Thursday, March 1, 2012

very superstitious

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall,
Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall,
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past.

When you believe in things that you don't understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain't the way
- Stevie Wonder

Things happen.

There's a reason why things happen.

Are we victims of circumstance?

As Stevie said...we SHOULD NOT believe in things that we don't understand. I do. But then I don't. Hell, I don't know. I am a degree. I believe in things. I believe in NOT doing some things. Sometimes these beliefs come from something that went RIGHT or WRONG at some point in time in my life. Is there any scientific proof that there is a link between these things? No. But here are a few of mine...

1. DON'T play a game without your left wrist being taped - I sprained my wrist in a football game vs Timmonsville when I was a junior in high school. I played my ENTIRE senior year with my left wrist being taped before every game despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with my wrist

2. When putting gas in your car, the final amount ALWAYS has to be divisible by 5 - I do this EVERY time that I put gas in my car. I started this when I was in college. Not sure why. But I can't put $32.37 in my car. It would be $32.50 or $32.80.

3. When I'm in a restaurant, ALWAYS sit facing the door - gotta see who's coming in and who's leaving

4. Baseball...NEVER step on the white lines because it's bad luck. (I heard this and never questioned it...LOL)

5. DON'T have sex when it's a full moon because you have a good chance of getting pregnant - I heard this when I was in college. I don't know if you could ever prove this. I will say that this superstition never stopped me but I was always mindful of it. At least...for a little while. LOL

6. NEVER answer the phone on the first ring - I could have the phone in my hand and I'll still let it ring twice.

7. NEVER listen to Mobb Deep in my car - the last time that I was listening to Mobb Deep in the car I hydroplaned on Interstate 85, crashed my car, and almost ended up in the south bound lanes despite the fact that I was headed north. Now, the crash probably had more to do with me driving 70mph when it was raining cats and dogs than it did Mobb Deep. I walked away without a scratch. But Mobb Deep gets "no play up in my ride!"

8. NEVER eat leftovers after 2 days because you'll get sick - I don't care if it's Thanksgiving turkey! You've got 2 days to eat it.

I have a few others but I'll stop here. I could care less about walking under a ladder or letting a black cat cross my path. LOL

Some people are superstitious

I'm not.


Tee Reese said...

I can relate a few of these... but I'm getting my grub on some good leftovers beyond the 2 day limit you set fo' yo'self.. LMBO!

One superstition that cross my mind but it don't stop me is the splitting of a pole when walking with someone.

When I was in the prime of my running... One year at the biggest meet in the US every year the Annual Penn Relays where Bill Cosby is present every year. I had a meal before the day before my race and ran my best at Penns... every year after that, I had to have the same dinner.. From Boston Market - quarter white, green beans, mac'o'roni and cheese. By the way it was the first time I had it to when in Philly.

I can remember wearing a shoe I ran my personal best in during college that started to rip and Nike stopped making the shoe... I wore the show the entire year.. even at the NCAA championships. The shoes were held together with the white athletic tape used to wrap ankles. I kept on rolling in those shoes until the tape couldn't keep it together going into the new year. LOL!

Like you, I'm not superstitions... Myself, I just did what kept this mind of mine at peace. LOL!

Good post!

ShellyShell said...

I'm semi superstitious.
I too have to have my gas divisible by .5. I try to stop on the exact dollar but it rarely works.
Ok here goes:
If someone is sweeping and the broom hits my foot. I IMMEADIATELY grab the broom and spit on it. Don't know what it means but I know it's bad. Saw my mom do it when I was four and it has stuck(hell she's from Louisiana they have all types of superstitions) LOL!

When I ran track before I ran the 200. I had to put my walkman on(LMAO) and go to the back stretch and be alone and blast Prince or NWA, mostly Prince!

When I had a big race on Saturdays(every Sat) I would drink at least two beers on Friday. I ran my ass off when I did that and it led to numerous records!

When I fly I ALWAYS pray for the Pilot.

When I toast. I ALWAYS look everyone in the eye. I heard if you don't look everyone you toast with in the eye it will be bad sex for 7 years! I'm not married I can't afford that! LOL!

Ok. I'll stop there. You'll think I'm crazier than I really am! LOL!

Oh and the full moon thing. I always heard sex it the BOMB on full moons. Nothing about fertilizing a!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Good Post! Yours are funny. I do the don't split the pole or it's bad luck. I don't like cats and black ones especially.

I pretty much pray before all travel and bless the house to stay safe That's about it.

don said...

Good ones.

I've also refused to sit with my back to a door or window, based upon the fact that my grandmother always advised against.

Black cats - I used to care less, but learned to turn around whenever one crosses my path.

I didn't have but one superstition while playing high school basketball - I'd always walk onto the court before pre-game and walk around and examine the floor. Weird, I know.

People kicking the back of my shoe, someone mistakenly sweeping my shoe, splitting poles while walking are a few others.