Thursday, October 14, 2010


He never thought that he'd be in this place.

Reaching the point where LOVE stared him in his face.

He couldn't run. Nor could he hide.

He had that fluttering heart inside.

Now he's forced to make a move. Should he step forward or fall back?

Could he lay his heart on the line and not feel wack?

Could he give up all of the other girls for SHE?

They had reached the point where SHE would become WE

Stop being a playa and now become one?

Stop all the partying and having fun?

They had reached a point to go to the next phase

Could it be the last of his playa days?

No. Why should he stop now. Marriage is forever. And he's not ready

But she's a great woman. Can they continue to go steady?

The homies said "don't do's not your turn."

He knows he can't say no because the pain of a broken heart would burn

So he'll wait. Stall it out. He thinks they'll be fine.

Little does he know...he's already run out of time.


Nikki Ni said...

***snapping fingers***

Scotian Gurl said...

Wow, nice write! Keep on writing.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Me likey :-). I need to anonymously email this to a couple of folks o_O.

CoogieCruz said...

*snaps* oooh julio! Some reason though as I read this I was visualizing "I Choose You" video I think that's the title of the song with Bun B, Andre 3000 etc especially the part "Don't do it reconsider"...however I like it. Like it enough I should put it in a birthday card for someone...

Don said...

Great prose. It read like some of Jay Z's best material in the way that it told a story yet kept its points precise.

One question: Has the guy already ran out of time due to his hesitation?