Monday, February 28, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Charlie Sheen must be on that GOOD cocaine. His show gets cancelled and he told em he STILL was gonna show up for work

the NFL won't get a deal done by this Thursday

ladies...don't expect a man to take you serious if you're half naked on your twitter/facebook profile picture

fellas...never spray your whole body with cologne

spring is here...and so is the pollen!

Libya is about to buss wiiiiiiide open!

has anybody seen Josh Smith and

The Game in the same place?

one of my co-workers told me he spent $300 on adult videos. didn't know people still paid for porn?!?

all kids don't need to be spanked...just 99% of em

i love to drink cranberry juice

my days with Sprint are numbered. i gave em 10 yrs. they gave me a bunch of headaches and bad service.

still gonna stay with #teamblackberry, tho

i don't understand people with tattoos on their neck

look at the calendar. it's almost march and some of y'all are doing the SAME crap you did last year that you said that your weren't gonna do!

can't wait for Entourage to come back

love breakfast at Waffle House

didn't watch the Oscars last night. no need. the only movie that i saw was the Social Network.

The Social Network reminded me that i didn't work hard when i was in college at South Carolina State University

follow me on twitter @12kyle

i am convinced that President Obama doesn't wear the same tie...twice.

gas prices are on the rise. they'll be at $3.50 by Memorial Day and $3.75 by the Fourth of July. looks like i'ma have to go back to stealin' gas...

what ever happened to the lil dirty kid in your class? every class had at least ONE lil dirty kid

fellas...don't tell a woman you're broke. tell her you're "fiscally conservative"

ladies...if you don't have a man and you can't should plan to stay single

somebody was shooting at Waka Flocka's bus last week. guess they were tryna save hip hop. lol

i've never been to Miami or Las Vegas. we need to take a trip.



eclectik said...

I dont take any f the women serious on Twitter ... clothed or not.

Blackberry's are not phones they are email devices.

I hardly understand people with tattoos period.

They have ruined Entourage but I want to see it as well

Vegas is wonderful

Gabby is awful ... you can have alladat.

Brothers Blog said...

Man never been to vegas? Come on man you gotta get there... But I've never been to Mia either. lol.

That comment on Waka is f'in hilarious!

Gas is already that high here in the Chi. I think I drove past like $3.88 on the way to work today!

Neva understood why dudes bathe in cologne and can't tell they funky as hell. Who they gone catch smelling like that?

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Man...gas stays high!! I need it to go back down to like .99 a right now. And I cosign with E on Blackberrys. I had one...great at for everything else.

And I NEVER noticed that about the Game and Josh Smith!! Man...

Nikki Ni said...

Too much to tweet you on this...

Stop unliking on Sprint!

Let the crackberry go - #teamandroid
Only thing I miss on the BB is being able to capture my screen and sometimes BBM, but not people changing their stat like it's twitter

I absolutely hate neck tattos. Even on my boo Bubba Chuck.

Love love love Waffle House... even if they are'nt the cleanest place to eat. LOL

Stealin gas! ROFL

That Wacka Flocka Flame (SMDH) statment - Hee larry us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I did Vegas and Miami in 2010... loved 'em both, fell in love with MIA. You must go!

ShellyShell said...

Charlie Sheen is a straight fool!


You need to tell ladies as well as the fellas not to od on the perfume/cologne!

Who pays for porn when most of it is free on the net! #dumbass

I told you what to do with Sprint! My bill is cheaper than the plan!

My days are numbered with blackberry it's sucks! Me and a droid are about to be besties! Come over!

I love the Waffle House. I hate IHOP. When I used to live in Richmond me and the House were close friends!

Try living in NYC and paying these outrageous gas prices! Uhhh! Thank goodness I only fill up every 6-8 weeks!

Miss Mika said...

Team iPhone all day!

I love when people have creative meaning behind their tattoos... not the generic "oh let me get the picture on the poster board at the tattoo shop" kind of tattoos. On the neck is and always will be a negative though.

You've gotta go to Vegas. One of the best snd most fun cities in the U.S.

I just filled my tank up @ $3.89 a gallon tonight. I guess I can anticipate gas close to $5.00.... again!!!!

I wish we had Waffle Houses in So Cal. Rascoe's has gotten too commercial and Denny's is a joke.

Rashan Jamal said...

I honestly have not seen 1 bit of Charlie Sheen coverage off of twitter. I don't understand him wasting his whiteness like that. LOL

NFL is killing me.

Dag, I didn't realize how much Josh and Jayceon looked alike.

Neck tats? I interviewed a WOMAN that had F*ck The World on her neck. Needless to say, I ain't hire her.

How you steal gas nowadays? They done locked it down. Not like back in the 90s... you could just ride off. Not that I ever did that... LOL

The dirty lil kid in my high school is a preacher now... I hope he wash his hands before Communion.

She Draws said...

Charlie Sheen is a nut, I don't know how I'm going to comment when I delete that other blog *tear*..

Yes every class had a dirty, pissy kid. Wasn't me and can't recall who but I'm sure there were a few.

Hmmm does my pic count as half naked? it's only legs damn.

I can cook, so why am I single Kyle, can you answer that damn question. Lol let me know what you think about my latest post. You'll have to update your link for me to

You're stupid, "trying to save hip hop" hilarious. Well there's this fight coming up in May and the dogg pound is going to be there alone with e40 and too short, I'm like hell yeah. I want to go.