Tuesday, June 27, 2017

off tha dome

Random thoughts…

have you ever noticed when you are in a store and you don't need any help the sales person will bother you to death… But when you actually need help the sales person is nowhere to be found

Why do people take dating advice from Steve Harvey?

Can you eat cold french fries? I can't.

When I was a little kid, I thought Georgetown was an HBCU because of it's all black basketball team and coach John Thompson

I love the spring but I hate pollen. I really feel sorry for people who have bad allergies. The pollen is unreal.

do you ever go on YouTube to find ONE song and end up spending 30 minutes on the site? Or is that just me?

Hey Tiger… I want to formally invite you to come play with me and my boys. I really really think that I could beat you

The older that I get, the more I am annoyed with loud music… Especially when it's coming from a nearby car.

they put crack in these. and i'm ok with being a crackhead. give me a dozen doughnut holes from Krispy Kreme and I'm good

I really despise people who type and text like this…(I dnt knw abt tht) translation… I don't know about that.

If you sent me a text like that, I wouldn't respond. And if I did respond I would ask you to speak English.

Never say something on social media about someone that you would not say to their face

I came in first place in the spelling bee when I was in the fifth and sixth grade

The story is… 2 homeless crackheads wanted to get high. One lit a sofa on fire underneath the overpass, (they didn't need heat because it was 80 degrees that day), the fire spread from the sofa to some spools of non-combustible HDPE and fiberglass conduits and the next thing you know...a section of Interstate 85 near downtown Atlanta burns and collapses. The bridge is "fixed" in 6 weeks by the Department of Transportation who worked "around the clock" to fix the bridge. I haven't driven on that bridge ONCE since it re-opened.

still bumping that Kendrick Lamar album

I was almost at home when the interstate collapsed. luckily, no one was killed or injured

when I was 17, I wanted to pierce my ear. I never did. I'm glad that I didn't.

It looks like Facebook has become FaceInstaSnap

the stuff that started the fire was allegedly "left behind under the overpass after a contractor couldn't finish the job 10 years ago". Is it just me or does that sound fishy as hell?

i'm not interested in hearing a new Jay Z album

if you can't be happy for the success of your friends and concerned for them when they struggle...what kind of friend are you?

i enjoy a good hamburger

can the NFL season hurry and get here

what happened to the snot nosed kid in your class? you know who i'm talking about. what happened to THAT kid?

salute to Bomani Jones. Highly Questionable won't be the same without you

maybe YOU were that snot nosed kid???

i got some heat coming for the 12kyle Podcast...stay tuned

these last few months have been a whirlwind with Deion...prom, debutante ball, graduation...next up...college

when you think about it...has there ever been a better dynamic duo when it comes to producing who have been better than Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis?

SCENE...November 16, 2007...I'm at the Atlanta Hawks game and they are playing the Seattle Supersonics (who would later become the Oklahoma City Thunder). I'm 3 rows from the court. The game is tied 123-123 and it's in double overtime. There are 2 seconds left on the clock. Seattle gets the ball and throws it in bounds to this scrawny, lanky young dude named Kevin Durant. He catches it and shoots this 3 points shot. I'm in a direct line from Kevin so it felt like he was shooting it on me...but he wasn't. It was Al Horford. The shot goes up and goes in as the buzzer goes off. Game over. The Sonics win. I knew that kid would be good. I didn't know he'd be THIS good

i miss the Obamas

the season finale to The Blacklist was sooooooo cold! i didn't see that coming

i love the Carmichael Show

i need another vacation

mom and dad...they knew the time. Gizmo's scratchin, Milk is rhymin'...

can somebody how the people who are paid to SERVE and PROTECT us...can kill us and NOT go to jail for it?

fellas...if she has a great personality...hold on to her

ladies...if he makes you smile...hold on
you can ask 10 different people what love is and you might get 30 different answers

RIP Prodigy from Mobb Deep

i've never eaten cauliflower before. no need to start now

no matter what...you had better be home before the street lights came onto him


Tee Reese said...

So I give the thumbs up and attempted to make a comment on some of what you said and hit publish. No internet. So just a short version this time. Love Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. But don't get excited about the 'Hot' light. I like them fresh but not that melt in your mouth fresh. I too, thought Georgetown was a HBCU, talk about exploiting black folks -_-, Yeah man, Blacklist!

Man keep em coming! Definitely can relate!

chele said...

Krispy Kreme is the devil. Congrats on the spelling bee and not piercing your ear! Have a great weekend!

12kyle said...

@ Tee

As always, thanks man! I appreciate it


LMAO @ you