Tuesday, February 22, 2011

all muzik

Have you ever read a blog and been inspired...to STEAL it???

Well...I did

Actually, I didn't steal it. I "borrowed it." My boy, eclectik, allowed me to "Bite" this series of blogs. It gives you a little more insight into me and some of the things that I like.


Emcee All Time (Male): Rakim
Emcee Right now (Male): Black Thought from the Roots

Emcee All Time (Female): MC Lyte
Emcee Right Now (Female): Jean Grae

Singer All Time (Female): Whitney Houston
Singer Right Now (Female) Mary J. Blige

Singer All Time (Male): Prince (Michael Jackson)
Singer Right Now (Male): Dwele

Hip Hop Song All Time: My Melody
R&B Song All Time: Remember the Time

Hip Hop Group All Time: Public Enemy (Run DMC) (OutKast)
R&B Group All Time: New Edition

Hip Hop Album: Paid in Full

R&B Album: NE Heart Break (Purple Rain) (Thriller)

Album (Female): Mary J Blige - My Life

Hip Hop Collabo: Jay Z & Biggie - Brooklyn's Finest

Hip Hop Duo: OutKast
R&B Duo: Jodeci (I know it was 4 of em but only TWO of em could sing!)

Hip Hop Duo Song: King of Rock
R&B Duet: Fire & Desire

Hip Hop – R&B Collabo: You're All I Need Method Man featuring Mary J Blige

DJ: Jazzy Jeff
Producer: Jay Dilla


Brothers Blog said...

Yo I'm feeling the post I was feeling Eclectik's too it would take me a while to come up with one of these I tend to be a bit indecisive on favorites. lol.

Some of yours and his would definitely probably fall in my favorites (or at least top 3 list) though.

Rashan Jamal said...

At work, so this is gonna be quick and misformated. LOL:

MC: All time - Big Daddy Kane
Right Now: Phonte
Female MC: Lyte and Jean Grae
Singer all timeMarvin Gaye now, Raheem DeVaughan
Female Singer: Faith Evans (K know she's contemporary, but her voice is a killer now: Jill Scott

Hip Hop Group: Tribe Called Quest
R&B Song: Ribbon in the Sky
Hip Hop Song - Impossible to say...

DJ and Producer: DJ Premier