house.

I tried to sleep on a cross country flight, just couldn't do it.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Women love chocolate, just ask Godiva. It never goes out of style.

Trick Daddy? Come on, you follow him?!

Everybody is on facebook these days and I ain't feeling the switch. Barely have the urge to blog. What happened to the good old days?

We have a Candy Lady at work and she sells chicko sticks. -- No, I don't work in the projects. LOL!

The Jaded NYer said...

Speaking of President Obama, I've noticed that even in these tough times...when he's faced with some tough questions...he'll crack a smile! That shows me that he's confident about what he's doing.

Is that confidence... or insanity??? I'm just sayin...

And who in the hell is Trick Daddy?

PS- make sure your peoples know, my blogging STAYS consistent: Mon thru Fri and the first Sunday of every month... don't hate! lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

lightskinned or mulattos lol

Rashan Jamal said...

I try my best to not go out with co workers at all. If I do, I'm always leery of the work convos. Like its gonna get back to the office.

Go Hawks!!! (since the Knicks can't quite get it together)

Trick says he ain't taking no medicine. Thugs don't do meds. Whatever, son!

Are there black people in MN? LOL

Tim Floyd to Arizona sounds like a horrible idea. How you gonna jump in the same conference?

ShellyShell said...

I'm cool with a few coworkers but we don't talk about work AT ALL!

I'm not feeling the playoffs this year. Maybe after my babies(UNC) take the title on Monday!

Light skin never left for me. Yummy! Althuogh the Teacher is chocolate and so was the dude before!

I like that Pres Obama smiles and jokes a little!

Well, let me say something about Mrs. Obama! Her damn eyebrows are arched toooooo much! I love her but no one's eyebrows are naturally in a pointy position! In some angles she looks!

Trick Daddy was on Wendi Williams and it was hilarious! Wendy was asking him questions and for real she had NO idea what he was saying. Shyt I didn't either and I normally can decipher Ghettonese pretty good! He was trying to tell her that Lupus normally affects black woman. He just couldn't get it out!

I had a chico stick the other day! Lawd that shyt was good!

I know they're are black people in Minnesota! My daddy went to undergrad! Plus his Purple Badass is there!

I never go to sleep on flights. No matter how long. I wonder if I'll go to sleep on my overnight flight to Barcelona!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Michelle Obama is the best!!!! I love her style.

You can get a big bag full of Chic-O-Sticks at Walmart for$2.00.

I hope you're enjoying yourslef in it cold?

Colored contacts are a big NO, especially on very dark-skinned people...hey, it's the truth.

I love to go to sleep on a plane...for one, it's some of the best sleep...second, if something goes wrong, I won't know because I'm sleep.

Tha L said...

Mmmmmmm!!!!!! Chickosticks!!! I saw some of those in the 7-11 a couple weeks ago and damn near lost my mind!

Solomon said...

I dread going to lunch with co-workers, I have rarely associated with anyone I work with. If I work with someone all day, I don't want to hang with them on my free time, it seems like work. lololol

It's ll about prez Obama and the confidence!

Trick Daddy needs to change up the moniker, trick?

I haven't been feelin the love in blogsville, must be the weather.

Black people in Minnesota? LMAO

Never lay out all your cards with the ladies, only tell them enough to keep 'um happy.

I knew a dude that used to wear black contacts, LMAO, he looked freaky!

L. Renee' said...

With the male to female ratio the way it is currently...any flavored brother will do with a Job, good credit,and table manners.. (LOL)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Can we edit this to appear in bold, red, blinking, underlined, 24 pt.

Men...don't be afraid to tell a woman how you feel. You never know love until you allow yourself to know love.

*Self-talk...keep hope alive, girl!*

Keith said...

Man, that's why I rarely do lunch (and definitely not dinner) with my

Yeah,I saw the G20 summit on TV yesterday..They didn't even bother to tell me they was havin it.

I can't wait for the NBA playoffs..
King (Lebron) James is gonna shine this spring..Kobe and Paul Peirce...yall been warned!!!

I love me some Michelle Obama...I'm sure I have never felt that way about a First Lady before!

The rest of the Leaders of the New
school are teaching English in Brooklyn Public schools..

I always fall asleep on the plane,
can't help it.

I blog almost everyday...That's coming to a stop soon..I know it.

Oh no...not the light skinned brother again...What will mocha brothers like me do then?

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm always knocked out on flights...and you're right - one thing my coworkers and I always do is talk about work - hilarious.

The F$%K it List said...

I only have two co-workers I will eat with because all the rest of them want to talk about Algos and work 'Ish. No thanks

The NBA season has been lackluster for the most part.

DANG Trick, Lupus.

I never like chico sticks they were nasty.

Sleep on an airplane? YEP or I'll be a nervous wreck. I get on, have a drink and good night wake me when we arrive. The only airline I don't sleep on is JetBlue, the TVs keep me happy.

Laddy said...

I hear ya. Ladies like it when you show emotion. Which is why I'll shed a tear from time-to-time. But never too much emotion. Bc then they think you're a pansy. It's a fine line, really.

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