Friday, December 10, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

thank you for all of the birthday wishes yesterday. i appreciate all of you! thanks for the luv

hey Prez O...we didn't put you in office to have gas prices at $3 for Christmas. c'mon son! holla at dem people!

they caught the dude from wikileaks in the UK. maybe now they can catch Bin Laden. he runs a bodega on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn.

Elizabeth Edwards (RIP)

12 Radio on Wednesday nights...appointment radio!

i hate when people speak in their language in front of you when they can speak English. it makes me think they MITE be talkin bout me

if you order take you tip the person who brings you the order?

#stupidstuffwedidinhighschool Go to McDonald's. Go to the drive thru. Place an order for $75 of food...then drive off without paying or taking the food

Brett Favre...go sit down

i don't think people will ever REALLY appreciate Prince until he's dead an gone...

some women can't keep a man. that's not hatin''s the truth

some men won't ever be ready for a serious relationship because they are just too damn immature. that's not hatin''s the truth

even though we've been together for nearly 10 yrs...i hate Sprint

the mere mention of snow bothers me

i heard Justin Beiber bought a 2 million dollar Bugati. can he even spell the word Bugati?

psa...don't be the one who gets drunk at the office Christmas party

have you ever noticed how black churches will tell you to "come as you are." but if you showed up in flip flops and shorts...they'd be lookin at you like you were crazy

what was the best Christmas gift that you ever got? for me...Atari 2600

Suge Knight...went from top 10 to not menitioned at all

do you remember Fraggle Rock? that show used to scare me

i like Chistmas but I think Thanksgiving is much better

I want a girl with extensions in her hair...bamboo least 2 pair

dvr's will change the way thtat you watch tv

the one year that i got the flu shot...i got the flu

Birthdayshoutout 2 the best 4 yr old in the world!!!! Happy Birthday Brandon! Daddy loves you!



eclectik said...

Ah Ha you're old

Is it wrong when someone mentions the Prez I think about his wife?

Never tip those guys

WHY witht he McD's drive off? lol

You are right, because Prince > MJ

I loved sprint, if they had the iphone Id still be with them

I rocked a 2600 with a B/W TV!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I was just in the nail shop yesterday when they started speaking their language. One woman who was getting her nails done told them to please talk in English because she knows they are talking about her. I laughed so hard. They have that bad doing that in the nail shop. They can be talking to you in English and 5 seconds later they are talking in their language.

I usually tip the pizza guy about $2.

#stupidstuffwedidincollege Call the pizza place and order about 7 pizzas and tell them it's for a random person. Then we will sit in the lobby so we can see when the pizza delivery guy comes and call up to someone's room to come get their pizza.

I've been with Sprint just as long. As much as their customer service sucks, I'm not going anywhere because if I have a problem I always get my way by saying "I have been with you guys for 10 yrs. I've had the same number and everything and this is how yall are going to treat me". Works everytime!