Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Likes and Dislikes

I stole borrowed this idea from the homie, Minus the Bars. Thanks, Don. LOL


long, hot showers

ole skool hip hop

football on my tv screen on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Grandma's Mini Vanilla Creme cookies

talking on the phone

cooking on the grill

the new Foreign Exchange album

poetry & photography

the new Range Rover

iOS 7

New York City


corporate politics

fake people

chocolate chip cookies, chocolate candy, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake...

DMX on crack

people who have to "log in" to an account to be somebody

rain on the weekends

the "reply all" feature on text messages. Don't text me if I don't know you

gun violence

sorry ass parents (you know who you are...and if you don't I'll tell you that you're sorry)

reality tv


Tee Reese said...

I'll take those choco chip cookies, chocolate candy(peanuts,almonds), chocolate cake covered with chocolate ice cream. yeah, that works for me!

Don said...

Good stuff, fam.

Definitely feeling your respective lists as our likes/dislikes are similar. The two times I had a corporate-type job is probably where I learned the basics of politics. It was an eye-opening experience in the sense that your job and job outlook and how it relates to the company on a whole is pretty much pre-determined as far as politics are concerned. Rain on Monday Mornings are another dislike. I am the type of person who has good and bad points cause I consider everything an experience and that is why fake people irk me, cause I'm like all one has to be themselves and it's still all good. Not big on reality TV, either. I had tried but it's not entertaining, IMO.

Football is the best sport, ever. So much about football that I love. I love poetry as well (all forms). I love how poets work that magic in front of a crowd, like it ain't nothing. Black Ice is a fave of mine and Amanda Diva got verses as well. Cooking on the grill - yep, we go thru periods where we grill every other day. Lol. And you already know that real hip hop is pretty much in our DNA.

Enjoyed the read.

12kyle said...

You can have it, bruh!!! LOL

I agree totally! Thanks again for letting me steal it. Yours are always dead on point!