Friday, January 25, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Every time I hear "I'll Take Your Man" it takes me back to 8th grade. One chick called the local radio station and dedicated the song to another chick at school. As soon as they saw each other the next day at school, they started fighting. We stood there...waiting for a bra to pop off. But it didn't

congrats to President Obama on the 2nd term.

the Falcons had a great season. i thought they'd make it to the Super Bowl. but they will be back

why was the media worried about Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at John Boehner? haven't we ALL rolled our eyes at him?

college never have been so broke and had so much fun

it's been cold all week. i stepped outside one day and said to myself "damn, i wish it was 100 degrees today!"

at least once a day I play "catch" with Skyler. she throws a football well for a 1 yr old girl

i'm gonna try to read more books this year. i like suspense thrillers

pour out some liquor for Shawty Lo's minstrel show that got cancelled before it even aired.

Manti Te'o...lemme get this straight. you had a "girlfriend" for 3 yrs who you only saw once and you NEVER got on Skype or FaceTime or web cams with her?? she never came to see you and you never went to see her?? yeah right. i ain't buying that, B!

i've got one more week with my girlfriend before she leaves me until July. we had so many great memories last year

Beyonce Carter lip synced? so what. who cares

remember when Jodeci was on top? my favorite Jodeci song is "Stay".

i can cook. more importantly, i like to cook

i gotta teach my boys how to cook. i remember when my mom put me in the kitchen at 8 yrs old.

we grew up using number 2 pencils. did number  3 or number 4 pencils exist?

sometimes it's hard to be friends with co-workers

i wonder how hard it'll be for the Obama girls to date?

i love working from home but there are days that i miss being in an office

why does lil kim look like a mannequin now?

still haven't seen Django yet

i want to take piano lessons. i guess i should put a piano in my house too..

everybody loves Joe Biden because he reminds us of the relative that we all have who shows up at family function and tells everybody off.

i'm very hard on today's rappers. but i'm feeling Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar. I like what they are bringing  to the game.

some days i like Facebook...some days I don't

raise your hand if you ever passed notes in class to a friend or a boy/girl that you liked

i started writing a poem last night then made the mistake of getting on twitter. all i had was one line! lol

my 2 favorite hip hop groups of all time...Public Enemy and Run DMC

thank you for listening and supporting the 12 Radio Show. this week we celebrate 3 yrs on the all. thank you for making the show what it is. i had no idea that the show would last this long. but i enjoy it and so do you. lol

i dare you to listen to Planet Rock and NOT wanna bust a move!!!

that awkward moment...when you get a text from a number that is not listed in your cell phone. you really want to reply..."who is this?"

this speaks volumes


K. Rock said...

Lawd I really hope my son wont be waiting for "bras to pop off" in the 8th grade! I wont even consider it!

I'm not gonna go as far as to say 100 degrees but I'll take a nice 85.

I'm Still Waiting is my fave Jodeci song.

The Obama girls are so pretty. I hope they are able to find a couple of brothas. *fingers crossed*

ShellyShell said...

You know I had to comment when I saw thought number 3!

The eyerolling would have been a non issue if there were clear people in office.

If it's been cold there all week it's been the North Pole in this piece! I woke up and it was TEN!

If you like thrillers you should read James Patterson books. Start with the the 1st Alex Cross Book "Along Came a Spider" then read "Kiss the Girls" I've been reading him since 94.

That Manti shit is just that... shit. You a star linebacker on the number 1 team in the country and you have some gf in wherever that you've never seen and you don't skype or Facetime with! What in the entire hell??? Can't tell me there wasn't plenty of tail at Notre Dame!

This year football became my first lover over college basketball because my NINERS BALLED SO HARD!!OK OK I'm done boasting! hehhehe!

Meh to Beyonce

Many kids were made off of Jodeci jams. Stay was my shyt! I'm Still Waiting and U&I still stay in heavy rotation.

Please teach your boys how to cook and be self sufficient. These chicks at work are raising such sorry azz little boys. Ladies son is 17 and will wait till she comes home to eat cuz he doesn't know how to make anything. That's her fault.

It's going to suck dating Sasha and Malia....always a secret service dude in proximity! When Chelsea was at stanford they had one in the class with her like he was a student.

Man Kim was cute in Junior Mafia days! So sad.

I like Kendrick Lamar and A$ap Rocky.

I havent's seen Django yet either. i may catch it Sunday.

My favorite hip hop group. Definitely Run but I struggle with the next. I'd probably go Wu!

Planet Rock makes me want to pop lock!

Because I can't help it..

Tee Reese said...

Planet Rock, I've recently found out in my new passion for skating the passed 3 years is the #1 shuffle skate song for jam skaters.. that's when a group of skaters roll in sync.

Another dope post.. nodding head and thinkin'.. what guy didn't wait for a bra to pop in middle school. LOL