Friday, June 8, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

let me be the first to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you! it's June already and when you'll be December.

you gotta feel bad for this generation. they don't know how to go outside and play ALL day like we used to

i may one of the few people who go through airport security and aren't annoyed by the TSAs.

raise your hand if you're behind the wheel and you constantly talk to the other drivers how bad the traffic is...and you know they can't hear you but you talk anyway

you can always tell if somebody moved something from your matter how messy your desk is

Herm Cain just got a new gig on a talk radio show. why? because chicks dig radio guys...that's why!

my co-worker told me she went from a size 16 to a size 4 in a year. her secret? workout every day

sometimes i try to have intellectual conversations with Siri

10 yrs from now...will the video chicks look back and say..."do you see how fine i was in that Wacka Flocka video?"

when somebody sneezes in a room, either YOU or somebody else will sneeze within a minute

i miss Mike Jax

have you ever walked into a room...then forgot WHAT you came in the room for?

if you don't tune in to the 12 Radio Show every Wednesday are truly missing out.

my girlfriend will be be back next month. can't wait to see her!

i think most people are ok with their co-workers being their Facebook friends but WILL NOT let them follow them on twitter

why is it that those who are offered chewing gum are the first ones to turn it down?

water should not have a taste

private school or public school?

this is what my pinky looked like after i didn't catch a pass in a scrimmage game in college. thanks, Russ! (@3rddeadline)

ladies...everybody can't wear sundresses

fellas...don't uphold your homies when it is clear that they are wrong

ladies...all you need is a splash of perfume...that's it. don't take a bath in it.

fellas...all you need is a splash of cologne...that's it. don't take a bath in it

back in the 70s..Evil Knievel was the coolest

why are rappers always saying "we're doing it REAL BIG"? can you come up with something else?

when a preacher says "in closing..." that means he's gonna preach for 20 more minutes

remember when you played outside ALL day long during the summer as a kid? you would never say something crazy like..."it's too hot outside."

i don't like to watch tv if it ain't in high definition

remember when tv stations actually "signed off" the air at night?

i'm going to get my first tattoo this summer.

why pay for the newspaper when you can find it online for free?

Skyler is crawling now...AND driving


BOATEE said...

Good One!!

RThomas said...

Shut up!


RThomas said...
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♥ CG ♥ said...

LOL at Skyler driving!