Friday, May 4, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i haven't put this iPhone down since I got it last week. i even took it in the shower with me...

Newton Leroy (yes...that's his real middle name) Gingrich called it quits this week. finally. but he's been losing for the last 4 months.

RIP Junior will be missed

Michelle Obama is so classy! is it just me or does she look like the type of woman who would buss yo head open if you stepped to her man? ride or die chick...gotta love it.

i was coloring something for my son, Brandon, the other day. and i realized that at the age of 39...i STILL can't color within the lines. smh

when you listen to a song for the first time, are you listening for the lyrics or the beat? i'm all about the lyrics

how much do stamps cost? i haven't purchased stamps in like 10 yrs

i don't wobble, 'lectric slide, or Cupid shuffle. never liked that line dance stuff.

if you aren't watching Scandal on Thursday night's on ABC...then you ain't watching tv

I made some Kool Aid the other day and my kids said they didn't like Kool Aid. I don't think they are black.

you ever had your mom tell you to "get my belt" so she could spank you and you acted like you didn't know where it was? LoL

I don't think Jay Z changes his daughter's diapers.

when people say "I can't cook"...i wonder about them. i do you eat?

ok...i'll admit it...i kinda like that song "The Motto"...shhhhh, don't tell nobody

we always had #2 pencils. not sure why

ladies...if you are gonna wear open toed shoes, please lotion your feet

never been to Vegas but I'm going. who wants to go with???

do people still write checks?

i don't blame y'all for listening to the "great" Nikki Minaj. i don't know WHY y'all listen but..hey... NOT let your homies wear shades in the club. that looks soooo corny. 

still laughing at the Saints and their crying fans. you deserve it. LMAO

Lebron needs to let go of the "hide-the-hairline-with-my headband" theory. we see you, man

never understood why people will almost run you off the road as they rush to a job that they hate

i need more ties

gas is now at $3.58. it feels strange to be happy about that...but i am.

fellas...when she says "do I look fat?" THINK BEFORE YOU ANSWER!!! hahaha

ladies...don't use social media websites to vent. it's not a good look

those who usually brag can't back it up. marinate on that

ladies...when a man says "there's nothing on tv" that means there's not a good game on

fellas...why do we watch a game for 2-3 hrs then watch the highlights on SportsCenter as if we didn't JUST see the game?

for as bad as things are in this country, there is no place that i'd rather live

did Big Bird have any kids?

i'll put Jill Scott in a singing contest against anybody and she'd win

as a kid, i don't ever remember being bored. i was always into something

Skyler is 7 months old now. she just got her ears pierced the other day. i didn't go with her. didn't wanna shed a tear.

i'm on the grill in my backyard at LEAST once a week. food tastes better from a grill. i'd cook grits on the grill if i could 


KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Laughing at you with the new addiction to the iPhone.

Hmmm...I would like to see Jilly in a sing off with Adele. THAT would be a good azz concert.

What is twitter if not to vent? Ha! Just be careful what you vent about ;-)

Tee Reese said...

Glad to hear you're now a tester of apps that 'us' Droid owners get later, after all the kinks are worked out. LMB!!

Droid Nation Stand Up!

Man I want me some grits now? Just not from the grill. LOL

I use to talk trash about the line dance folks.. but since I've gotten real skillful on my quads (skates), I roll out to the middle of the floor to wobble with the Ladies! Lmbo, but dead serious.. Wobble wobble!

I first get pulled in by the beat.. prime example.. love the beat in the Motto.. got the instrumental! LOL! Still now showing no love for that Drake character! Nope, uh-uh, can't do it! LMBO!

I look forward to catching up on the Scandal... I got a thing for me some Kerry Washington.. even she can't keep me from my Skate Night! Rock Skate.. Roll Bounce!

Lmbo at more of your 'Off da dome' thoughts.. Lebron.. let it GOOOO!

Miss Mika said...

I swear I ask my bf that all the time!!! Will sit there and watch an entire game, then immediately turn it to ESPN to watch the highlights of the very game he just finished watching. His reason: "Just in case I missed something."

Are you freakin serious?!?!!

iPhones are where its at. Welcome.

Sunglasses in the club worn by anyone is uncool and they should be banned.

Have fun in Vegas!!! I know you will. It is going to be hot as h e double hockey sticks so be prepared. It is going to be a very dry, hard to breath kind of heat.

The beat is what immediately catches me when I listen to a song, but if the lyrics are wack, it can make or break my liking the song. Example... "All Of The Lights"... beat is sick... then Kayne starts his rapping/singing/whining thing.... ugh. Ruined the song completely for me.

Have a great weekend!!

MsKayotic said...


Your kids don't like Kool-Aid?!? What kind of BS is that?! Not the Duke of Old School!

Lyrics. IT IS ALL about the lyrics. Any old school hip hop head will tell you that.

Seeing as Jay married one of these new babies... Yeah I don't think he does either.

SCANDAL has moved above NCIS in my lineup AND that ladies and gentlemen is saying ALOT!!!!!

LeBron hiding his hairline with the headband! LOL!!! I didn't ever think about that.

Not even touching NiKki or her stupid ass alter ego Roman.

Good post. I likes.

12kyle said...

@ Kay C
The addiction is real. It be callin meeeeee! LOL

I HAVE to be careful about what you vent about

@ Tee
Droid? What's that? LOL

LMAO @ the Motto instrumental!

And yes, Kerry is someone to see!

@ Mika
Hey stranger!! Good to see you back 'round these parts.

I can't explain the highlights thing. I'm guilty of it too!

This iPhone has me locked up! LOL

@ Ms Kayotic
I dunno where these kids came from. They can't be mine. LOL

Lebron has been doing this for the past 2 or 3 yrs.