Wednesday, July 22, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

They say it's better to have lost love than to have never loved at all. hurts! LoL

Can we get tha gas prices back down to $1.50?

I have like 600 channels on Directv but I only watch 10 of em.

A relationship is about being committed to the committment

We miss you Mike. I'ma moonwalk tonight JUST for you.

Life can be easy at times...but WE make it complicated.

Memo to Prez on that pitching, bruh. That pitch that you threw the other night at the All Star Game was WEAK.

Don't you just hate those folk that come around only when they want something?

Speaking of Prez O...I was in DC over the weekend with the fam. I tried to hit him up on Blackberry Messenger but no dice. Hey Prez O...send me your PIN, fam. We need to catch up.

Much thanks to Russ and LRenee for a great weekend. Gotta do it again...soon!
#7 is back on them streetz! Will/should the NFL Commissioner let him back in the League? Whut do U think?
I don't care how fine the fellas say Toya and Tiny's bodies are...I'm not watching their show. BET gets no love from me
Memo to Sprint...if this new phone don't work...I'm done with y'all. The iphone is only a click away.
Is it REALLY hard to date in 2009?
I think I'm gonna do a week of posts about relationships. Whut do u think?
I want some strawberry ice cream
Nuff respect to Skip Gates. I'm glad that you handled the racial profiling from the police with class. This incident show how far we STILL have to go when it concerns race relations.


The Jaded NYer said...

Is it REALLY hard to date in 2009? hon, you're married... you don't know what's it like out here and I pray you never have to find out

I think I'm gonna do a week of posts about relationships. Whut do u think? only if you're gonna direct it at married people. you're my boy but there's NOTHING more annoying than getting relationship advice from someone who's all happy n sh*t

my bad... my bitter is showing... let me leave quietly so as not to disturb the other passengers...

12kyle said...

LMAO!!! You are officially crazayy!

You know I'm the LAST dude to give anybody advice about relationships. I wanna solicit some opinions from men and women about the difficulties that they face with others.

Who knows...I may need your modest opinion. LoL

Kingsmomma said...

LMAO @ the Jaded NYER but i concur. How the hell you gon schoool us? how long have you been married? The rules have changed homie.....

umm yeah on that Skip Gates thing...

your family is beautiful

The F$%K it List said...

I LOL when you said don't you hate people who come around only when they want something, and there was the picture of the babies Hahaha.

Idont see what the big deal is Let Vick play! He did his time he's not a threat to people just animals hahah

Yeah President Obama, my three year old can pitch better than that.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

It's not hard to date...just a lack of good selections. I think it also depends on your location, how you come off, etc., etc. I do think technology has made it harder to date...for instance, sending me a text asking me out on a date is a NO, NO!!!!

I would like to read a week's worth of relationship posts...I would like to read a week worth of posts period (Kyle, you're slippin').

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Dating is like the rest of life...all about choices.

Gas at $1.50? I nearly jumped up and down when it got to $2.21!

Was trying to send a text on my counsin's iPhone and almost threw it...those keys need to be larger.

ShellyShell said...

@Kay C I wish gas was $2.21 in NYC I paid $2.79 on Saturday...beyatches.

I miss Mike too! I bump a MJ track everyday!

"Life can be easy but WE make it complicated." I COMPLETELY AGREE!!

Yeah his pitching needed some help! I think he just wanted to make sure it got to the!

Dating in 2009! Bleck! But I've been going back and forth with the Teacher for the past 26 months so I have NO words!

Skip handled himself muche better than I ever would have! I probably would have been locked up for assault!

12kyle said...

@ Kingsmomma
Mannn, I can't school y'all. Maybe y'all can add some insight to help me as I talk to my single peeps who are looking.

Thanks! The kids were off the chain but they had a great time in DC

@ The F$%K it List
Lmao! I just noticed that. Well, I wasn't talkin about my kids or LRenee's kids. U r funny!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
A date text? Wow! That's the second time that I heard that a dude did this. That's about as lame as u can get!

Lmao!!! That is funny. I'ma try. Things are even crazier now that I'm coaching Kameron's football team. I've got like 10 blog my head right now. LoL

@ Kay C
Soooo true. Just gotta make the right choices. Even when we mess up, don't be afraid to try again.

If gas could get unda $2 again...I'd be happy!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

#7 is back on them streetz! Will/should the NFL Commissioner let him back in the League? Whut do U think?

Let that dude play. He's paid his debt to society. It's time for him to live again.

I don't care how fine the fellas say Toya and Tiny's bodies are...I'm not watching their show. BET gets no love from me

I gotta admit, I watched it once. It was interesting. Tiny is ugly to me though, banging body or not.

Keith said...

I sure wish gas was $1.50 again...
One anything, for that matter.

Yeah, I got a couple of partners who I don't hear from until Friday Night when it's time to hang out and they're broke..("Yo man,can you let go of a couple a dollahs..?")
It's gettin old fellas.

I miss Mike too! I got "Off The Wall", "Thriller", "Bad", "Dangerous" and "Invincible" playing in heavy rotation along with The J5's
Greatest hits..

Let Mike Vick Play...He's paid his debt to society.

Kyle, I been married twenty years..
This dating game has changed so much out here..that if I was suddenly single again..I wouldn't know what to do...From what I hear from my female co-workers and single friends's treacherous!

By all means, do a week's worth of posts on relationships..I might take a week off from blogging and just read the 12th Planet!

Tiny don't do much for me..However,
Toya is the business...Oh alright,
I admit it...I watched the show once...but only once!

Charles said...

Monica definitely is that deal!! She fell off for a min, but shes back.

Dating is definitely hard man...almost too hard...

Miss Mika said...

LOL @ The Jaded NYer's comment on dating in 2009. I agree with her though, its a totally different ball game out there. It sure isn't like it used to be.


The iPhone is the BIZNESS!! I love mine. Yes, it did take some adjusting getting used to the size of the digital keypad buttons, but that darn phone does it all! I just bought tickets to Disneyland this morning on it! I don't think you will be disappointed at all.

You know its a darn shame when you work for one wireless provider and have service with another... HA!

Let Vick play. Just keep him away from animals and any animal mascots.

Gas has actually gone down here 10 whole cents... from $2.99 to $2.89. Woowhoo! Seeing gas under $2.00 again would be lovely. Maybe at the end of summer we will see it around there.

You've got my vote for a relationship week blog. It is always nice to see an unbiased male perspective.

Anonymous said...

you were in DC and you didnt hit me up....WHAT THE &%&%&^.

btw love does hurt
and I only watch 2 of mine...( channels that is)

Smarty Jones said...

Love sucks big hairy monkey balls!

I'd take gas at 1.99.

I only watch 10 or 12 of my cable channels. They should let you build your own package like they do omlettes at IHOP.

What's with all the relationshit talk? I'm done with 'em. Eff 'em!

POTUS isn't into baseball, so he gets a pass.

I don't get folks coming around me when they want stuff anymore. It's probably because I scream at 'em like Mooky from "Do the Right Thing," "Hell No!"

Is it hard to date in 2009? Kyle, slap yo' self for that! Dating now is even more awkward than it was in high school.

Relationship posts every week? BLECH
I don't wanna hear about relationshts from anywhere right now.

dessex said...

Get the iPhone pimp it was worth it.

Monica is dope

And the middle finger to BET

Angel said...

Love does suck.

I want Ice Cream too!!

The photo of the kids is cute

So is Monica! I didn’t realise she was so pretty!

Mizrepresent said...

Dating in 2009 is quite interesting and challenging, but i now believe it can work as long as you don't get your hope up to high.

I would love to hear your post on relationships...need some material? lol

The family is so cute!

Dione said...

Ohhhh lawd help us if 12Kyle gets the iPhone. First you got rid of the clunky CD player and now this. Dude, you're moving too fast! (JK)

Yep dating is hard because it seems like some of these cats have lost the art of communication. It amazes me some of the lines they come up with and actually let come out of their mouths. :-(

Do a week of relationship posts but to me it's like chasing the weight problem. It just keeps revolving in a never ending circle until somebody makes a real drastic change.

LMAO at you trying to get through Obama's Blackberry...

Dione said...

Hello? Hello? Checking for a post :-) Oh yeah, I started looking at iphones today. On the real, prolly have in hand by next Friday!