Monday, May 4, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

who knew that swine would cause so much of a fuss???

this swine flu will NOT stop me from eating bacon. i mean...breakfast ain't breakfast without bacon

chicago bulls vs boston celtics was one of the best nba series that i've ever seen. why can't every game be like those games?

prez obama still has some openings in his administration. maybe i should email him my resume

ladies...what is a bigger turn off...a 30 yr old man who plays video games for more than 5 hrs a day or a 30 yr old man who lives at home with his parents who have money?

fellas...what is a bigger turn off...a woman with no kids and no job or a woman with 2 jobs and 2 kids?

i guess you can say that you don't wanna be around me when i have my phone in my hand...nobody is safe. dude was snoring.

i could've sworn that i saw sarah palin alongside the highway the other day...picking up trash.

i really don't understand the whole "first 100 days thing" for prez o. i'm willin to bet that bush spent 70 of his first 100 days on vacation.

don't you hate to see kids on their way to school with NO books in their hands?

ok...ok...enough of the ray j show talk. i don't know who danger is and i don't wanna know.

did i hear correctly??? rick ross said he wants to battle eminem??? puleeez! rick ross don't wanna battle me! and i can't rap!

i turned the radio on today and i could only take it for 10 mins. radio sucks

my boy mr.socialite had a great line the other day. he said "he paid $299 for a piece of crack." i did too. lol. i hardly ever put the crackberry down.

something about spring puts a smile on your face

if i see one more dude saggin with his pants fallin off his ass, i'ma sceam!!!

gonna invest heavily into hand sanitizer
shout out to my boy e aka eclectic relaxation aka the king of randomness. he's shuttin down his blog. gonna miss u fam. come thru and holla at me.

i'm growin' a lil tired of the overusage of the word "swagger" or "swag". you shouldn't have to turn your swag on. it should always stay on

words to live by..."if you stay don't ever have go get ready."

Nia Long...Nia Long...Nia Long


Anonymous said...

Well I guess you right about the bacon...but the other day I couldnt find pigs feet...WTF....

O ok, well where should I look for the vacancies...

I think a bigger turn off is a 30 year old into games, the other guy ...we can buy a house together, Ill get him away from momma.

You know I started to take some pics while I was on the airplane...but I didnt want any controversy...

How in the hell do they get people on their show anyways....

Hey I like the radio...well when my cd skips...

Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..was I first, yes in deed...

where you been boy?

eclectik said...


Good lookin out of the shout fam, who knows how much blog commenting I'm going to do

Feels funny...first monday in 3 years without a random post LOL

For real though, you're gonna have to hit the board and get it's my blog, twitter and facebook rolled into one

Re-link me

MzInspiredMind81 said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA I paid $299 for some crack too! Gotta love the Crackberry!!!

You ain't never lied, I'm so tired of hearing about the swine flu and h1n1 that I don't know what to do.

I haven't listened to radio in forever either..for that exact reason. I don't want to kiss anyone thru the phone, turn my swag or scale on nor quarter brick, half a brick hey! UGH!

Right on about the '100 days of Prez O' funny how all these new polls and whatnot have come President is still black! LOL

dessex said...

Hey man...What I tell you bout my girl Nia lol.....

The Celtics and Bulls were off the hook. My girl don't even watch sports but she watched every game with me.

The radio sucks so bad that I cut of the antenna to my ride just so I wouldn't give the radio the time of day.

Rick Ross is feeling himself too much he sucks (although his album wasn't that bad)

Miss Mika said...

LOL @ you and your random pictures. No man, woman, or child is safe!!

I think a man with money living at home is worse than a man who plays video games. The PS3 can get turned off. This man has money and KNOWS he has money and chooses to stay with mommy... a sign that either he is a momma's boy, or a mooch, one of the two. And if it was a matter of him taking care of his mom, MOM SHOULD BE LIVING WITH HIM!

I haven't voluntarily listened to the radio in a loooooooong time. I say voluntarily because the few occasions I have been in someone else's car, I am subjected to whatever it is they listen to. But in my ride, the radio gets NO play!

*pouting* that E has left the scene. But I do understand... at some point, it has to end. I hope we see him around a lot.

Happy Monday big brudder :)

Keith said...

Celtics and Bulls was off the hinges man...(Your Hawks and the Heat wasn't bad either...I dug those games)

If a woman has no kids and no job that isn't sooo bad...and if she has two kids and working two jobs..
that's great... Neither one turns me off...but hey that's me...I'm a little irregular at times.

That Airplane photo is priceless..
I was hollerin when I realized you snuck this poor guy.-ROFLMAO

I just did a post this mornin about the lack of good music on the radio today...Great minds think alike.

When I see a bunch of guys on the corner with their pants saggin..I like to yell- "Oh shit,it's the cops." and watch all of em scatter and run and trip and fall down on top of each other....Then I walk the other way and giggle my butt off.
(Someday. One of these young boys is going to shoot me for doing that
to them.-lololololol...)

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Nia Long - nuff said.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Since I don't eat meat, it never really bothered me. However, I think the media is making a bigger fuss than need be (like it always do).

I saw that game in a Boston bar this past Thursday. Boston has some fans like no other.

I'm more turned off by the 30 yr old man who lives with his or not, he needs to get it together.

I've seen kids with no books, book bags...nothing. Just don't come prepared.

I'm always ready...just need an oppurtunity!!!!!!!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

The media has to cause a frenzy about something, it's called job security.

I think both of the 30 something's is a turn off. "I'll take door number three Alex" in my best Madea voice.

Pooring out some liquor for E's blog...Say it ain't so, E!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Have BB will take one is

The Jaded NYer said...

another blogger leaving? wow. must be something in the air... *grabs face mask*

poor old dude... can't even catch some zzz's in peace!

they do a 100 Days for every president. Bush & Clinton had one as I recall

rick ross is that big fat dude, right? ugh... gross

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle..just stopping through.

Eb the Celeb said...

you dead wrong for that candid... somebody gon catch ya tail one time and knock you

Angel said...

Swine flu, Bird, Flu, Mad Cow Desise!

I wish I didn’t like meat! Luckly I don’t eat pork

The Video Games Dude is more of a turn off

I was gutted to hear about electic

Nia is Hot!

Hope you are cool x

Mizrepresent said...

Heyyy, 12kyle...dang, i had so much to say here, but i know it's been like 3 days since you wrote this and i have forgotten what i want to say, but let me see if i can get it all back...

Turn off - a thirty or any old man that still lives with his mom...if he ain't paying the bills or owning the house, then he is a loser.

The 100 days grade - no other Prez has been graded like you know what i'm thinking.

Radio - unfortunately i have to listen to one radio station bc my antenna is broken and i can't tell you how much i detest some of the music.

Celtics and the Bulls playoffs was the bestest! Really!

Nia long, Nia long, Nia long...i'm thinking if i can get a weave like hers, u would be writing Miz...Miz, Miz, lol!

i.can't.complain. said...

i AM number 3600 to the 12th planet.

that's gotta mean something, write?

yep, write.

not right.

miss u, bro


i.can't.complain. said...

i dunno if my comment posted


Stew said...


at this point in my life, i would rather take the woman with no kids no job. that means she is always free. HA!

radio does suck

i would love to see eminem destroy rick ross, but em would never involve himself in another rap beef. esp after proof got killed.

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