Monday, October 26, 2015

off tha dome

random thoughts...

who is President Obama's barber? I mean...the prez always has a fresh cut. you can't have a busted head when you're the leader of the free world. I would imagine he gets his haircut every other day

cheap hand sanitizer will make your hands ashy

have you ever noticed that the Tambourine lady at your church is almost NEVER on beat...but nobody says anything to her about it

my girlfriend is back!

i'm not sure how people drink coffee past 10am

Groove Theory was so dope. They should come back with another album

it ain't about what you're's about what you can negotiate

major props to Viola Davis for winning an Emmy. I'll be honest, prior to watching her on How To Get Away With Murder (one of my favorite tv shows), I had never heard of her. But I love watching her. Incredibly talented and beautiful.

I've never had a weak shoe game...never

not sure how I feel about McDonald's serving breakfast all day...

why do people get in the "10 Items or Less" line at the grocery store...with 20 items in their cart?

i had to remind my sons that these silly dances that they do will mean they will be the generation of boys who don't know how to dance with girls...

ever notice how when you're in a store and you NEED help finding something...there's never anybody around

there will NEVER be somebody this cool in the White House. Never!

the best hour on tv? The Blacklist.

i've been successful at almost everything i've tried in my life...except growing a beard. but after a month and a's looking good

when you're waiting at a traffic light, there's always somebody who you have to blow your horn at...because they are looking at their phone.

don't get it twisted...Rick Pitino knew his players were getting strippers and hookers

sometimes...i'm the dude that you have to blow your horn at while sitting at that traffic light

Sherice and I hit our 15 yr anniversary (Sept 23rd). that's pretty impressive...if i do say so myself.

there should really be a third day added to the weekend

a year ago, the prospective front runners for the Republican ticket were Chris Christy and Jeb Bush. let that marinate for a second

now the front runners are Donald Trump and Ben Carson. somewhere...Mitt Romney is pissed off. he could have beaten all of these clowns. lol

favorite pizza spot here in Atlanta...Felini's. if you're ever here...get yourself some

i updated my phone to the iOS 9.1...can't say I noticed any differences

saw a car with spinning rims on it the other day. i didn't know they still did that

Skyler just turned 4 a few weeks ago. and i'm beginning to realize how funny she is. she cracks me up each day. you know where she got her sense of humor from...

i need a piano

the NBA is back. i think LeBron and his crew wins the title this year. but i wouldn't bet against Steph Curry and the Warriors

the summer came and went...and i didn't make it to NYC. i'm not happy about that

i remember when i was in college, i would schedule my classes around the Young and the Restless. nowadays, you couldn't pay me to watch it.

it's jeans, hoodies, and Timbs weather

i couldn't find the remote control the other day to turn my tv on. so, i walked around for 10 mins looking for it. i didn't turn the tv on until i found it.

i'm making some major changes to the 12 Radio Show. stay tuned

all i need is a new album from the Roots and NaS and i'll be happy

my crew cracks me up every day. i really think they would still treat me the same if i won a 300M lottery tomorrow.

this is my 900th post. wow. i've had this blog since 2007. i'd be lying if i told you i thought i'd have it this long. but this is my baby. long before there was a 12 Radio Show. long before i was a host on Dead End Sports. long before some came to know me as 12kyle...there was the 12th Planet. this is my outlet. more people read now more than ever. i really don't care about that. i write for me. just glad and thankful that y'all read and rock to what i write. i appreciate the love.

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