Friday, October 18, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

was the government really shut down for 2 weeks or was that just a bad dream?

it's getting cooler. fall is here and i love it

i love the weekends because i can overdose on football

the sad part about the government shutdown is that the tea party crew who led the charge will probably get re-elected in 2016

i don't watch it...but is it just me...or has Atlanta become the home of reality ratchet tv

rumors are that Adidas may give Andrew Wiggins a 10 yr, 180M contract after he leaves college despite the fact that he hasn't played ONE minute in the NBA. if you give a kid that kinda money, he may lose the motivation to get better

i wish bank of america would have given me 500k after i graduated from South Carolina State University. i would have just showed up at work just to get the check. forget getting better at my job

Christmas is right around the corner

for somebody who doesn't like to be surprised...i've come to realize that i like surprises.

"I ain't no joke...I used to let the mic smoke..."

Me & Kameron...only two more weeks before our playoffs start. Can't wait!

there is NO WAY IN HELL that republicans will call the health bill Obamacare 3 yrs from now

not a fan of Beyonce...but when Love On Top comes on...

i can't and won't pass judgement on Adrian Peterson for playing in an NFL game just two days after losing his 2 yr old son who was tragically murdered.

bucket list item...learn to play the piano

i tried the new fries at Burger King the other day. not bad at all. but i don't know why they charge an extra 40 cents for them

nothing better than the smell of a tailgate for a football game.

two weeks ago, South Carolina State beat one of our rivals, North Carolina A&T here in the Atlanta Classic. Let me tell you about the weekend...

well...I won't. just know that it was off the chain and i partied like i was a kid. i felt like i was 19 again. i saw old friends and teammates who came in town for the game. by Monday morning, my body reminded me that i'm 40 yrs old.

i've never been to San Francisco but i'd like to go..

i laugh when people say they don't understand the tv show Scandal after watching ONE episode. i wouldn't understand it either. you have to start from the beginning, dummy.

planning a trip to Los Angeles. you wanna come??

the NBA season is right around the corner

if you aren't checking out the 12 RADIO SHOW every Wednesday night, then you are missing out. *shameless self plug*

i'm also hosting a new show. it's called Dead End Sports. Every Tuesday night. Tune in. And check out the website *another shameless self plug*

you can just call the EBT awards...the RAP Cyphers can't have pictures on social media showing off your body and expect a man to take you serious

fellas...get in the habit of thinking beyond today.

i love living in Atlanta. but if i ever move, it'll be to New York with a view like this

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