Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off tha Dome

random thoughts...

Still in Minneapolis. It's cool. I like it. I miss my wife and kids, tho.

Strange weather here...65 degrees one day...snow on the next day

I'm not a fan of reality tv but I watch the Apprentice. They did my girl Claudia Jordan wrong! It's ok. C'mon and work for me Claudia.

I wonder how sideline reporters interview dudes at halftime or after the game. You KNOW those dudes breath/body stink!

Women are... (you fill in the blanks) lol

I heard a dude say on tv that President Obama was "doing too much." Huh? I don't even think that's possible

I shutter to think about where we'd be if McShame was runnin tha show

My brackets are looking good! What about yours?

My single boys tell me this all the time..."Women who are drop dead fine...are crazy." I can dig that

I've been very impressed with the show that T.I had on MTV.

Dude...don't talk to me when we're standing and using the bathroom. Find a spot on the wall...look at it...and shudditup!

Happy Burfday to Keith and Otis! Pop bottles, fellas

I saw 2 bums here in Minneapolis who were playing the harmonica and drums. I like that. Musical bums

Thanks to the ladies who shared their personal testimonies on the post about domestic violence. 'Preciate that

I dunno about y'all...but I don't do the ass kissin at work. That's just not me.

If I was a female, I'd wanna date me. No lie

Ever wonder why men (myself included) will watch a game for 2-3 hrs and then watch the highlights of the game for another hour. I's not like the highlights are gonna show something that we DIDN'T see!

Memo to the fellas...if your woman gets her hair done on aint gettin none for a few days

Memo to the ladies...if you can't cook...shame on you!

What's so special about Coach or Prada bags? Please explain! It's a bag. Sheez!

I am an Ocean

As long as you have air in your lungs and the blood is flowing through your veins, you're ok

Last but not least...Happy Burfday (again) to my #1 fan. I bought Mrs12 some flowers and surprised her at work. I was glad that I was able to pull it off b/c she's very nosy and it's almost impossible to surprise her. Glad you enjoyed it. Thirty....sumthin. LoL. Love u!



eclectik said...

Tell Prince and Kirby Puckett I said what's up

I'm down with the show after Claudia.

Women are almost better than football.

Women who are drop dead fine aren't interested in me

I almost deleted you out of my bookmarks for watching a T.I Show

I'd do that kissin ass at work...if she let me

Coach bags are hot, the leather is better and the hardware is heavy


Angel said...

Yes what is that about?

Watching football for hours and then the highlights?

I have always wondered what was going on.

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm not a label whore, but some of the Coach bags are just beautifully crafted, like a leathery piece of art. I've yet to see a Prada ANYTHING that was worth my money so I can't help you there. For the most part, though- they're just s status symbol, like a fancy car and whatnot

Claudia Jordan... was she the Black chick? Oh well... I was kinda rooting for her but these Alpha females on the show (Joan Rivers & that poker lady) were never gonna let it happen!

12kyle said...

@ e
I've been lookin for Prince since I got here. I heard he's in Vegas. I'm just tryna get on stage a rock with him. LoL. Unfortunately, I won't see Kirby Puckett b/c he died a few years ago. Great player. They loved him here in 'Sota. Suprisingly, there are bruthas and sistas here...just not as many as there are in the A. LoL

They did Claudia dirty on that show. Now, the eye candy is gone. *sigh*

LMAO @ u! I like T.I and I thought they tried to show him in a positive light. It's funny...T.I is about to do a year in jail for buying an arsenal of guns that would take out a Third World country. And Mike Vick did 2 yrs in jail for fighting dogs.

I feel you on the Coach bags. Wifey has a few. I still don't understand the fuss about em. LoL

@ Angel
It's a strange phenomenon. I really can't explain it. I do it ALL the time! LoL

@ Jaded Santana
A crafted piece of art? Hmmmm. Maybe I need to take a tour of a Coach store and see what the deal is.

Joan Rivers looks a mess! Her nose looks like Mike Jackson's nose. I've never found her to be funny. She doesn't serve any purpose on that show.

Otis said...

thanks man for the bday love...its really going down on facebook!! lol

eclectik said...

I wish I could do random like you...look at all the love you get.

Mannnn Anything T.I. makes me want to jump out a window he';s the essence of annoying.

12kyle said...

@ Otis
No prob!

@ e
Mannn, I wish I could write half the stuff that you write. I can do this off tha dome stuff once...maybe twice a week. You do it every day! Maaaad props!

Btw...I'm STILL buggin off Dime Lines. D-O-P-E!

The Dreamy One said...

Wow so much I have missed since I have been gone lol! I see u are still doing ur thing huh!

Happy belated BD to Mrs Kyle!!

Yeah pretty girls are normally throwed but that doesn't stop the men from persuing!

Obama haters need to sit down somewhere!


Just stopping by, I know its been a while! Ill post soon though!

Just Jasmine said...

LOng time...

I too don't see the big deal about coach bags i'd rather spend that money on my shoes. I'll buy a kathy bag anyday.

Didn't start the bracket yet but i'll support yours.

Women are the bestest

I don't do ass kissing at work either, shoot make your own damn copies.

and happy belated bday to the misses. No fret, she prolly makes 30 something look fashionable.

xcentricgem said...

Weather ... changes like that make it hard to dress accordingly ... sounds like where I need to be .. Reason to shop

I'm addicted to reality tv ... CNN; CNBC; etc ... Reality TV

I would expect someone to say Pres. Obama is doing to much ... think about it ... previously most presidents have done nothing ... Of course you'd think he was doing too much ... Here you have a president that is calling for transparency; he is changing some key business practices .. for example, Blue Cross and Blue Shield has agreed to stop charging 'sicker' individuals higher premiums because they don't want the competition of a government funded insurance program; Bank of American in Charlotte, NC has suggested that they expect to pay back all bailout funds received by the end of 2010 ... why the rush? ... Financial institutions DO NOT WANT TRANSPARENCY ... 'Let people know the truth about unfair business practices' ... The ones that are stating that he is doing to much are either those that stand to lose the 'fringe benefits' that they have acquired ... or those that are oblivious to what's really going on ... Bless his heart.

If McShame were running the show ... Middle class taxes would increase while the top 5% would get a greater cut ... We would be in war until 'victory' which no one has yet to state what 'victory' is ... and he would be embarrassed because by now Sarah Palin would have spoken ...

No Ass kissin' anywhere!

If you could explain the significance of a coach or prada bag ... there would be issues...I've got a cousin that I could ask ... he'll know.

What is the new American dream? Things just aren't the same.

I'm glad that you were able to surprise the Mrs.'s ... Surely that made the day great for the both of you ...

Tha L said...

Dammit Kyle, stop calling people bums! OK, now that I'm done yelling at you...

Coach, Prada, all those designer bags are bullshit. Seriously, I'd rather spend my money at home depot.

Happy Burfday to Mrs12!!! Good job on the surprise.

ShellyShell said...

My dad went to the Univ of Minnesota! Why I have NO idea especially since he's from Alabama!

I haven't watched any of the Apprentice this season but I want to! What happened with Dennis Rodman?

I always wondered how the sideline reporters spoke to the players. I know they smell like hot azz!

Women are beautiful,strong,sexy and resilient!

I'm so tired of people saying that he's doing too much. People complained that he filled out a bracket. I would worry if he had NO outlet! He was speaking about education and healthcare and people said he should worry about the economy. Hmm being the President means you have MANY issues at hand and not just this effed up economy. People will always have something to complain about! Did you hear that lady say that ish about Michelle?

I'm doing pretty good in my pools. As long as UNC takes it all that's all that matters!!!

The Teacher tells me all the time that pretty women are crazy..then he side eyes!

I haven't watched the TI show. Have you ever watched Keysha Cole? I have to send you this clip of her mom acting a monkey azz fool!

Come to NYC you will see a bunch of bums that play instruments!

I don't kiss azz either. Maybe I should!

I too will watch the entire game then watch the highlights on! Especially if it's my team...UNC!! It's not just a dude thing!

You might get some if the hair was done on Saturday. You're just not going to get the hot sweaty!

I think women AND MEN should know how to cook. I hate meeting a man and he tells me his mom always cooked and did his laundry. Shame on that mom for not preparing her son! My brother's can throw down better than some women I know. I think women should know how to do certain things that are considered manly! Before I went off to college my dad made sure I knew how to change a tire. Yeah I have AAA but you never know where you are or how long it will take for AAA to get there. I can hang pictures with a level and put shyt together.

I hate Coach bags. I think their quality has gone down over the years. I don't like shyt with the logos ALL over the bag except my favorite Louis Vuitton! I personally am a big Michael Kors fan and Gucci but I refuse to pay more than $350 for a bag again!

Happy Birthday, Mrs12!

Miss Mika said...

Hi big brother!!! Long time no see!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Mrs. CBW. What you did was very sweet and it is always nice to see men do gestures like this.

*shuddering at the thought of McCain and Palin being in office right now*

Gosh, that is a scary thought!

What bracket? I need to get caught up?

Coach bags are the business!!! I totally agree with Jaded as far as the quality of the bag. The high quality makes it so that it will last you for a long time so in my frame of thinking... you get your money's worth. Purses are an accessory and just like you would spend a pretty penny for a nice watch or a nice necklace, we ladies invest a pretty penny in a nice purse. They are investments!!

I have wondered the same thing @ wathing a game and then watching the highlights of the game. Or watching ESPN all day when a few of the same programs come on more than once. Help me understand!!!

12kyle said...

@ Dreamy
Heyyyy! Where have YOU been? Good to see you back!

Yeah...I'm in Minneapolis training for work.

Haters will be haters. They are gonna have to deal with it

@ Just Jasmine
LoL! No new Coach but new shoes for you? LoL. I hear ya.

I feel you. I'm not about to kiss ass just to get ahead

Mrs12 constantly reminds me that I'm older than her! LoL

@ xcentricgem
Great point! I guess it would appear that he's doing too much if you've always seen dudes who've done nothing!

I can only imagine Sarah pale-lynn during a press conference trying to explain the relevance of energy in Alaska

I was happy that I was able to surprise her. That is VERY difficult to do. LoL

@ L
You know me...I call it like I see it. If they are bums...then they are bums. Lmao!!!

Home Depot! That's what I'm talkin bout!

@ ShellyShell
Rodman is still on the show. I dunno why...he does nuffin!

I won't say that players smell like hot ass! LoL. But I know that if you've been running for hours...odds are likely that your breath won't smell like roses when you're done.

Teacher is right. You show me a model and I'll show you a chick who's looney!

@ Mika
Heyyy! It's been a minute! I try to do nice stuff. Gotta stay outta the doghouse...ya know. LoL

Maybe one day I'll understand why y'all need accessoriesto go with your outfit or hair. LoL. Maybe!

I really can't explain why we do that. I really can't. Maybe we wanna verify what we JUST saw and relive it again? LoL

Keith said...

Thanks For The Birthday shout out
bruh..and a happy birthday to your wife too.

I've never been good at the azz kissin at work thang..but like shelly shell said..maybe I should start.(smile..)

My wife always asks me why I watch Sportscenter right after a Football or Basketball game. I tell her, I like to hear what they
have to say about the game. She'll go..."But you just saw it." I tell her it's a man thing.

Show me a woman that doesn't love a
Coach Bag or a Fendi..I haven't met
one yet!!

If you do run into Prince, tell him I said "What's Up"-lolol.

Come to Philly, we have more bums that play instruments and sing too that never got signed to a recording contract! They are all
down in the subway entertaining us.

When the hair is done...Ya gets none...Don't you know that?? I hate
the hairdresser!!

PrettyBlack said...

Half these chicks aint rockin' real Coach man! Haha happy bday mrs 12 aint nuthin' wrong with 30 sumthin'
Ummm what else did you say oh yeah I get my hair done and I'm ready to fuck it up instantly
Ummm what else did you say? Damn anyway
Musical bums I'm weak. Did you see how Obama walked off after his press conference? Only thing he didn't do was drop the mic on them bitches like what!

12kyle said...

@ Keith
Nooo prob!

It is a man thing. I don't know any other way to describe it. LoL

I think I'm used to the bums who aren't musically inclined. The ATL bums need to step their game up

@ PrettyBlack
Lmao @ u!!! You are sooo stooopid! Thanks for comin thru

I day...President Obama is gonna slam the mic and make sure it's broke! LoL

eclectik said...

Alls I know is you keep 17-20 comments every day...I struggle to get 5


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Prince is in Vegas? Where?!?!?!

Halftime reporters get paid the big bucks for a reason, lol!

I HATE office politics.

Ummm...I watch the game and then watch the highlights. Man, I need to find someone who appreciates that.

Can't help you on the designer bags. The only two I have were gifts. Not spending my hard earned money on a bag that will tear up in a few years.

I think e is just phishing for compliments, he knows his writing is fire.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Oh yeah...I'm not one of those women who don't want my man to touch my hair.

In fact...Ummm, never mind :)

12kyle said...

@ e
Mannn, you have a WORLD over there. I've just got a blog. LoL! The discussion rooms over there are off the chain!

Like I come up with this stuff daily. I couldn't do it. Real talk. That's why I fugz wit cha!

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
It is refreshing to hear that women like y'all wil watch the highlights after watching the game. I thought WE were the only ones who did that. LoL

e is dope! Can't front on that dude. I'm pretty sure that he has a gazillion people who read but don't comment. Personally, I think we are all dope writers! Everybody can't do what all of us bloggers do!

Darius T. Williams said...

Wait - you're still in MN - damn!

Mizrepresent said...

What's up 12kyle...just wanted to say hello. Coach bags are nice!

And there is such a term as "pretty crazy"!

JACK said...

I hardly ever come visit, but here I'm is today. Re: talking while at the urinal ... PLEASE. STOP! I'm concentrating here.

and OMG - LMAO @ musical bums. I'm going to use that phrase like I made it up ... just so you know.

Random posts are fun.