Monday, August 24, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i was sick all last week. as much as i wanted to blog, i just couldn't muster up the strength. back to normal now.

mike vick is in philly. good move for philly and vick. he deserves a second chance. now it's on you mike

can't believe that the summer is almost gone. what happened?

i'm really enjoying coaching kameron's football team. sometimes i have to remind myself that they are only 6 yrs old. we're havin' fun, tho.

memo to parents...if your children don't wanna play sports...don't force em to. that's the worst thing that you can do.

i'm still havin a hard time understanding the health care plan. do you understand it?

i miss the wire. can we get like a movie or sumthin?

memo to the ladies...don't give a dude your number if you have no interest in talking to him.

memo to the fellas...don't get a phone number and wait ten days to call her. that makes no sense!

just peeped the new maxwell video for "bad habits" featuring my gurl, kerry washington. smoooookin'

i was talking to one of my home girls the other day and she reminded me of my first that is so true. football has always been my love.

there have been more than 500 homicides of black kids in chicago this year. 500!!! are you kiddin me? that's scary and sad. what are we doing as a people???

never been a fan of "scary" movies. maybe it's because i don't get scared.

brett favre is back. that dude just doesn't get it. most athletes would love to just walk away. apparently, brett wants to be carried away.

memo to the judge who granted kelis all of that money from nas...that is some bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllshit!

is there anything nastier than a diet soda? yuck!

how bout them yankees, baby????

spandex aint for everybody. some of y'all need to keep that in mind.

as much a i love twitter, i'm not into following celebrites. who wants to follow somebody who you can't interact with. the few athletes that i follow are funny and they understand how twitter works. i'm not interested in seeing a conversation between puffy and some b list celeb.

if anything...they should follow me! my life is more exciting! hahahahaah can stop reminding us that you have a studio in los angeles. who cares?

anybody remembers the push up? it was a ice cream. i want one. wonder if they still make em.

almost every girl that i knew growing up had the lil cake bake thing

if you're over 25 and you can't cook...that's not a good look. male or female.

keyshia cole...keyshia cole...keyshia cole...


Anonymous said...

dang....great points here...and can you believe that I fly anywhere in the world for free and havent been anywhere but to atlanta. I need a vacation.

MzInspiredMind81 said...

Awww glad your feeling better Kyle! LMAO about Diddy and 'b list celeb'. Jus the other night BOTH Diddy and Cassie were tweeting about missing their boo(w/in seconds of each other) it was soooooooo obvious they were talking about each other. LMAO. Yep they sure do still make push ups. I got some in my freezer as we speak!

Anonymous said...

You are truly a renaissance man. Thought is evolving.

Tango said...

Lol, it was called an Easy Bake, and yeah I had one.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

On Mike Vick - For what Philly got him for, teams should have been lined up around the building. An All-Pro QB for $1Mil - Is this the 80's?

Sometimes I have a hard time not pushing my son into areas that I "think" he should be in. He has his own personality, so I try to play to that.

Parts of the healthcare proposal have me scratching my head to. It's the language they use. If you aren't on the inside, sometimes it's hard to follow what they mean exactly.

I was thinking about The Wire just yesterday. I saw "Marlo" on a re-run of The Game a few days ago.

The push up is alive and well. You should be able to buy them at the grocery store in the ice cream section.

Glad to have you back.

Queen of My Castle said...

That's a good pic of Keyshia.

I agree on your bit of following celebs. Their convos with other celebs annoy me. Why do most of them have their baby pics as profile pics?

Awwwww @ Killer Kam rocking the field. Like father like son (or like daddy USED to be?)My Kam wants to play football as well, but isn't quite old enough yet.

I loved push ups! They are still sold here in HOUSTON, don't know about Dallas, though. LOL.

Glad you are feeling better.

Keith said...

Glad you're back at it..Now I can take a vacation(lolololol)

Good News for you..The Producer?Creator of the Wire has a new series in development for HBO,it's about New Orleans right after Katrina. The series will feature
Wendell Peirce (Dtective Bunk Moreland from the Wire) and the guy Clark Peters ,who played Lester Freeman. I already like it!

I used to take my Cousin's Easy Bake and make myself Cakes and cookies...and wouldn't share.

One of my co-workers gave this guy her number and everytime he calls
and she sees his name on caller ID,she refuses to answer..Why give him your number if you felt that way?
You're absolutely right.

ShellyShell said...

Glad you're feeling better!

I like Vick being in Philly. It gives them a lot of options! I'm also glad someone took a chance on him. I bet next season he'll be someone's starting QB.

I'm sick that it's August!

If I get to have kids I really have to work on not pushing them into sports. Although I would give them a hard knudge!! LOL!

The health care plan is long as hell but I get it!

I was just talking about the wire Friday. My dumb azz coworker never watched one episode...I told her her black card was revoked!

I was wondering what the hell was up with the Chi? It seems like everyday there's a damn murder. It's a shame!

I LOVE scary movies and thrillers. I like the old scary movies like The Exorcist, Amityville Horror etc.

Brett Favre= WTF?

Nas is straight getting robbed. I'm all for a woman getting child support but she has a damn newborn.

Diet Soda is so damn gross to me! The nasty ass after taste makes me want to throw up...LOL TMI!

I'm loving the Yanks right now! Especially since they stomped the shyt out of Bean Town on Friday! I really hope this keeps up in the playoffs!

I only had a n Easy Bake Oven for a year or so and mom said said skip all that shyt. I'll teach you how to make cookies in the real!

I think it's a damn shame when men and women can't cook. At the very least when you leave for college you should know how to make breakfast, spaghetti, steak, baked chicken and some sides! Mother's who don't teach their son's how to cook are doing a diservice to them!!

YOu know how I feel about Keyshia Cole! She looks like she has stank stuff! LOL! Although she is looking MUCH better!

Miss Mika said...

I was wondering where you've been!

I am glad that someone took a chance on Vick too. It will be nice to see him play again. In regards to Brett, I am a HUGE fan of his so I will watch him play as long as his body allows him too.

Sometimes, I think it is better to give a dude a number than not to because there are quite a few men out there who do not take rejection well and want to disrespect you all sorts of ways if you tell them you aren't interested. Notice I said A number and not MY number. He might be calling a local PetCo or Pizza Hut, but I figure that is better than being called a snob or a b*tch because I wasn't attracted.

I really wanted my son to get into football, but unfortunately, he is a basketball head and I have a feeling that basketball might be his calling. Trust me, I did try hard in putting the football influence on him though!

And I didn't get to say so before but happy belated to your sons. I hope they had fabulous birthdays!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

~ Wow, that's terrible news about Chicago's youth.

~ I don't get Favre...make room for somebody else to have a chance, dang.

~ LOL @ the $ for Kelis. I heard that she's asking for even more a month. Why did they break up anyway? Ne'mind...

~ Yeah, following celebs on Twitter is kinda pointless. People who expect them to respond make me laugh. I follow a couple, but just to keep up with the latest info.

~ Man, I loved Push Ups and Chic-o-sticks! They have the nerve to have sugar free Chick-o-Sticks now...ewww...

~ I baked a mean cake in my Easy Bake oven back in the day. Does it count if some were inedible :-)?

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

*Raising hand* I'm having a hard time with the health care reform bill. Just break it down already, or maybe THEY have no clue?

Favre is the Jordon of football. Just give it up already!

Yep, push ups are still around. I'm looking for a bomb pop (the one made in red, white and blue)

Was wondering what happened to you. Glad you stopped through and feelin' better. It seems everyone is of a need of a woosahhh moment. Must be the way the planets are aligned.

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