Friday, November 7, 2014

unanswered hip hop questions

Why did Biggie's career take off and Craig Mack's didn't?

Do you know the difference between rap and hip hop?

What happened to BET's Hitz from the Streets and Prince DeJour?

Did Gangsta Boo ever find out "where them dollars was at"?

Do you know anybody who DID NOT like Heavy D?

Which New York City borough produced the best MCs?

Did anybody do a better hip hop hook than Nate Dogg?

How many kids does Trick Daddy love?

Why does Andre 3000 want to stop rhyming?

Why do you jump up when you hear the following..."Engine, Engine number 9, on the New York Transit Line"?

Why don't female MCs rhyme like these ladies anymore?

How long can you listen to rap on the radio these days... A) few minutes B) few hours C) Not at all

Why don't DJs scratch in songs anymore?

What is in Funky Cold Medina?

What was the last hip hop album that you purchased?

How many No Limit albums do you own?

Has there ever been a better diss song than No Vaseline?

If you were a rapper, what would be your name?

How dope would the D.O.C have been if he had never been in that accident?

What is your all time favorite hip hop song?

Is Jay Z too old to be rapping?

Why are the BET Hip Hop Awards on a one month tape delay?

Did we ever find out why people don't like the way that Sally walked?

What's the worst hip hop album you've ever purchased?

Remember when DMX was bigger in hip hop?

How important is freestyling to you?

Why have they NEVER found the people who killed Jam Master Jay, Tupac, and Biggie?

Do you still love hip hop?

Has there been anybody to be in hip hop and achieve the success that LL has?

Who is your favorite member of the Wu Tang Clan?

Why don't hip hop videos match the songs?

Can you vote Eric B for President?

Did A Tribe Called Quest ever tell us WHERE to kick it? They said we could kick it but didn't tell us where...

Did anybody have a cooler hip hop "reality show" than Rev Run (Run's House)

Do you still have your Flavor Flav clock?

Did you ever think Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Ice T, and Ice Cube would be this big in Hollywood?

Is there anybody doper than MC Lyte?

Is Kanye West crazy?

Which decade had the best hip hop?

Is hip hop dead?

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