Thursday, January 5, 2017

off tha dome

random thoughts...

it's "Happy New Year"...not "Happy New Years"...singular not plural

it's no need for some folks to make resolutions for what they'll do in the new year. they'll be back doing the same ole BS in 3 wks

football season is almost over. I'm not happy about that

I spent a few days in my hometown, Florence, SC and brought in 2017 there. It felt good to get out of Atlanta and get back home

I finally saw Luke Cage over the holidays. it was dope

as much as I didn't like george bush...I would have voted for him 3 times before I voted for Donald Chump

speaking of Chump...why is he ALWAYS on twitter? this ain't a game, fool. you're about to be the leader of the free world and you are on twitter like it's the place to be. are you 15 years old???

if a woman goes to the gym with makeup on, she's probably not too concerned with working out. she's trying to "get chosen".

if I see one more dude trying to show off his "belt buckle" I'm gonna scream. is that the new trend? nobody cares what kind of belt that you have. just wear a belt

oh how times have changed...the New England Patriots, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warriors are 3 teams that have sucked for most of my life. and now they are on top. go figure

hey Solange...thank you for that INCREDIBLE album. i never heard one song from you before i heard that album. sorry for sleeping on you

if I told you that I will write more in 2017, I'd be lying. and I don't want to lie to you.

i will definitely miss them...

the "Facebook poke" was/is useless

there's always one jerk who hits "reply all" to an email that wasn't meant to go to the masses

give the drummer some...

i'm not a fan of the mass text messages...especially when someone replies to everybody and you don't know them. you get random text messages from people who you don't know

my mom makes the best lasagna

i read a report that said Chicago had 762 homicides in 2016. that's more than NYC and LA COMBINED!!! that's scary and sad on so many levels

congrats to Penny Gordon on having a baby at age 50. I can't imagine changing diapers at 50.

the only thing that I want to do at 50 is play golf and chill

steve harvey ain't funny to me. I respect his hustle...but he can keep those jokes

i'm surprised at how tall my niece has gotten. i think she should try playing basketball. she's going to be at least 6 feet tall

have you ever wrote something...then read it years later...and thought to yourself "I can't believe I wrote something that dope". it happens to me often

the world is bigger than your street

never been a fan of neck tattoos

my 14 year old son, Kameron, asked could he get an earring. I laughed so hard. then I said "nope". it reminded me of the time when I was 17 and wanted an earring and I bought some magnetic earrings. I'm glad I never got my ears pierced the half nekkid women on Instagram who get 10,000 "likes" get money from it?

barry bonds SHOULD be in the baseball hall of fame

remember when Jordan got kicked out of the game for wearing these? the refs said "there wasn't enough white in them"

oatmeal raisin cookies are everything

my generation was the last generation who communicated without the internet

willie washington...still funny to this day

never underestimate the power of laughter

love is...

gotta make it back to NYC this summer...and you should come too

I ain't no joke, I used to let the mic smoke...

I wonder what's next for Simone Biles

if I ask you to hold the that too much to ask?

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Tee Reese said...

You did that... dope! It's about darn time I get my 'off tha dome' read! Ha ha