Tuesday, January 20, 2015

off tha dome

random thoughts...

I found out the other day that my son, Kameron, has a new teacher this semester in his middle school class. His teacher was a cast member of the now defunked reality show, Sorority Sisters. The subject that she'll be teaching him this semester...drama.

I may be one of the few people that you know who has to "chase" cough medicine with some type of juice when I'm sick. I've been doing it since a kid. Can't stop. I don't like the after taste of medicine

I watch the State of the Union address just to see how miserable John Boehner looks

Speaking of Sorority Sisters, if you pushed for the show to be boycotted until it was removed from the air...but you still watch shows like Real Housewives & Love and Hip Hop...you're a part of the problem

Dear Green Bay Packers...it ain't over til it's over

We should be happy that gas prices are under $2

Why were gas prices over $3?

It's amazing that nearly 2000 people died in Nigeria died from terrorists and it barely made the news...

The Whitney movie on Lifetime wasn't that bad. Wasn't that good, either. I can't say I had high expectations

red velvet cake

Speaking of food...I wish people would stop posting pictures of the food that they cooked. Most of the time, we have to stare at it to see what it is. In the end, your friends are making mental notes NOT to eat at your house

20 yrs later...this album is STILL dope as the first time that I heard it....

You really have to be a low life to make personal attacks at Malia Obama. She's a kid

Pro Era

The Blacklist will be back in 2 weeks! It's set to air after the Super Bowl. Can't wait

I think I get about 4 or 5 headaches a year

There is no free cheese in the rat race that we call life...

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it. You don't comment but you still read. I see you. And I'm thankful

What's next for the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Kevin Hart is hilarious!

Whatever happened to Das Efx?

I find myself telling my sons..."Back in my day...I used to..."

RIP Stuart Scott

I wish I had gotten the chance to see Muhammad Ali in his prime

Schools don't teach kids how to write in cursive anymore. WTH???

A dimple is a birth defect

They say you learn more between birth and age 6 than you learn the rest of our lives. I guess we're all big dummies

Humans are the only animals that have the ability to reason

Ladies...if he's not man enough to come to your door, don't go out with him. No man should "blow the horn" to get you to come outside

Fellas...if she hasn't gotten over him...tell her to get lost. Don't let her use you to be the rebound dude

I want to take piano lessons. You got a piano that I can borrow?

Money will come and go. Time is the one thing that we should really value. We know not how much time that we have.


KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

His teacher was a cast member of the now defunked reality show, Sorority Sisters. The subject that she'll be teaching him this semester...drama.
You are joking...right?!? No....for real....that was a joke, right?

Yep, that MJB album is still the truth.

I work in education and still don't understand why they took cursive writing out of the curriculum. I asked our director and he didn't really have an answer. *Blank stare* Where do they learn to read cursive or learn to sign their name? And we wonder why the US education system is so far behind.

I had a man open my car door while out on a date and it is such a rarity that he got so many freakin' brownie points! HA!

Tee Reese said...

Just finish laughing at the looks of 'John Boehner'

Still my favorite Mary J album

Yes yes, "son, back in my day..."

Good read