Thursday, June 16, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Weiner sent meat pics on twitter and didn't think it'd get out?? c'mon son! twitter ain't private

the new NaS song (Nasty...) is givin me life

if you're ordering you leave a tip? i don't

#1 in your program...#1 in your heart

summer is definitely here. it's been in the low to mid 90s for the past 2 weeks

just found out Nia Long is pregnant...but it's not my baby. *sigh*

am i the only one who hates to wash clothes?

ladies...please lotion your feet before you leave the house. if you need help, ask your man

fellas...stop fronting for the ladies. be who you are. women don't like phony dudes

15 facebook status updates in an hour is a bit much. maybe you should be on twitter

speaking of facebook, what's up with the names..."rahmel "igotmyswagback" jackson. wtf?

please stop reporting that the NFL players and owners are meeting in hopes of getting a deal done...lemme know when it's done!

Miami Heat lost. Y'all happy now?

speaking of the NBA Finals, did anybody see Bosh fall out after the game like he was at a funeral? can't knock a man for crying but do that in the locker room or at the crib

people say they are happy that Jason Kidd won a ring. guess they forgot that Kidd is the dude who slammed his wife into the wall and broke her ribs a few yrs ago. don't get it twisted, great player but he's got some of that Ike Turner in him.

so Vancouver loses the Stanley Cup and their fans riot in the street...but THIS dude gets busy in the street

the other day i was at a store and a bum was trying to buy a Dutch cigar but was 50 cents short. i gave him 50 cents. we both walk outside and he said..."thank you bruthaman. can you buy me a Little Debbie cake, too?"

it was funny to hear Jason Terry "give all the praise and credit to God" after winning the NBA Finals. this is the same dude who was throwing up Crip gang signs during the game. i didn't know God supported gang banging from a "suburban gangster"

hey Eddie Long...25M is a lotta loot to pay for a man who is "innocent"

anybody seen D'Angelo lately? we need a new album

breaking news...Lauryn Hill is pregnant. In other breaking news...water is wet

bria myles...with clothes


Tee Reese said...

Good stuff!

Didn't pay attention to the Bosh breakdown... can't believe I missed that! LMBO!

Depends on how the carryout order was taken and where.. tip

I hate the folding of washed and dried clothes.

Nia Long, smh!

I concur, NFL let me know when a deal is done.

Loving that summer is in full effect... let it Shine down on me!

too old to be putting up a front, as Mary J Blige sing it... take me as I am.

Nas = NASty is off the chain.. love it when he flows effortlessly.

After that comment about Jason Kidd.. I'm elated that I've been happy to see Dirk do the darn thing. He's been one true baller at 7 feet!!! The range on that dude!

Facebook like twitter... lmbo! Btw, I can only take a few people tweeting a lot/ randomness because they have something of substance from time to time... but then there are those.. HUH!?!... I've booted a few and obviously hurt some feelings. They then removed me on facebook.. Too funny. It's not that serious so I thought

Throwing in my own random thought... I'm so much of a track fan.. I've contemplated getting standard cable back ($74 or more a month) so I can watch one night of the USA Track and Field/ Team trials for World Championships on ESPN 2, the other two nights its on channels I have. Universal Sports/ NBC. Shaking my head@ ME!

I've been enjoying the extra money of not paying for TV I don't watch. But man! I don't want to miss the track and field action.

LadyLee said...

you and your random thinking... GO MAVS!