Monday, February 25, 2013

My Momma Don't Like You

Have you ever had to sit in front of someones parents as they asked you questions about yourself or the relationship that you have with their son or daughter?

Were you nervous? Did you leave a good impression on them?

Back in the day, I had no problem sitting in front of any of my girlfriends or homegirls parents. Nervous? Never. They all liked me. I don't think I tried to do or say anything special. I was just Kyle. And that's all that matters. I'm sure that they still like me. What's there NOT to like?

When I was dating my girlfriend in college (now my wife), I spoke to my future in-laws over the phone before I met them. They lived in Los Angeles at the time. I didn't meet them until I flew out there for Christmas in 1996. I remember my future mother-in-law greeting me at the airport with a huge bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. They liked me. Still do.

At some point, my kids will all sit in front of somebody's parents and they'll have to impress them. Long before that day comes, I will impart some wisdom on them.

1. Look people in the eye when you talk to them - this is very important. People won't believe you or what you have to say if you can't look them in their eyes

2. Keep good posture - never slump in your seat or bend over. Good posture is a non verbal factor that shows that you are confident

3. Make people comfortable - people are always comfortable when they talk about their favorite subject...THEMSELVES. Be inquisitive but maintain a dialog

4. Use good manners - self explanatory.

5. Be yourself - you can't be anybody else

I laugh when I think about Deion, Kameron, or Brandon talking to their date's parents. As for Skyler, I'll teach her these things too! Be a all times.

I would want people to say the same thing about them as people said about me..."that kid is a good kid...I like him/her."


Queen of My Castle said...

I live by number 3. People do love to talk about themselves and love when you take an interest in them, be it real or feigned. I've always gotten on really well with dads. Moms usually have to warm up to me for whatever reason. Great advice and common sense, Kyle!

Don said...

Same here, I had no problem sitting and talking with parents at a younger age. I guess there wasn't much baggage back then to be judged upon. Lol. In fact, I liked most of my exes based on the relationship I enjoyed with their parents. Nowadays I just try to respect parents and establish somewhat of a friendship in the process.

The F_Uitlist said...

I wont like any girls my sons bring home so I'm going to forward this post so Black can make sure they do these things.

As for my boys they will know these things or mommy will be kicking butts.

OG, The Original Glamazon said... not liking any girls your boys bring hme F_Uitlist...

Yeah parents love me I have still yet to meet the parentals of my guy.... but that list is pretty much what I will parents LOVE me lol