Thursday, December 11, 2014

my top 10 video games of all time

We were having a discussion the other day on twitter. My boy, Beezy, mentioned some games that he'd put in his top 10 of video games.

It got me to thinking about what would be my personal top 10.

here's my list...

10. Coach K Basketball - Long before Ed O'Bannon sued the NCAA, this game was dope because it didn't have the players names but you KNEW who the players were. You could take that '90 UNLV squad and play against Michigan's Fab 5 from '91.

I remember I drove from Atlanta to Florida to visit my boy, Moe. We played this game all weekend. I had gotten the best of him all weekend. We decided to play one last game before it was time for me to drive back on Monday. We played before he went to work that morning. I was winning by as much as 15 pts. He makes a comeback. This dude hits a 3 pointer at the buzzer on me!!! I was PISSED!!! I demanded a rematch but he wouldn't play me because he said "he didn't want to be late to work." I drove back to Atlanta...mad as hell! That was a looooong 4 hr drive.

9. Out Run / Pole Position - two of my all time favorite driving games. Out Run was dope at the arcades.

8. Pitfall - Running through the jungle was fun, cool, and dangerous. I played this game until I mastered it

7. Street Fighter - Is there anything better than whipping somebody's ass and beating them to a bloody pulp?

6. Frogger - Why did the frog cross the road? I don't know. But this was fun

5. Mike Tyson's Punch Out / Tecmo Bowl - It took a looooong time for me to get to Mike and beat him...but I did. As far as Tecmo Bowl...the 85 Bears were unreal! So was Bo Jackson

4. Space Invaders - I spent a small fortune at the arcades on this game

3. Donkey Kong - Arguably the best "soundtrack" for a video game. Mad fun!

2. Pac-Man - the ultimate classic. Whatever the top score is...I'll beat it! Nobody can beat me...including you!

1. John Madden Football - I think I've played this game for a gazillion hours...literally. The ultimate football game

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