Tuesday, September 28, 2010

no homo

One of the things that I've always loved about this blog...it's mine! And I can talk about whatever I wanna talk about.

There are 2 subjects that I never talk about...politics and religion. It's not that I can't...I just don't.

Until today.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past week, we've all heard the story about the embattled pastor, Bishop Eddie Long, of the Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church in metro Atlanta. He's the pastor who is being sued by four different men. The lawsuits accuse Long of using his power and influence within the 25,000 member church to lure young male church members into sexual relationships. The suits allege that the relationships, which began when the men were in their teens, lasted over many months. Long took the young men -- all of them teens at the time -- on trips, including to Kenya, according to the suits. Long allegedly paid for their hotel rooms, and gave the young men gifts, including a car, cash and jewelry -- all in exchange for sexual favors such as massaging, masturbation and oral sex. These accusations are even more controversial because Eddie Long, who is married, has preached passionately against homosexuality over the years. Long said that he won't "be tried in the court of public opinion but in a court of law." Well, I'm sure he'd lose in the court of public opinion. Preacher + young men = homosexuality. You can't convince most people otherwise.

I don't know Eddie Long. I've only been to his "megachurch" once. I left the church that day very impressed. I've tried to withhold judgement on this story. I've read all of the lawsuits and I've heard Long give his perspective. They each have their sides of the truth but the REAL truth is somewhere in the middle. I do believe that where there is smoke...there is fire. And there is some smoke here. Long never said he "didn't do it". These young men could have conjured up these stories. Who knows? Nevertheless, it does not look good. I guess we'll all find out in due time.

One of the things that I found interesting is the conversations that were spawned. Some "church folk" scoffed at the notion that you could not have homosexuality in the pulpit. Of course you can! Homosexuality is a part of society just like drugs/sex/alcohol. Eddie Long, like other pastors, is a man. He puts on his pants one leg at a time. He laces his Jordan's one foot at a time. Every man (and woman for that matter) sins. How do we sin? According to the Bible, we all sin in our thoughts, words, and deeds. No man is above that. For all that I know, my pastor could be looking at Ms Parker and her phat booty during the service.

Lastly, pastors like Long denounce homosexuality. Why is it that the church...of ALL places...will alienate gays and lesbians? Is that fair? You may not agree with a person's lifestyle but they should be able to worship without being picked on. Personally, I don't understand why a man would want another man. That's not my style. However, that's their choice. And the church...especially the black church where people should know the feelings of discrimination...should be the last place where people should turn a cold shoulder.

Do yourself a favor...trust GOD. Don't put your trust in man.


Anonymous said...

Well I agree the LGBT should be able to excercise the same rights as others but I also agree some of the members of the community over do it, over sexualizing their sexuality something even heterosexuals do. But as a man of God you should not oppenly preach the word of God, What the Bible teaches and think that's okay. Not that he's planning on doing that, I'm just saying.

Mizrepresent said...

THat last line said it all. Good post Kyle.

Patricia said...

"For all that I know, my pastor could be looking at Ms Parker and her phat booty during the service."
You are too funny,but that is so true.
Go to worship and adore God not man, because man will surely disappoint you, but I must say it is quite disheartening when you admire someone whomever it is and you find things out that are not becoming. NONE of us are perfect, and I dont like to Judge, but one opinion that puzzles me is... why would a man of his stature with a wife need to send ANYONE, let alone young men..pictures of him posing in his private bathroom. For what??? hmmm.
As TD Jakes commented, the truth is out there somewhere and no matter what GOD knows what happened. What is done in the dark will eventually come to the light.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the suits against Bishop Long. I did see the phone pics and I don't feel a pastor should be taking photos like that, unless he's romancing his wife. =)

Speaking as a woman delivered from lesbianism, I never understood (and to this day I still don't)why homosexuality is the one sin church folk feel is a straight sentence to hell. Forget the marital affairs going on, or coveting your sister-in-Christ's husband, or not tithing, or lying, or gossiping, or gluttony... People think gayness will rub off on them or their children.

My personal opinion is that people run from what they don't understand. What they see most times is the flamboyancy in men or the hardness of women, and feel that it isn't right. Homosexuals have the same struggles that the next person has. If we as Christians showed more love, maybe there would be more deliverance and less condemnation.

12kyle said...

@ Sincerely Go
While some members may over do it when it comes to "flaunting" their sexuality, I think that's their right. I think it makes people uncomfortable.

@ Miz
Thanks lady!

@ Trish
You know I'm right. Women don't dress for church like they did when we were coming up. The dresses are shorter and tighter. Men look at butts in church. You KNOW I'm rite! LOL

I agree. Those pics look suspect as hell. If anything, the fashion police should get him for rocking biker shorts. This aint the 80s. LMAO!

@ Jewells
Thanks for your words. You're dead on point. If Long's accusers were young women, this would barely be a story. Every church that I've been in has stressed that they want you to "come as you are." But that ain't the truth. God doesn't discriminate. Not sure why the church does.

Otis said...

Great post bro. Couldn't of said it better.

ladyvance said...

The last line summed it up for me!!!

12kyle said...

@ Otis
Thanks fam!

@ Ladyvance
That's what it's all about!

MzInspiredMind81 said...

You hit the nail on the head w/ this sentence "Trust God. Don't put your trust in men". People need to remember that God is who your faith needs to be in. A pastor/preacher/bishop/etc are men and women who are called upon by God to teach his word. They are NOT God. They are human and can make the same mistakes as anyone else.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Yep, like Miz said...the last line is something quite a few folks need to heed.

12kyle said...

@ MizInspiredmind81
Let the chuuuuuch say "AMEN"

@ CurvyGurl
Preeeeeeach! LOL