Friday, June 28, 2013

off tha dome (random thoughts)

random thoughts...

thank you for still reading. i see you. you don't think i see you but i do

love him or hate him...jay z is a marketing genius

the government can "spy" on your texts, emails, and phone calls. was that REALLY a big surprise?

Eric Snowden isn't a hero nor is he a terrorist. he's somewhere in between

congrats to Lebron James and the Miami Heat. they earned the title

i can't...and won't watch any of this George Zimmerman trial

this has been a relatively mild summer thus far in Atlanta. only 2 days with temperatures over 90 degrees in the month of June! that means it's gonna be a scorcher next month

when they ask you to hold your applause at a really should listen and hold your applause

please stop with the Lebron James vs Michael Jordan comparisons. it's not even close.

you can't front...the new jack swing era was tight!

i haven't seen Man of Steel yet. in a strange way, there's a part of me that wants to see Christopher Reeves as Superman

what's better than some home cooking from your mom??? nuffin

it's almost time for my girlfriend to come back. can't wait!!!

some people take their Instagram pics too far and too serious. you know who you are. lol

always remember...

remember the kid who would ALWAYS raise his/her hand when the teacher had a question? what happened to that kid?

at what age should girls be allowed to wear make up? i'm thinking 23 for Skyler

Paula Dean...sit down and shut up. No need for fake apologies

Aaron Hernandez...just when I think I've heard it do this

there have been 28 NFL players arrested since the Super Bowl in February. i'll bet NFL Commish Roger Goddell can't WAIT for NFL training camps to start

when my homie Big Mel calls me, he always asks..."Are you cooking on the grill today?" lol. he knows that's how I get down

i don't care how many times that you go to church. just make sure that you get something out of it when you go. i do

why did the snake cross the road...i don't know...i ran over him before he could make it to the other side

still waiting on that D'Angelo album

if you're not listening to the 12 RADIO SHOW on Wednesday nights at 9pm are missing the boat

live for love and live to give love

my name is 12kyle and i approve this message


Don said...

it's almost time for my girlfriend to come back. can't wait!!!

Hell yeah. The NFL season is around the corner. I think Saints vs Falcons week 1. And you know what else the football season brings...some of that good homemade food! Lol. And grilling in the winter!

I gotta say, Miami showed me something this postseason. Heat definitely possess the heart of a champion.

LeBron is the best basketball player in the world, yet he isn't in the same convo as MJ.

Teddy Riley had the game on lock in the late 80s. They couldn't believe a thing about the new jack swing!

I wonder what would lead Hernandez to wake up one morning and decide to throw it all away?

Jay Z took the rap game to new heights and I have nothing but respect for the man as a rapper and business.

Reign said...

There is only 1 Jordan. Lebron has a long way to go to catch him. But it will be fun watching.