Thursday, February 21, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i'm back to blogging again...all the time

my girlfriend is gone. long gone. i miss her

it doesn't matter where you went to school...we all went to school with the kid with the snotty nose. do you ever wonder what happened to that kid?

i was reading one of my old blogs the other day and thought to myself..."I kinda miss this dude."

president sounds bad and looks bad when it's written

i keep getting these emails from LinkedIn about people who have "endorsed" me. but they never say anything about people endorsing me a check

y'all still listen to lil wayne? why?

i have NO desire to eat one of these

dumbest thing that i heard last week..."why shouldn't they just shoot the meteor out of the sky?"

i hate when people send txt messages that read like this..."u kno we b kickin it on da ave sumtimes." the English language wasn't meant to be destroyed like that

i like facebook...for now

hey us all a favor...cancel the slam dunk contest.

personal happiness should not only be a goal but a destination

turkey bacon is ok. but it ain't bacon

ladies...what's with the mirror shots? aren't you a little too old for that?

fellas...if you are over 30 yrs of age, you are too old to be living with your mom

the Blade Runner is starting to look like the new OJ

i've never been on a cruise and i'm never getting on a cruise

i look forward to spring but not to the pollen

spring time on a college campus was always cool b/c the warm weather brought out the chicks who had been hiding all semester.

i popped Skyler's hand today for touching the stove. then she it me with the saddest little eyes. she made ME feel guilty for hitting her!!!

if your tv ain't on Scandal on Thursday night's...your tv ain't on

this just in...Kevin Hart is funny

ladies...if you're gonna wear the nice spring dresses...put lotion on your legs and feet

fellas...get credit in YOUR name...not hers...not your kids

Beyonce at the Super Bowl...unforgettable!! Alicia Keys at the NBA All Star game...terrrrrible


Tee Reese said...

Nodding and laughing.. nodding and shaking my head... Sharing some of the same thoughts!

Yeah, you're already missing your 'girlfriend' (Football) badly.. you've become a bloggin' machine! LOL

Good stuff!

ShellyShell said...

I abandoned my blog 11months ago. Maybe I'll come back!

I don't remember the kid with the snotty nose but I do remember th girl who picked her nose. We would yell in unison "bugga bugga bugga woman!" Lol!

I'll try anything...even bull nuts! LOL! I'll try these as long as someone else pays for them. I can't spend loot on foolishness!

Dumbest thing I heard was FoxNews saying that perhaps President Obama had the meteor sent. WHAT! Sit cho azzes down!

You know how I feel about the ebonics of text and FB statuses. We crack up on a weekly basis about dumb shyt one of us saw!!

Pawk bacon is the ONLY bacon in my mind!

I told you that living with your mama at 30+ is common in NY. I just asked my coworker how she could marry her husand(now seperated) while he was living with his mama and never lived anywhere else! Crazy! When they seperated where did he go....back to his mama's house. What kind of shyt is that!

I've been on three cruises. I don't like them. I'm never in fear of the ship sinking I just don't like the fact were not at the stops very long. I will say that weekend cruise out of Miami to the Bahamas is dumb fun! With the right people.

Dudes should know the same thing about lotion. I can't date a dude with ashy hands. All that damn ash between your fingers. Yuck! get naked and your damn booty cheeks are ashy. Ehh!

You know I'm not a Beyonce stan. i think her show was great but not as great as his Purple Majesty's! WHAT! It's raining as he sings Purple Rain with his cordless Purple guitar! Man he shut that shit down!
*drops the mic and exits the blog*

Don said...

I like turkey, I like bacon, but I hate turkey bacon. I tried it a few times and didn't see the appeal. Pork is bad, yes, but bacon is good. Lol.

I feel you on the texts looking like coded language. I had to ask my teen daughter to stop texting me and writing on her Facebook, like that. Like yourself, I don't see the appeal.

Football will return before you know it.

I still watch Beyonce's halftime performance and pretty much believe that Lil Wayne isn't the same Lii Wayne from back in the days.

I still enjoy reading blogs and writing blogs and that's probably something that will remain with me unless I one day forget how to read and write.

Romney should've named Rubio as his VP candidate.

LadyLee said...

All this Alicia Keyes hate... LOL

Try some soy bacon, sir!

Meteors! You know I'm a scientist, so I was all giddy and O_O when that happened!

The Blade Runner thought it was a burglar! (At least that's the story he's telling. He may ride out on that one).

I have been on 2 cruises. It's a good way to hit up a bunch of destinations quickly. I can't say I like being in such a confined space on water with a bunch of people. I prefer to fly to a resort instead.

A man living with his Mama and he's over 30 - that says a lot.

I love to blog. I find it therapeutic. Glad you are blogging again, bruh:)

Please let Skyler try the chicken and Waffle chips... and let us know her thoughts! LOL

OG, The Original Glamazon said...


Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ that Bey and Alicia comparison. I would go on and on, but I won't. I simply LOVE your OTD posts. Always have.