Friday, June 18, 2010

follow the leader


Sometimes you have to do a self assessment

You ask yourself...

"How did you become the man who you are?"

After pondering the question, you realize that you are who you are and how you got here. You're shaped by your experiences. Just as important, you're shaped by those around you. Those around you have helped shape you and you've helped shape them.

I look at myself. Then I look at those around younger brother, 1st cousins (who grew up with me like my brothers) Mike & Eric...MEN

My crew from my hometown...JFresh, Roody, Zell, Derrick, Ryan, Zo, Shaft, Travis...MEN

My crew from college..Moe, Russell, Big Mel, Clark, Q, Naylon, Juan, Steve, Bobby, Danny, Bruce...MEN

The more that I assess all of us...we are MEN. We are all MEN who had great MEN in our lives who helped mold us. As we approach Father's Day, we don't need the kudos or the pats on the back. With the exception of 2 of the MEN that I mentioned, we're all FATHERS. Great FATHERS. How did we become great? We learned it from other MEN. At the end of the day, a woman can raise a boy...but it takes a MAN to raise a MAN.

That's not debatable.

How do I know?

Me and my crew are a living testimony.


Keith said...

Yup Yup....I had a father and lots of uncles (May they all rest in peace) who taught me the essentials of manhood...Sometimes I find myself talking to them when I need to make a big decision as if they were all still here.

Lady K said...

This is very true Kyle. I've always said a woman can't raise a man but women who have sons don't want to lose their chance to receive their accolades. A woman can't raise a man. She can teach him right from wrong but she CANNOT teach him what he is supposed to feel or think when it comes to making manly decisions.

Women with this "I Can Do Everything" attitude have placed many men in bad situations because I know of several women who have gotten pregnant but chose not to marry the man because they feel the dad isn't the person they want to spend their life with. It's such a tragedy.

A woman can grow him up but women have no experience with teaching a boy everything he needs to know about women, work, and even sex. There's different thinking there. If a woman says she can, then she's living in an alternate reality that isn't on this planet!

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

So true true. I couldn't have said it better myself. Happy Father's Day seems that all the good fathers fly under the radar and are severely underappreciated.

xcentricgem said...

I can only say that I know the 'hometown' crew .... Stellar Men ... with a value and belief system that is not found (m)any men today.

I'm just grateful to know so many MEN ...

Mizrepresent said...

Great post Kyle and so true, that's why i have surrounded my son with great men, mentors, fathers who can assist me in raising him to be the man he was meant to be.

Tiffany said...

And a fine job you seem to be doing bruh! Great post. But let's not leave out the great examples Ron Artest spoke of as it relates "assistance" in becoming the man you are meant to be: Your 'hood' and your head shrink (psychiatrist)! Dont they deserve to make the shoutout to fathers list? LMAO

swtstiletto said...

Great post Kyle. I, for one, don't put too much value in these hallmark recognitions for parents (Mother's Day, Father's Day). While I participate in the celebration to some degree, it means nothing if we aren't doing our jobs as parents. It definitely takes a man's influence to shape a boy into a man.

I agree with Lady K's views on the subject. We (women)can do everything within our power, but we are not equipt to raise our boys alone in the most efficient manner. Single mothers should definitely invest energy in connecting our boys with men who can take things a step further in the right direction so they are better equip to operate at full capicty of manhood.

My hope is that these men you speak of in your post are putting themselves in position to reach out to boys who are in need of male guidance in their respective communities. That is what we should be celebrating...the men who go above and beyond.

Again, great post! ;o)

E.M.H. said...

Great post!!!! We learn from others and by surrounding ourselves by those who are living examples; they do more than just talk . . .they show through actions . . . consistently.

12kyle said...

@ Keith
Great point. I think that's why I cherish the time that I still have with my peeps around

@ Lady K
Wow! Deep. I couldn't say it any better myself. Thanks!

@ Charles
Thanks, fam! I appreciate it!

@ xcentricgem
Awwwww! Thanks! As always, 'preciate the love and the support

@ Miz
There's no doubt in my mind that he'll turn out fine! You have already planted the seeds and you have him surrounded in great company

@ Tiffany

I think it's safe to say that Ron is a lil "special." LOL!!!

@ Swtstiletto
Thanks! I think the great thing about all of the MEN that I named is that they are great fathers. So, the cycle won't be broken. Many of these MEN have dedicated themselves to participating in different things to help the young men in our community.

@ E.M.H
Great points!

And congrats again to your Lakers. LOL