Wednesday, March 11, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

have you ever wondered why your front teeth (the top 2 and bottom 2) are only used for tearing or gnawing?

this weather is crazy...snow one week...80 degrees the next week.

it didn't take long for Terrell Owens to find another team. i guess he's just like the rest of us...allergic to the unemployment line

Mrs12 calls our 2 yr old son, Brandon, "her chocolate man". wait a minute...I thought I was her chocolate man???

Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama "to fail". Funny how these "talking heads" have changed the game. If anyone had said 4 yrs ago that they wanted Bush to fail they'd call that person "anti-American".

as much as I didn't like Bush, I never wanted him to fail. When he fails...we all fail.

to the talking heads i say had a chance to make a difference on November 4, 2008. now, you have to deal with this administration for the next 8 years.

Dwayne Wade is making a strong case for MVP

Bernie Madoff is looking at 150 yrs in jail for his scheme. Dude is 70 yrs old. Hmmm...I don't think he'll be able to serve all of his years.

I really have a hard time adjusting to daylight savings time

Kimmie Kennedy...Kimmi Kennedy...Kimmi Kennedy

Why is milk so high?

Lil Kim looks lighter than President Obama. What is she doing to her skin?

Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together and are reportedly doing a song together. Wow.

Speaking of couples, you know what I like about the marriage between Shawn Carter and Beyonce Carter...I know NOTHING about their marriage. Ain't that the way that it should be?

I think we're gonna have a HOT summer.

Frosted Flakes might be the greatest cereal of all time!


Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant the livest one...representin BK to the fullest...

Ladies...if you're gonna have your toes out...please put lotion on your feet. Fellas...if you're gonna wear a short sleeve shirt...please lotion on your elbows! Yesterday, I saw 2 of the ashiest people that I've ever seen! Take heed to the lotion PSA

Class of ' 91...we're gonna get it together...this year!

I don't understand why someone would wanna shoot and kill innocent people and THEN kill themselves. Just kill ya self and leave everybody else here!

Were you ever the "class monitor" when the teacher stepped out of the class?

My boy JFresh is about to get on twitter...the world is coming to an end.

I think...most of us have the same aspirations in a relationship...we just have a different way of reaching the plateau

Honesty may hurt...but it's necessary

Amelle Berrabah...Amelle Berrabah...Amelle Berrabah...


Anonymous said...

I love these random posts.

You were "her chocolate man" but now someone else has jacked your title. That always happens when kids come along. But I'm sure there is no greater person to lose your title to.

I hate daylight savings time. It just messes me up.

Frosted Flakes are cool, but I prefer Lucky Charms. It's a shame I can't get them here.

Ashy people kill me.

I never understood that murder-suicide thing either.

This is the first time I've noticed an English girl featured on your off da dome posts.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

as much as I didn't like Bush, I never wanted him to fail. When he fails...we all fail.

Right, Bush got grief because he kept letting us down.

Rush is just hating for the sake of hating, but he did the same thing to Bill Clinton. It's what he does.

The Jaded NYer said...

That Kimmie girl would be so much prettier w/out all that damn foundation they've caked onto her face! make-up artists and airbrushers take it too far sometimes!

Rush said that?? What the hell? So he wants this country to go to sh*t just for bragging rights? I'm done!

And excuse me, but Corn Pops could kick Frosted Flakes' butt any day of the week!!

I was thinking the same thing about my '93 brethren, except I'm almost inclined to push it to

you must've seen my daughter yesterday... that child has the driest skin ever- not 10 minutes after I smother her in cocoa butter she's already looking like Ashy Larry again! lol

Keith said...

Kyle you gonna hate me and so is a lot of other people, but I feel like Kobe Bryant is the shoo in for MVP this year... but I certainly have Dwayne Wade right up
there in the running, along with King Lebron...

@Daylight Savings time is kicking my butt too.

I love me some Frosted Flakes with some strawberries and bananas cut up on em and some milk..They're GRRRRREATTT!!!

I was ashy myself yesterday..I'm puttin on the lotion right now.lololol.

We have the same tastes in women..
You haven't had one on here yet that I haven't liked...Oh Hell,let's just admit it..We both love pretty women!!! lolol.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Rush Lumbar is an idiot, and I hate that Steele apologized to his ass...they're both fools.

Lil' Kim obviously suffers from identity issues...she looks a mess.

I was always the class monitor since I was always teacher's pet...ahhhh, the days when snitching was good.

Keith said...

"Chocolate Man" -Don't even try to fight that battle son, you will never win..lolololol

My grandson is the "man" now in my house...which is surprising, since I keep the lights on and the food on the table, but that's the way it is..He's cuter. Cute trumps money.

TravelDiva said...

I agree on Rush. Not only would you be anti-American, you'd be in line with the terrorists and placed on the watch list. (See Dixie Chicks)

Charece said...

LOL u r so silly!

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you pointed out ..."IF YO HAVE YOUR TOES OUT"...cos I dont lotion them unless my feet are out. Hell thats a waste of lotion, if no ones gonna see

Secondly, hell yea I monitored for my you think I graduated from school...I was the snitch, and the bully so I got away with telling everything..haha

Angel said...

Yeah!!! Kill yourself and leave others alone, I just dont see the point of it.

The weather is mad here too! I wonder what is going on. I hope we also have a hot summer!

Stew said...

i do not know who any of the chicks are