Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's Throwback Thursday and I decided to participate with a few pics and commentary. I don't do this often but I saw some old pics and decided to do it. 

Mom & Dad...they knew the time. I like this pic b/c Mom is real fly. I'm guessing that Dad's suit was hot back then. Peep the pork chop sideburns. LMAO

Me & my brother Damon...I remember this b/c he wouldn't sit still to take the picture

Me & my cousin Eric with my Dad in the background. I'll take a wild guess that we had just come from church.

Senior Year...before I wore #12...I was #1

Me & my homie Shaft...graduation day...June 7, 1991

Me & my homegirl Keisha....junior year at South Carolina State University. Somebody was taking a picture of me and she "snuck up" behind me and got in the pic. LOL. Peep the Sony Walkman

Picture Day...junior year. I couldn't smile that was too DAMN HOT!!!

Me & Coach Jeffries...last home game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium (Senior Day). The man is a legend. I learned a lot from him. 

 3 da hard way...this was Brandon's FIRST family pic.

Skyler & Daddy...our FIRST picture together. Awwwww

Skyler & Daddy...again. Not sure why she is ice grillin

Da Fam...Me, Mrs 12, Deion, Kameron, & Brandon


Coako said...

love the pics! thanks for sharing them with us!

RThomas said...

Five bucks says Brandon jumped off the steps in some kind of action pose right after.

dagooch05 said...

Huge s/o to dad with the goatee & POLK not Pork chop sideburns & ma w/the oblong fro! I see ole Beagley w/the 3 piece suit looking like Alderman Fred Davis from Good Times! The pic w/you & I are classic! I see Brayden taking that same pic & not sitting still!

12kyle said...

@ Coako
Thanks for coming thru! Glad I could share.

@ RThomas
Mannnnn, you KNOW he did!!!

@ DaGooch
I dunno who told Dad that was the look! Lmao

Beautifully Complex said...

I love looking at old pictures!
What a beautiful family you have.

Don said...

You have a beautiful family, much respect...

I'm tripping on how clean you and your brother were in the church pics. Your mom and dad definitely had a thing for style, and it shows in the pics.

Good stuff.

12kyle said...

@ Beautifully Complex

Thanks sis! I appreciate it.

@ Don

Thanks bruh! Mom and Dad definitely had style. They kept us clean.

Tee Reese said...

Dope post!

Got a good laugh.. several 'thumbs up'.. and yes, dad 12 did the darn thing! LOL