Thursday, January 12, 2017


Editors Note...A few years ago, me and some of my fellow hip hoppers (Rashan Jamal, CRecks, & eclectik) would get together on twitter and comically and randomly discuss some questions from hip hop that were never answered. As I was thinking about how we would go back and forth, I came up with a few of my own...

How did Rampage get picked to rhyme on "Flava In Ya Ear"?

Why hasn't Luke and the 2 Live Crew not gotten a Lifetime Achievement Award?

Why didn't people like the way that Sally walked?

Why was Memphis Bleek and Amil on Rocafella but Sauce Money and Foxy Brown wasn't?

Who allowed Snoop to do a remake of "Vapors"?

Why is Rapper's Delight so long?

Can Andre 3000 be considered on a Top 10 rapper list if he never drops a solo rap album?

Why do some people STILL think that Jay Z won the battle against NaS?

How was TI "crowned" the King of the South? Was there a ceremony?

What is blow tishes? Did LL ever explain that?

Why does the DJ always want to know if Brooklyn is in the house?

What happened to the mixtape "exclusives" that were really exclusives?

Why did we never get Lil Kim and Foxy Brown on multiple songs or a collaborative album?

What happened to the maxi-single?

Would Biggie and Tupac be as revered if they were still alive?

Why didn't A Tribe Called Quest bring back Jarobi for Beats, Rhymes, and Life instead of using Consequence?

How did the guy who admitted that he "don't smoke weed or cess" go on to make an album called The Chronic?

When Suge Knight chastised the label for having the "CEO dancing all in the artists videos" do we know not know he wasn't talking about Jermaine Dupri?

How many Roxanne's are there? Do we really know?

If the roof was really on fire, why would we let the mutha#%*~a burn?

Was there a better MTV Cribs edition than Redman's?

Why wasn't Big Daddy Kane actually on the set of the video for "The Symphony"

Why do they still call it a "freestyle"? Very few people actually still freestyle...

Did anybody ever confirm that Ice Cube got a triple double?


fuzzy said...

Concerning tupac and biggie... Tupac woulda went on in my head and became a living legend, redefining hip hop and extending the standard of the unique expression of the streets. Now it's just Bitches and hoes, hip hop kinda sucks and is very boring to listen to these days. Just my opinion...

Skinny Black Girl said...

"How was TI 'crowned' the King of the South?"

"I'm the king cuz I said it and I mean that shit." - As stated on the track "Kingofdasouth" on TI's second album. lol.

12kyle said...


Good points. I think there is some good hip hop out here. It's just not on the radio


Facts! That's my favorite song from Trap Muzik