Friday, February 6, 2015

off tha dome

random thoughts...

have you ever listened to a Michael Jackson song...then it hit you...he's dead. I just had a moment

why don't we see more professional athletes with agents who are women?

I think there has been a movement to bring back the "extra long eyelashes" look. I wish it'd leave. It doesn't look good

remember when movies like Above the Rim and New Jack City came out and they had dope soundtracks. I miss the days of movie soundtracks

to the the the the right...

Brian Williams said he "mis-remembered" about being in an aircraft that was shot at...but it wasn't. I'd like to think if you've ever been shot'd DEFINITELY remember it.

can we move Black History Month to July? I think it's a better fit

let me see you TOOTSIE ROLL

the decision to throw the ball from the one yard in the Super Bowl by coach Pete Carroll far...the dumbest decision I've ever seen

guess who dropped their phone down the steps at their house after the Super Bowl...

if your friend is going through a struggle...and it doesn't bother you to see them struggle...then you're probably not their friend.

this measles outbreak is crazy.

"silence is golden but duct tape is silver."

I spend a lot of time watching The Food Network

speaking of tv, I've DVR'd every episode of Empire. I just can't bring myself to watch it

my girlfriend is gone :(

my favorite snack is popcorn. i could eat popcorn for dinner if you let me.

speaking of snacks, i've never been a fan of Twizzlers but I have a friend who LOVES them. I'm not gonna call her out because I know she's reading this. LOL. But I wonder when is the last time she's had a bag.

do you think lab rats get upset about being tested on?

The Atlanta favorite basketball team...are one of the best teams in the NBA and they have a shot at winning the NBA title. Let that marinate for a second...

Skyler's been talking about dogs ever since she played with my boy Zell's dog. I ain't getting a dog

i was reminded the other day of when I was in college and I was introduced to this thing called electronic mail. Scared the hell out of me.

I wrote letters in college. No such thing as cell phones, emails, or making long distance phone calls. You'd better pick up a pen and a pad

Mitt Romney announced he's not running for president. I am very, very, very sad about that

creativity should never be forced

LADIES...a dope set of earrings can really compliment your facial features

FELLAS...every man should have a nice watch that compliments your clothes

Is there a better late show host than Jimmy Fallon??

check me out on Dead End Sports (Tuesday nights from 9p-11p est) and the 12 Radio Show (Wednesday nights 9p-11p)

i'm giving Brian Williams a pass. I'm a fan

the NFL season is over and NFL players are about to start getting in trouble in 5...4...3...2...1

remember that snot nosed kid who sat beside you in 3rd grade? what happened to them?

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