Monday, April 6, 2009

mixtape monday

Enjoy the mixtape!

Three Times Dope
Funky Dividends

Souls of Mischief
From 93 Til Infinity

Biz Markie
Just a Friend

Head Banger

A Tribe Called Quest
We've Got the Jazz/Buggin Out

Bonus Party Track...

Fat Man Scoop
Put Ya Hands Up


Keith said...

Okay, you taking me back with this.
Funk Divedends by 3x Dope was out the year I got married!!!

And Biz Markie??? Oh Man..I can't tell you how many fimes me and my boys got drunk and sang that out in the street and sounded just as bad as he did if not worse...

And anything by a Tribe Called Quest back then was the business as far as I was concerned..

My Barber at the time (May he rest in peace) used to rock the Head Banger...

Nice list...Nice....

Angel said...

I was dancing Kyle

"you got a $50 bill put your hands up"


12kyle said...

@ Keith
You know what's funny...Philly cats got major play on the radio in SC when these dudes came out. I mean every body from 3x Dope...Schooly D...Steady B...and of course Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. My boy, JFresh, used to love Tuff Crew (remember them?). Yessur, Funky Dividends dropped when I was in the 10th grade. I still love that joint.

@ Angel
Haaaa! That joint gets played in prolly every club! LoL. It'll make u move!

ShellyShell said...

WOW!! Three Times Dope! I haven't heard them in a minute! Nor have I heard Sould of Mischief! I don't even have these on the Pod! They were hot though! Do you remember Cool C when he had the "Glamourous LIfe" Guys like you Michelle are hard to find that's why I had to make you my wife so we can live the glamourous life oooo oooo we got it the glamourous life! That was MY shyt! Youtube it that's a young Jilly in the video! Too bad Cool's azz is in prison for armed robbery! LOL!

Just a friend...classic! Head Banger that was and still is MY shyt! I like anything Tribe! LOL @ Fat Man Scoop! I do like his voice!

Keith said...
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Rashan Jamal said...

I had that Three Times Dope tape. It was banging.

93 til Infinity is still one of my favs.

I liked that Biz song until everybody started playing over and over again.

EPMD. Remember Rampage with LL. That was my joint.

Anything Tribe is dope to me.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Dang, I'm getting a little misty over Funky Dividends...the good ol' days...