Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring is upon us. Spring symbolizes different things.

Warm weather...

Blooming flowers...

Spring Break...

and going to the prom!

Yeah. Going to the prom is always a memorable time. Good memories...or bad memories.

Last year, I was sitting in McDonalds and I saw a kid walk in and he had a tux on. Immediately, I thought..."His night didn't go too well." LoL. I went to the prom 4 times. Three times when I was in high school and once when I was in college. The prom that I attended when I was a freshman in college was my girlfriend's senior prom.

That night was memorable...but for the wrong reason. Like most kids, the objective was to go to the prom...hang out...take pics...then head to the hotel. That was our plans, too. The night was going according to what we had planned. We took pics and then we went to the hotel. Things got very INTERESTING once we got to the hotel.

We checked into the room and got settled in. We started watching tv. The night was going well. As I was anticipating our next move, I decided that I needed to get the portable radio that I had packed in my trunk. I wanted to set the mood with some soft music. Bad move! As I go to retrieve the radio from the trunk of my car, I placed the car keys in the trunk...then I closed the trunk! I immediately realized that I had locked the keys in the trunk of the car. Damn!

I went back to the room and told my girl what happened. I'm spazzin out because I'm in a jam. I can't call a locksmith and pay for them to open my car. I can't call home and say..."Hey mom! I locked the car keys in the trunk...and I'm at a hotel with my girlfriend!" I had to think fast. I knew that there was a spare set of keys at the house but I couldn't go home to get them. After about 30 mins, I figured it out.

I knew that my lil brother could get his hands on the keys. I called our house and prayed that he'd pick up the phone before my mom did. He did! I told him that I locked the keys in the trunk. I told him to call JFresh on a 3 way conference call. JFresh was gonna be my lifeline. I knew that he was in town but I wasn't sure if he was at home. He called him and he answered. I told him that I needed him to go to my house...pick up the spare keys and bring them to me at the hotel.

"Mannnnn, whut the hell have you done??? You did what? You locked your keys in the trunk? Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

He got a big kick out of it. When he pulled into the parking lot, he had a HUGE grin on his face. Of course, I didn't think it was funny. It is now! LoL. Glad that he had my back. I was glad that my brother made it happen. And my mom never found out.

Did you have a memorable or unforgettable prom story?



Muze said...

lol. this is a cute story.

my prom was pretty uneventful, aside from my boyfriend getting waaaay too drunk and throwing up on my $400 dress.

i was pissed.

everyone teased me because i brought the 'old' guy to prom. we were all 18 and he was 21.

but he did buy all the drinks. lmao.

Otis said...

Man...mines was horrible, well ended bad. I had back out of it, didnt wanna go. then my moms really wanted me to go, so i reconsidered and went.

I borrowed a relative car for the prom. leaving the prom, this chick from school backed up and hit the car i was driving..jacked the door up. Needless to say, messed up my night.

MzInspiredMind81 said...

Our prom was from 8-12:30am. We didn't get there until 11:45pm, b/c we were busy...not 'busy' doing what you think though. We were going to everyone's house and taking pictures and riding thru Downtown in the rental that my Date's uncle rented us! LMAO

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

how could that be funny the things that happen after a trip to mickey Ds

Ra said...

I was bored @ my prom. I think I expected too much.

After party wasn't much better. Had a lot going on. Especially when my boyfriend @ the time decided to show his a$$. He grabbed my arm to pull me away from a guy I was talking to. When he wouldn't let me go, I politely kicked him square in the nuts, and dropped his dumb a$$ to the ground. I don't play that sh*t.

I went on to finish partying. He came back to apologize. He should have known better.

Keith said...

I didn't go to my prom in high school..(I may blog about it one day.) I did however go on someone else's prom when I was a Freshman in College and home for the summer.
My mom wanted me to take her girlfriend's daughter to her prom.
Of course I didn't want to do it..I was a year out of high school and beyond all of that stuff.(lolol) and I figured if her mom had to ask her friend to hook her son up with her at this late a date then the girl must have a nice personality(you know what I mean?) Wasn't the case at all..Kyle she was beautiful..Fine as wine!!! Once i saw her ,I went out and got the tux that day..and bought her flowers!! I was knocked out. Turns out, she had just broke up with her boyfriend and that's why she needed another prom date.
We went to her prom, had a great time and even exchanged numbers...
It was one of the nicest times I had with a female back then..She breifly became a "friend with benefits" She went to Hampton after that and by the time I ran into her again..I was married and with child..Still, I think of her today with fond memories.

Anonymous said...

My prom was okay. First my date was hella late so I missed taking my pictures. But I did have fun.

ShellyShell said...

I only went to my Senior Prom and barely made that. The day of our prom there's ALWAYS a sectional track meet. I spent the entire day running got home just in time to get dressed and be out! I put the damn dress on and the beyatch fell off. I hadn't tried on the dress in a few weeks. I had lost weight from all the running! My mom runs to the cleaners and gets the seamstress to come to our house to work some magic on my dress! Crisis over!
We go out to dinner with 3 other couples and go to the prom, after hit up some parties and then we came back to my parent's new house! My parents were buying a new house to downsize since I would be off to school so I had the keys and me, my bf and the other couples stayed! One of the dude's spent the entire night throwing up and saying"I want my mom!" Hilarious!

My mom told me the next day that she knew what I playing so she kept my dad away from the new house early Sunday morning! Ha! Mom's know every dayum thing!

The Jaded NYer said...

Like most of the stories from my past, those records have been sealed so I am not a liberty to discuss what went down on prom night.

But man, you're lucky you didn't call me... the jokes would have been endless! I would have even found a way to incorporate them in to your wedding toast!!! lol

Emily said...

One prom, I was getting ready that evening and the fire alarms went off. A fire broke out in our apt. complex and we all had to evacuate, curlers and all! I cried all my make-up off thinking our house was gonna burn down, but thankfully they got the fire out before it came around to our place. Finished getting ready, and went off to have a lovely time.

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwwww, that was kinda cute. Like many prom was boring as all hell, but my dress was FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

My senior prom was horrible for the following reasons:

1. My date arrived 30 min. late, so we had no time to eat dinner.

2. He brought some weed, and smoked outside, then acted like a damn fool on the dance floor.

3. He tried to get some in the car, and I hit him upside his head...he later said I abused him (wtf).

4. He left me at my friend's house, and since we were in Chattanooga, TN, the only thing open late at night was McDonalds. I had that for my prom dinner, and to make it special, my friend's boyfriend paid for it.

L. Renee' said...

OMG that is hilarious!!!!!!
Prom was pretty interesting both times I went. My junior year I went with a friend who needed a date and I really wanted to go to 90's prom. LOL
It was just a friend thing. We went to the prom and went to IHOP afterwards. LOL
My senior year I went with my then ex-H.S boyfriend only because our parents had already paid for everything and I at the immature time didn't want to show up alone. Needless to say it was an interesting night.....

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

ROFL! I don't think I can top that. I was so anti in high school that I hadn't even planned to go...although a couple of dudes asked. Well, my girlfriend caught the chicken pox, so they talked me into going with her date who was mutual friend anyway. I need to see if I can scan the pic in for toots and giggles.

The F$%K it List said...

Ha my prom story can not be told online. All I'll say my mom told me to be home by 2, I got home at 7am. And there was peach schnappes involved. hahaha

12kyle said...

@ Muze
He threw up on your dress? Ohhhh helllz no! That's wack! LoL

@ Otis
She hit your ride? Damn! That's crazy

@ MzInspiredMind81
Only 15 mins at the prom? LoL

@ rawdawgbuffalo

@ Ra
Nooooooooooooo!!! Not tha family jewelz!

@ Keith
Damn! That sounds like a good one! Lol!

You might need to blog about not going to prom

@ BorednTalkative
Nuffin worse than a dude who shows up late

@ ShellyShell
Wow! ShellyShell the track star! LoL

You're right! Mom's do know everything. Wonder if my mom knew that I was at the hotel that night? LoL

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
Mannnn, JFresh still jokes me about that to this day.

@ Emily
A fire? Dayyyyum! Glad everything worked out

@ Queen
Haaa! I'm sure that it was...

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
OMG!!!! I'm rollin!!! Not only was he high but he tried to get some in the car??? LMAO!!! Classic!

@ L. Renee'
Prom and IHOP sounds like a good night

@ CurvyGurl ♥
Do that! I wanna see pics!

@ The F$%K it List
Ohhh lawd! LoL

Angel said...

I really wish I did! We dont have Proms over here! I have always been jelous of you guys and your proms!

Stew said...

i went to prom three times, and all three times sucked.

i was like the only person with a damn curfew.