Monday, June 26, 2017

summer vacation 2017

Two weeks ago, my whole family traveled to Hilton Head, SC to spend a week and bond as a family. It was an incredible week. I really can't put into words what it meant to spend time with my uncle, aunts, my mom, cousins, my brother, and our families. While we were there, I could feel the spirit of my grandmother, Gladys (Granny), who passed away when I was six years old. Her love, her spirit, and undying love for her family was flowing throughout our family. Spending time with your family is priceless. I thank God for my family. I am truly blessed.

During the week, I took a gazillion pictures! LOL. I posted a few on social media but they barely scratched the surface on what happened and what we did. We hung out together, ate, drank, played together, and shared stories. We truly enjoyed the company of each other. Here's a "few" of the gazillion pictures...

There was about 30 of us so we occupied the "compound" of the all 3 houses. Each house had like 7 bedrooms and could accommodate nearly 50 people. Urchin Manor...our home away from home. We also stayed here on a family vacation in 2012.

House 1

House 2

House 3

I took a few pictures in the house where I was. It's spacious and comfortable.

The view from my second floor balcony

You look down and see the pool and jacuzzi to our house

The ocean was just 300 yards away

The view from my balcony to the house next door where my cousins were

Poolside fun

Deion and Skyler at the beach

Skyler, Brayden (my nephew), and me

Chillin and watching the NBA Finals game 5. The Warriors won the title

Skyler poses outside the Old Oyster Factory

Kameron is chillin...

I was on lifeguard duty

We also celebrated Deion's graduation...

My mom and Skyler

My mom and my Aunt Ruth

The fam...Kameron, Brandon, Sherice, Skyler, Deion, & me

my beautiful family

These four helped me make me the man that I am today. My aunts, Louise and uncle Don Don, and my mom. Also, my uncles Sonny & Ronnie who are no longer with us...but I carry them with me in my heart

My "little" cousin Lucky & his girlfriend Kate. My cousin Aja & her husband Andrew and their kids...Jamison & Kellen and Uncle Don Don. Not other "little" cousin Donald who came the next day after we took these pictures. Also not pictured is my Aunt Maribel who left town the day that we took pictures.

Andrew, Aja, Jamison, and Kellen

Andrew, Aja, Jamison, Kellen, and their cousin Shawn

My Aunt Louise and her sons...Mike and Eric. Mike's girlfriend Sharon & Eric's wife, Angie

Aunt Louise and her grandkids...Mike's daughter Megan (2nd from left) and Eric's twin daughters, Kaitlyn & Laihlah and son, Arin

My brother, Damon, and his wife Johnya and their kids...Tyler, Brayden, and Taylor

The next generation...Deion is the oldest of this bunch. They will carry on our family legacy.

The second generation...Eric, Damon, Uncle Don Don, me, and Mike.

When we finished taking pictures, my uncle asked that we stand in a circle and hold hands as a family. He asked Mike to play Amazing Grace on the saxophone. He reminded us that we were standing not many miles south from where our ancestors had been brought to be slaves. He encouraged the younger ones to be the best they can be and to never forget where they came from. We are proud heritage of people. We are survivors. Greatness is within us. More importantly...WE ARE FAMILY.


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