Friday, December 24, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Vince Carter aint been the same since he was in the dunk contest and put his elbow in the rim

Mike Vick is the MVP of the NFL this year in my opinion

remind me to take the week of Christmas off next year. it's always boring at work this time of year

2010 came and went like that! *snaps finger*

i never make new year's resolutions. i just wanna be a better me. if i'm better...i'm a better father, husband, son, brother, friend, etc.

everytime i watch Entourage, I wanna move to Los Angeles.

one of the best Christmas' I ever had was the one that I spent with my wife and her family in Los Angeles when were dating. I wonder if her parents knew that I was gonna marry their daughter

i wonder who our oldest son, Deion, will bring home?

conversation with Kameron...

Me : Kameron, did you take a shower?

Kameron : Yes, Daddy

Me : Did you wash?

Kameron : Yes

Me : With soap???

Kameron : Yes

record labels aren't concerned with cultivating artists and their careers. they just wanna make the next hit

facebook consists of a lotta people who you went to school with but you barely even know right now. twitter consists of a lotta people who you didn't go to school with but wish you did because you feel like you've known em for all your life.

it's hard to shop for women

#shoutout2 former blogger PrettyBlack...good spoken word piece rite here. She's So Damn Cali

if you want more out of your life...put more into it!

don't make new yrs resolutions when you KNOW you aint gonna keep em.

5 to 6 hrs of sleep is enough for me. if i slept 8-10 hrs, i'd be miserable

i'll destroy a box of Captain Crunch with no regard for the roof of my mouth

ladies...a man won't treat you like a lady if you don't carry yourself as a lady.

fellas...step up to the plate and be a every phase of the word

funny how some black churches will say "come as you are" but if i showed up dressed like i was going to a Wu-Tang concert, they'd look at me strange

speaking of church, Eddie Long (aka Sex Ed) is gonna settle the lawsuits. he don't wanna see the truth play out in court

Kerry Washington...Kerry Washington...Kerry Washington


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Dione said...

Good ones KD!