Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tha 1

I remember sitting with my crew from back home and we'd laugh about it.

I mean REALLY laugh about it.

We would sit around and joke about how WE were the ones that got away. It had become comical to us. There were the stories that we could share about this chick or that chick from back home. Or the one from college. The one who'd hit you with lines like...

"I wish we could go back in time. I really cared about you. I wish we had given us a chance."

"You and I would have made a great couple. I would have been a great wife for you."

"You know I still love you. I'll never stop loving you."



We are all successful, positive, married men. We aren't Barack but we're pretty damn good. Nevertheless, it's flattering for somebody to tell you that you were "the one that got away." I think everybody gets 4 or 5 shots at TRUE LOVE. Some of us try real hard at those shots...some make the most of those shots...and some piss em away. Sometimes it's the right person but the wrong time

I remember when I was in college and my boy Moe met a chick who he told me "was the one." The problem was after they started dating during our sophomore year, Moe decided that he didn't want to be tied down b/c he wanted to play the field. They broke it off. A year later, he told me that "he knew that she was the one and he'd do anything to get her back." He knew that he had pissed away his opportunity at a good women because of greed. I told him that he effed it up and he should try to move on.

Good thing he didn't listen to me. They just celebrated 12 yrs of marriage. She was the one. She was the one who got away but he got her back

What about you? Were you the one who got away? Or is there a man or woman who is the one who got away from you and you'd love another chance to be with them?



The Jaded NYer said...

There was no one that got away that I felt was THE ONE, but I lost my chance at a white boy in college because I got pregnant by my then-boyfriend-later-husband-now-ex-husband.

But it's OK because it just left the door wide open for Johan & I to fall madly in love and create a future together. lol

Gypsi said...

I disagree with one thing you said, I believe, that true love only comes around once. I do believe that you can love more than once, but that true stuff is just a one time thing.

Have I ever been the one? I don't think so, but I do believe I have let one slip through my fingers.

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
Lmao @ u losing your shot at the white dude. That is funny. You're silly.

@ Gypsi‬
I said we get 4 or 5 shots at true love.

I'm a firm believer that if one slips away...there will be another one around the corner

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I sure hope there's more than one, although I don't think I've met the first yet.

I think I'm both the one who got away and the one who let good guys go. *sigh*

LOL @ your advice to Moe.

Kingsmomma said...

I agree, I think we get a few shots at the True love. I allowed 2.5 to get away. 2 let me slip away and I feel like I may have one on the Horizon but i won't jinx it.....

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I've been told by an ex that I was 'the one who got away' and there was the 'one who got away from me'. At times I wish we could make it work but then at times I think we've both grown so much that all we have left is our history. I believe that we all have 3 chances at TRUE LOVE. I hope my time comes again.

Queen of My Castle said...

I have none of those 'damn, he was the one and I effed it up' moments, though I would be rich if I had a dollar for all the times I have reunited with guys from the past that told me that I should have been their wives. Love has a cold sense of humor.

Trish said...

Ive had one that got away, but I never took him seriously when he did ask me to marry him. I just didnt feel the same way about him.
In hind sight he probably would have been a wonderful husband, but I was WAY too young.

My real true love was definitely what I thought was the one. I love him because he was my first TRUE love. Just knew we'd be married, but I effed up and he couldnt stay.
In hindsight years later, he says that he should have worked at it and not let me go, but in hindsight for me years later, I know it wouldnt have worked because he definitely wanted children and I definitely did not and do not.
It wouldnt have worked anyway.

Juan said...

I've had two get away for different reasons and both times its been my fault. Would I love a chance to get back with the most recent one yes! You know who I'm talking about Kyle...

DA REASON said...

When you are young and dumb love is probably at it's most purest and simplest form. JOB, status, family background, finances, etc.. were not determinants for getting to know someone back in the day, thus it feels as you have found true love. Not to sound like a bitter married man, but true love must endure more than just prom dates, cabarets, and dorm room sex.

Through my experiences I have learned true love is earned, not found. Sure I have met women that I thought would have similar passions and interest, but those relationship could not stand the test of time for whatever reasons. None of the reasons ever seemed like they were important enough to end relationships but somehow they did.

I have thought about the concept of true love and the idea of soul mates. I could never really grasp rather people really understood these concepts, and if they did then what does it actually mean. None the less I think it is conceptual at best. To find someone that would be willing to live a lifetime with you until death to me is the ultimate test of love. I know that sounds too practical, but getting married and staying married are almost two different sciences.

With that being said I think I have been tagged as the one who got away a couple of times but I never viewed any previous relationship that way. Based on my commentary I guess everyone could have figured that one out. Friendships, relationships, Marriages requires a honest and sincere investment. As with most investments time will tell. The more you put into it the greater the return. Define the love you receive by what you give, and then i think you can label it true !!! And that my friends is the real !!!

This was way too long K Dot LOL !!
How do you do this every day !!

12kyle said...

@ CurvyGurl ♥
I told Moe to let it ride b/c I didn't think he'd have a chance in hell at getting her back. Gotta give him credit b/c he hung in there and the rest is history

@ Kingsmomma
I think your wisdom will help you this time around. You won't jinx it.

@ MzInspiredMind81
Your time is coming. You neva know. It might be closer than you think it is

@ Queen
Love has a cold sense of humor.

U aint neva lied!

@ Trish
Sounds like you're at piece for letting him get away.

@ Juan
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Thanks for coming thru, fam!

I think it was a case of right girl...wrong time. It'd be interesting to see how things would be if you were to link up again.

@ Da Reason
You dropped science like it was '88! LoL

Damn! You pretty much covered it all! Dead on point about getting married and staying married. 6 yrs for you...almost 9 for me...and 9 for D. We could write a book on it! Lmao

How do I do this blog every day? You know...I'm a social media mogul aka gangsta blogger! Haaaaa

As always, thanks for coming thru.

ShellyShell said...

I dated a dude when I was 23-25 and he thought I was the one. He proposed and I just couldn't bring myself to say yes! I was 25 and didn't feel like being anyone's wife. I still had a lot of growing and partying left to do! Plus I thought he lacked drive. Great dude though! He ended up getting married and I ran into him. Dude told me that if I said the word he would go back to Texas and divorce his wife. I was like uhhh no! He's cool people. We're friends to this day and he is divorced! LOL!

I haven't had one get away from me! Maybe a tiny bit of me thinks my ex but that's just a tiny bit! If me and the Teacher don't work out that will be my one that got away! But he ain't going anywhere! LOL!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

The One? An interesting concept but must agree with Da Reason.

Am I considered the one who got away? Maybe. Do I have one that got away? No.

I used to think I did but I always seem to run into them and it reassures me that he is not/was not the one for me.

People fall in love everyday, but real love is falling for the same person over and over again. People evolve, change and hopefully become better as life goes on. Falling in love is easy but falling in love with them at various stages in life is the hard part. Real love endures, it never fails. "The One" will be able to endure with me as I endure with him.

The ultimate relationship (i.e. "the one") is a simple concept...they help to make life easier, more enjoyable. After all isn't that what we ALL want. Isn't everyone's basic desire to have someone to help us get through this thing called "life" if not, than what are we searching for?

Just my 2 cents...

Solomon said...

I had on that got away, and I waited by the phone for months when she left. This post made me think of something very funny, now that I haven't been sitting by the phone for a minute waiting for her to call, a thought crossed my mind. What if? What if she decided now was the time to give me a shout out.

LMAO, like that would ever happen.

Mizrepresent said...

I have been the ONE recently to someone, but i can't ever remember letting go that ONE. Which in many ways gives me hope bc i know if he is out there, an if i meet him and God willing i know he is the ONE...i would never, ever let him go.

Tha L said...

Hell naw, Kyle. I don't believe in "the one(s) who got away", because if it was true and mutual love, there would be a fight to the death before either party would let it end. I'm just sayin'. I've been told that I was "the one", but really tho, I think that person is just trying to hold onto something that would never have worked.

Keith said...

The young lady I was with just before I met my wife let me get away. She has told me many times since that I was the one who got away. She is now twice divorced, while I have been married for 20 years. She's a nice person..She recently found me on facebook and we talk. She just recently ended and two year engagement that would've been her third marriage.

(me thinks she has a problem with commitment -:) )

Anonymous said...
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Angel said...

im always the bloody one...I have ex's calling me from 10 years ago crying down the phone wishing we could work it out. I dont know what it is....must be some Angel Magnatisim

E's said...

I don't have any "The One's". I've got some ones I'm so glad I didn't get with. My life would've prolly gone in a total different direction.