Thursday, June 28, 2012


I reached a milestone last week. I knew it was coming. The funny thing was that there was NO reaction to my milestone.

Nobody threw me a party

Nobody bought me any balloons

No champagne was popped.


Last week I surpassed the 100,000 tweets sent mark on Twitter. That's major! LOL. Seriously, before you say..."Damn Kyle, that's a lot of tweets. You tweet too much." You have to understand that next month marks my FOUR year anniversary on Twitter. Things are so much different on Twitter now than it was 4 years ago. Back then, NOBODY had even heard of it! There were no celebs. No teams. No corporations. In fact, I came to twitter along with 8 or 9 fellow bloggers. We didn't tweet much because we didn't know what the hell we were doing. When we did tweet, it was to each other and it came through as text messages. Can you imagine having 8 or 9 followers and they were some of the coolest people around? Well, that's how it was. It was almost like our exclusive little world

But the world turns and it changes. Twitter went global. Next thing you know, it was filled with people who would say anything about anything with no filter. Half nekkid women became the norm. And everybody wanted to follow a celeb so they could tweet with them (which didn't make a lot of sense because celebs don't tweet with "common folks"). I don't follow celebs. Twitter also became about how many followers you had and spam became rampant. When Twitter blew up blew up! I thought about leaving Twitter but I changed my mind. Although it's not what it once was, it's still fun for me. I still enjoy interacting with people. But you have to keep it in perspective. I'm the same person ON twitter that I am off twitter. You can't say the same for everybody else. There is a lotta BS that you'll see on a day to day basis. Some people send tweets about a life that they don't live because on twitter you can be who you want to be.

For me, it's not about how many followers you have. I remember when I didn't want to have more than 100 followers. LOL. I think I've deleted more "followers" than ever. I'm not going to be another number. I follow people because I am generally interested in what they have to say. But I have one follow me...I follow you ; you unfollow me...I unfollow you. Simple

I don't know why people follow me. Maybe they think I'm cool. I dunno. I never really stopped to think about it. I would hope that they get something from me.

Time has past and things are different on Twitter. And that's ok. That's what you call evolution.

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Don said...

Yep, I remember back in mid '08 when Twitter hadn't really blew up and the conversations were treated as more of group discussion. I can't recall how I ended up on Twitter - I believe it was through an attempt to interview writer Danyel Smith on the blog, and she mentioned Twitter.

I like Twitter. Like yourself, I have to take a hiatus (same w/ blogs) cause I am bored quickly. There are times where I will respect the integrity of my followers and filter tweets. Other times I tweet as if I'm sending text messages. Lol. Just having fun, enjoying life, talking ish, being myself. After friends from my city and circle began following me, I cracked jokes on how I'd hoped I wasn't as "different" to them, as they appeared to me. Ha.

So you already know I've lost many followers over the years. Lol. Speaking of celebs, one of my best memories on Twitter was having a DM conversation with Rakim about certain songs off his debut album. And Mary Mary tweeting thanks for a blog post I'd written about their music.

Good read, fam.

Don said...

Oh yeah, real talk concerning 100,000th tweet.

I tweeted Skinny Black Girl around the time she also reached the milestone...and one thing about it, the two of you are a couple of my fave followers and y'all tweets are never boring.