Monday, March 16, 2015

around the house music...

Music is probably one of the few things that we ALL share an interest in.

We all don't like the same music but we all like SOME form of music.

What was the first song that you ever learned? Think about that for a second...

It was probably the same song that I learned...the ABC song! We all learned our ABCs to that same song! For all of us, that was our introduction to music.

I'm not sure how things were in your house growing up...but in my house my parents always played music around the house. We had a big stereo/record player back in the day and they seemed to play music almost every day. I can remember listening to music as we got ready for school in the morning. We'd also listen to music at night before we went to bed. I was born in I was exposed to some GREAT music. Being exposed to music early in life helped my appreciation for it later in life.

My parents were old school. My mom would play gospel music in the house on Sundays before and after church. But the rest of the week, we listened to a little bit of everything...Earth Wind & Fire, The O'Jays, Commodores, Patti LaBelle, Dionne Warwick, and Marvin Gaye...just to name a few. She would play music almost all day Saturday as we "cleaned up" the house. That always stuck with me. My dad had a great record collection. He had this one record that I grew to fall in love with. It was Hotter Than July by Stevie Wonder. The album cover stood out to me at first glance. I was only 7 yrs old but I quickly learned that this Stevie Wonder fella was pretty good. My favorite song was All I Do.

Baby just suppose I should happen to cross your mind
And by some chance a boy like me you're really been trying to find
Well let me tell you girl
Think of how exciting it would be
If you should discover you feel like me
If you should discover this dream is for two
We'll I'm gonna tell you girl
I'd light a candle every day
And pray that you'll always feel this way
And pray that our love will forever be new
'Cause all I do is think about you 

Listening to it now...takes me back and makes me remember.

It also reminds me of how little music that I play around the house. When I's in my headphones. I play it in the car all the time but hardly ever in the house. Maybe I should do it more in the house. You'd be surprised how your day can be changed by listening to some good music before you get your day started.

What about you? Did you listen to music in your house growing up? Do you listen now?

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